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Abels Uppermill - Saddleworth Fold400402, 405770Old Map61-G1E6AblesOL3 6ES
Ables LaneUppermill - Saddleworth Fold400375, 405835Old Map61-G1E6 OL3 6ES
Abrahams ChairMossley - Micklehurst398787, 402536Old Map89-H1-H2D9Noon Sun Hill 
Acker Diggle - Dean Head400606, 409290Old MapN/AB1Acre or AckersOL3 5NB
Acker Hall FarmDiggle - Dean Head400620, 409300Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5NB
Adam's Cross Greenfield - Upperwood Moor403715, 405674Old MapN/AN/AOx Rake Brow 
Ainley WoodDelph - Dale398480, 408210Old Map59-H2D3-D4 OL3 5HB
Ainsbrook TerraceDiggle - Diglea400720, 408130Old Map60-D2-D3E4 OL3 5LJ
Albert Mount*New Delph - Rumbles398950, 407650Old Map59-H3D4  
Albion FarmDelph - Thurston Clough397923, 406840Old Map59-F5B5AlbionOL3 5RQ
Alderman's Brow Greenfield - Chew Valley401681, 404608Old MapN/AF7High Moorland 
Alderman's Hill Greenfield - Chew Valley401476, 404618Old MapN/AF7High Moorland 
Allotts Yard*Uppermill - St. Mary's Gate399710, 405780Old Map61-F1D6St. Mary's Gate/Wade Row 
Alma*Grotton - Lower Quick Edge396735, 403735Old Map74-D5A8Nr. Butts (Approximate) 
Alphin Brow Greenfield - Alphin Hill Moor400230, 403095Old Map61-G6E9High Moorland 
Alphin HillGreenfield - Dovestones400288, 402813Old Map61-G6E9Alphin Pike 
Alphin House*Micklehurst - Howards Lane398590, 402330Old Map89-H2N/A OL5 9DQ
Alphin View*Greenfield - Chew Valley Rd.399850, 404250Old Map61-F4E8Nr. Bentfield 
Alpine View*Greenfield - Village399625, 404400Old Map60-F3-F4D8Nr. Lower Arthurs 
Ambrose BankDiggle - Standedge Road399870, 407320Old Map60-B4E4AmbrosesOL3 5QN
Ambrose CottageDiggle - Standege Road399870, 407320Old Map60-B4E4MarslandsOL3 5QN
Ambrose MountDiggle - Standedge Road399840, 407390Old Map60-B4E4MarslandsOL3 5QN
Andrew MillGreenfield - Bentfield399948, 404102Old Map61-F4E8Disused Mill 
Andrews BuildingsMossley - Micklehurst Road398118, 402066Old Map89-G2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Andrews HousesMossley - Micklehurst398587, 402342Old Map89-H2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Arlington House*Dobcross - Marslands399790, 406990Old Map60-B4E4-E5Standedge Road, DiggleOL3 5QN
Arm Rake or Orme RakeGreenfield - Alphin Hill Moor402100, 401985Old MapN/AE9Orme Rake 
Armit CottagesGreenfield - Royal George Mill398350, 404140Old Map75-G4-G5C8FriezlandOL3 7LN
Arthur's Lane Greenfield - Arthurs399574, 404511Old Map61-F3D7/D8 OL3 7BD
ARTHURSGreenfield - Arthurs399600, 404510Old Map61-F3D7Location @ GreenfieldOL3 7BD
Arthurs (Lower)Greenfield - Arthurs399511, 404472Old Map61-F3D8Lower Arthurs 
Arthurs (Upper)Greenfield - Arthurs399664, 404558Old Map61-F3D7Higher Arthur's 
Ash DeneDelph - Knarr Lane398360, 406880Old Map59-G5C5Modern eraOL3 5RH
Ash GroveDobcross - Sugar Lane399350, 406540Old Map60-A5D5  
Ashenbenthe (Tame)Denshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396970, 409555Old Map59-E0A2-B2Ancient name for Tame 
Ashes Springhead - Walkers395960, 404800Old Map74-B3N/A OL4 4PF
Ashes Clough Springhead - Walkers395850, 404580Old Map74-B3N/A  
Ashes Lane Springhead - Walkers395820, 404710Old Map74-B3N/A OL4 4PF
Ashfield HouseSpringhead - Cooper Street396095, 404850Old Map74-C3A7Modern eraOL4 4QT
Ashler Knoll Denshaw - Crawshaw Hey398555, 410745Old MapN/AC1-D1Ashler Knowl 
Ashway CottageGreenfield - Chew Valley401070, 405180Old MapN/AN/A  
Ashway Gap Greenfield - Chew Valley402202, 404251Old MapN/AN/ADemolished  
Ashway Hey Greenfield - Chew Valley402440, 404810Old MapN/AN/AMoorland 
Ashway Lane Greenfield - Chew Valley402025, 404129Old MapN/AN/A  
Ashway Meadows Greenfield - Chew Valley402757, 404414Old MapN/AN/A  
Ashway Moss Greenfield - Chew Valley403600, 404320Old MapN/AN/A  
Ashway Nook Grasscroft - Burnedge397990, 405075Old Map75-F2C7The Nook 
Ashway Rocks Greenfield - Chew Valley402845, 404840Old MapN/AN/ARemote Location 
Ashway StoneGreenfield - Chew Valley403166, 404231Old MapN/AN/A  
Ashway WellGreenfield - Chew Valley402740, 404450Old MapN/AN/A  
AUSTERLANDSSaddleworth West Village396200, 405555Old Map74-C1A6Minor Village LocationOL4 3QA
Austerlands Mill Austerlands395827, 405493Old Map74-B2A7 OL4 4QB
AysgarthNew Delph - Gatehead398790, 407240Old Map59-H4C4 OL3 5QE
"B"^ top
Back Lane Scouthead - Doctor Lane Head397190, 406425Old Map59-E6B5 OL4 3RU
BACK-O'TH-LOW Strinesdale - Top-o'th-Meadows395810, 406090Old Map58-B6-C6A6 Location @ StrinesdaleOL4 3SG
Back o'th Low Lane Strinesdale - Top-o'th-Meadows395963, 406125Old Map58-B6A6 OL4 3SG
Back o'th Quick Edge Mossley - Under Lane396905, 403285Old Map74-D5A8Quickedge 
Back-o'th-Hill HouseDenshaw - Rough Hey398267, 411015Old MapN/AN/A  
Back-o'th-LeaDiggle Edge401010, 407575Old MapN/AN/A  
Backstone Pitt  Diggle - Harrop Dale401085, 408800Old MapN/AE3Bakestone Pit 
BADGER EDGEDelph - Grains 397050, 407710Old Map59-E3B4Location @ DelphOL4 3RE
Badger Edge Lane Delph - Grains 397310, 407433Old Map59-E3-E4B4 OL4 3RE
Badger Slack Denshaw Moor399800, 412110Old MapN/AN/A  
Baguley Mossley - Brookbottom397265, 402700Old Map89-E1N/ABagueley 
Baguley Hill Mossley - Brookbottom397170, 402640Old Map89-E1N/A  
Baguley KnowlMossley - Brookbottom397145, 402600Old Map89-E1N/A  
Baileys*Dobcross - Stones398560, 407360Old Map59-G4-H4 New Delph Road - Apprx 
Baker's Lane Uppermill - Running Hill401360, 406700Old MapN/AF5  
Bakestone Delf Delph - Castleshaw, Hull Brook398764, 408613Old Map59-G1C3Backstone Delf 
Ballgreave or Ball GroveUppermill - Grove Road400000, 405205Old Map61-F2E7Ball GroveOL3 6JG
BankDelph - Linfitts.397120, 408885Old Map59-E1B3*New Barn & Bank Field 
Bank Greenfield - Dacres398540, 403720Old Map75-H5C8No remains 
Bank Clough Delph - Castleshaw, Broadhead399660, 410290Old MapN/AD1  
Bank Field Delph - Linfitts.397040, 408790Old Map59-E1B3  
Bank Field HouseDiggle - Huddersfield Road400310, 408010Old Map60-C2-C3E4(Diggle Band Club) OL3 5PJ
Bank Gap HouseDiggle - Carr, Thorns Clough400350, 408380Old Map60-D1E3 OL3 5ND
Bank Gap  Diggle - Carr, Thorns Clough400355, 408400Old Map60-D1E3 OL3 5ND
Bank MillGrotton - Thornley Brook396050, 404335Old Map74-B4A8Lancashire & Furness 
Bank MillMossley - Roaches398047, 403264Old Map75-F6C9  
Bank TerraceMossley - Lower Hey398418, 403218Old Map75-G6C9Nr. Holehouse FarmOL5 9BT
Bank Top Uppermill - Running Hill Gate 400770, 406260Old Map60-D6E6 OL3 6LW
Bankfield CottagesDobcross - Wall Hill398640, 406535Old Map59-H5C5  
Bankfield HouseDobcross - Wall Hill398670, 406470Old Map   OL3 5BH
Bankfield MillDobcross - Wall Hill398580, 406490Old Map59-H6C5No remains 
Banks Dobcross - Cribb Lane399204, 406902Old Map60-A5D5  
Banks Delph - Castleshaw, Wood399034, 409713Old Map59-G0C2  
Banks Lane Greenfield - Chew Valley401090, 403900Old Map61-H5F8  
Bar Field CottageDobcross - Lark Hill398870, 406960Old Map60-A3-A4D4 OL3 5QG
Bar MeadowDobcross - Platt Lane398840, 406770Old Map59-H5C5BarmeadowOL3 5QW
Barbers PileWaterhead Mill395315, 405850Old Map74-A1N/A  
Bark Mill Dobcross - Wall Hill397960, 406225Old Map59-F6C6  
Bark Mill Lane Dobcross - Wall Hill397950, 406200Old Map59-F6C6  
Bark Stacks Scouthead - Brighton Road396230, 406800Old Map58-C5A5 Barkstacks FarmOL4 3SE
Barnes BuildingsWaterhead Mill395310, 405850Old Map74-A1N/A  
BarnotsDelph - Lockwood Hey398280, 409750Old MapN/AC2Lockwood Hey FarmOL3 5TX
Barracks Denshaw - Woodbrow397100, 410020Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5SR
Baxter RowWaterhead Mill395308, 405750Old Map74-A1N/A  
Bay Horse P.H. The Denshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396866, 409592Old MapN/AA2Pre: Blacksmiths Arms 
Bedlam Uppermill - Moorgate, Den399480, 405836Old Map61-F1D6  
Beech Hill Grasscroft - Clough397840, 404565Old Map75-F3B7John Dicken Whitehead Hse. 
Bell Inn, The P.H.New Delph Bridge398850, 407520Old Map59-H3C4 OL3 5EG
Bell YardNew Delph Bridge398850, 407520Old Map59-H3C4Below Lumb MillOL3 5EG
Belle Vue FarmDelph - Harrop Edge399925, 408460Old Map60-B2E3Pre: Plantation Cottage 
Bent Field Dye Works Greenfield - Road End399780, 404140Old Map61-E4E8Bentfield Mill 
Bent Heath FarmDenshaw - Ripponden Road397460, 411920Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5UN
Bent Nook Delph - Standedge400722, 409800Old MapN/AF2Rough Bent Nook 
BentcliffeGrasscroft - Shaw Hall398500, 404505Old Map75-G4-H4C8Modern Era 
Bentfield MillGreenfield - Road End399780, 404140Old Map61-E4E8  
Bentleys Delph - Standedge401072, 410115Old MapN/AF2Bentley FarmOL3 5LU
Beswicks CottagesDelph - Grains Road397770, 407900Old Map59-F3C4 OL3 5RL
Beswicks FarmDelph - Grains Road397770, 407905Old Map59-F3C4 OL3 5RL
Big Rough Uppermill - Running Hill Gate401420, 407180Old MapN/AF4/F5Moorland 
Bill o' Jacks Greenfield - Upperwood401985, 405325Old MapN/AN/AMoorcock Inn 
Bill o'Jacks Plantation Greenfield - Upperwood402260, 405320Old MapN/AN/A  
Billy Ground Diggle - Diggle Edge401800, 408600Old MapN/AF3  
Binn Green Greenfield - Yeoman Hey401930, 404480Old MapN/AN/A OL3 7NN
Birch CottageLees - Knowls Lane395808, 404115Old Map74-D5N/ALancashire & Furness 
Birchen Bank Delph - Grains Road396930, 408650Old Map59-G3C4  
Birchen Clough Uppermill - Running Hill Moor403030, 407100Old MapN/AF5  
Birchen Clough Greenfield - Ashway Moor404060, 404490Old MapN/AN/A  
BirchesUppermill - Knowl Top Lane400571, 405576Old Map61-H1E6Birches FarmOL3 6LH
Bird Grain Chew Moor - Laddow Moss405006, 401800Old MapN/AN/ARemote Moorland 
Bird-in-Hand The P.H.Delph - Nook Green, Standedge400437, 409338Old MapN/AN/Aat Nook Green 
BIRKSAusterlands - Smith Hill395730, 405630Old Map74-B1N/ALancashire & Furness 
Black Chew Grain Chew Moor - Laddow Moss405080, 402030Old MapN/AN/ARemote Moorland 
Black Chew Head Chew Moor - Laddow Moss405110, 402125Old MapN/AN/ARemote Moorland 
Black Horse The P.H Denshaw - Culvert, Junction397395, 410490Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5SL
Black Leech Springhead - Knowsley396220, 405253Old Map74-C2A7Black LetchOL4 4RQ
Blake GateSaddleworth Moor - Holmfirth Rd405035, 406275Old MapN/AN/AShepley Lane Head 
Blea Green Delph - Castleshaw Moor400290, 411080Old MapN/AA7Laminot 
Bleak Hey Nook Delph - Standedge400490, 409423Old MapN/AE2Blackhey NookOL3 5LY
BlindstonesGreenfield - Ashway Moor403705, 401305Old MapN/AN/ABlindstones Moss 
Blindstones Moss Greenfield - Ashway Moor403475, 401480Old MapN/AN/AAshway Moor 
Blue Bell Inn. The P.H.New Delph Bridge398850, 407520Old Map59-H3C4Bell Inn, New Delph ??? 
Blunder HallScouthead - Dirty Lane396930, 406535Old Map58-D5B5Blunder Ho! - or LimboOL4 3S*
Board Hill Greenfield - Pots & Pans401390, 404960Old MapN/AF7  
Board Hill BrowGreenfield - Pots & Pans400300, 404865Old MapN/AF3  
BOARSHURSTGreenfield - Boarshurst400093, 404386Old Map61-G4E8Location @ GreenfieldOL3 7DZ
Boarshurst Lane Greenfield - Boarshurst400173, 404515Old Map61-G3-G4E7 OL3 7ER
Boarshurst SchoolGreenfield - Boarshurst400160, 404470Old Map61-G3-G4E7 OL3 7DZ
Boat Lane Diggle - Harrop Dale401070, 408395Old MapN/AF3Canal Bridle Track 
BockinGreenfield - Bockin399340, 404020Old Map61-E4D8  
Boggart Stones Greenfield - Upperwood Moor402415, 406390Old MapN/AN/ADiggle Rake Moor 
Bolt Meadow Greenfield - Friezland Lane399420, 403790Old Map61-E5D8Bought Meadow 
Boltons YardUppermill - New Street399815, 405800Old Map61-F1E6 OL3 6AN
BontDiggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400260, 406760Old Map60-C4E5 OL3 5JQ
BoothsteadsDenshaw - Crompton Moor396980, 410880Old MapN/AA1Bowsteads FarmOL3 5UE
Bottom o'th Brow Mossley - Haddens397508, 403530Old Map75-F5B9  
Bottom of SlackMicklehurst - Carrbrook398645, 401315Old Map89-H4N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Bottoms Well Delph - Calf Holes398425, 407855Old Map59-G3C4  
Bouk House or BowkhousesDenshaw - Ripponden Road397732, 410870Old MapN/AB1Bowk HousesOL3 5UN
Bouncing Besom The P.H.*Delph - Stoneswood397793, 407069Old Map59-G4C4Approximation 
Bouncing Besom The P.H.*Delph - Thurston Clough Lane397705, 407030Old Map59-F4C5Approximation 
Bow GreaveUppermill - Rush Hill400000, 405205Old Map61-G2E7Ball Grove / Ballgreave 
Bower Clough Greenfield - Chew Hurdles402567, 401718Old MapN/AN/A  
Bower Clough Head Greenfield - Chew Hurdles402584, 401580Old MapN/AN/A  
BowkhousesDenshaw - Ripponden Road397732, 410430Old MapN/AB1VariationsOL3 5UN
Bowling Green Inn The, P.H.Denshaw - Dowry Green398035, 411560Old MapN/AN/ADowry Green 
Bowsers Arms The, P.H.Greenfield - Fern Lee Vale399843, 403976Old Map61-G5E8Friezland 
Bowstead Edge Denshaw - Crompton Moor397761, 410553Old MapN/AA1Boothstead Edge 
Bowstead FarmDenshaw - Rochdale Road397000, 410875Old MapN/AA1Boothstead FarmOL3 5UE
Bradbury'sGreenfield - Chew Valley400257, 403544Old Map61-H6E9Nothing remains 
Bradbury's Lane Greenfield - Chew Valley400625, 403545Old Map61-G6-H6E9 OL3 7ND
Brae LeaDelph - Thurston Clough Lane397790, 407070Old Map59-F4-G4B5-C5 OL3 5RE
BraesideNew Delph - Gatehead398875, 407350Old Map59-H4D4Modern EraOL3 5QE
Breeze HillMossley - Micklehurst398240, 402115Old Map89-F2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Brewery Mill Denshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396961, 409877Old MapN/AB2  
BriarfieldsDobcross - Sandy Lane399290, 406670Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5AH
Brick Mill Mossley - Micklehurst398461, 402501Old Map89-G2-H2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Bridge BankDiggle - Weakey400300, 407550Old Map60-C3E4 OL3 5JT
Bridge EndDelph - Village398540, 407950Old Map59-H3-H4C4 OL3 5DU
Bridge House Dobcross - Sandy Lane399370, 406525Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5NL
Bridge Inn The, P.H.Uppermill - High Street399715, 405690Old Map61-E1D6Approximation 
Bridge NookDelph - Castleshaw, Mill Croft399500, 408970Old Map59-H1D3 OL3 5UX
Briggs Hall Uppermill - Running Hill Gate 400890, 406310Old Map60-D6E5-F5 OL3 6LW
Brighton Scouthead - High Moor396320, 406500Old Map58-C6A5 OL4 3SE
Brighton RoadScouthead - High Moor396305, 406350Old Map58-C6A5-A6 OL4 3SE
Brimmy CroftDenshaw - Rochdale Road397332, 411210Old MapN/AB1*Name VariationsOL3 5UE
Brimmy Croft Lane Denshaw - Rochdale Road397400, 411110Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5UE
British Queen The, P.H.*Uppermill - Wade Lock399470, 405205Old Map61-F1-F2D6Re; Granby ArmsOL3 6HR
Broad Greave Clough Denshaw Moor - Ragstones399210, 412010Old MapN/AN/ARemote 
Broad Greave Hill Denshaw Moor - Ragstones399400, 412160Old MapN/AN/ARemote 
Broad Lane Delph - Lockwood Hey398390, 409310Old MapN/AC2 OL3 5TX
Broad MeadowDenshaw - Lockwood Hey397822, 409975Old MapN/AC2 OL3 5TZ
Broad Meadow Top Denshaw - Lockwood Hey397968, 410175Old MapN/AC2  
Broad StonesUppermill - Running Hill Moor402018, 406842Old MapN/AN/A  
BroadgateDobcross - Wall Hill398195, 406260Old Map59-G6C5 OL3 5BJ
Broadhead Delph - Castleshaw, Broadhead399532, 410178Old MapN/AD1 OL3 5LZ
Broadhead Brow Diggle - Diggle Edge Moor402800, 408200Old MapN/AF3  
Broadhead MillDelph - Castlehsaw, Higher399637, 409939Old MapN/AD1  
Broadhead Moss Diggle - Diggle Edge Moor403300, 407800Old MapN/AN/AAbove Diggle Reservoir 
Broadhead Noddle Delph - Castleshaw, Broadhead399150, 410360Old MapN/AD1  
Broadstone Clough Uppermill - Running Hill Moor401570, 406655Old MapN/AN/A  
Broadstone Hill Uppermill - Running Hill Moor402085, 406980Old MapN/AN/A  
Broadstone Moss Uppermill - Running Hill Moor402000, 406900Old MapN/AN/A  
Brockley Moor Greenfield - Aldermans Hill401225, 404475Old MapN/AF8  
Brockley Plantation Greenfield - Aldermans Hill401365, 404265Old MapN/AF8  
Brook Bottom Mossley - Brookbottom397100, 402900Old Map88-D1B9 OL5 0QX
Brook Bottom Mill Mossley - Brookbottom396910, 402580Old Map88-D1N/A OL5 0ND
Brook DaleDobcross - New Road399140, 406430Old Map60-A6D5Brook Dale House 
Brook LaneDobcross - Tame Water398720, 406530Old Map59-H5-H6D6 OL3 5BQ
BROOKBOTTOMMossley - Brookbottom397080, 402570Old Map88-D1B9Location @ MossleyOL5 0QX
BrookfieldsMossley - Baguley Hill397310, 402615Old Map89-E1B9County Bounary (Lancs)OL5 0LG
Brook House*Denshaw - Village397840, 410380Old Map  Twix Ralphs & Brook 
Brookland LodgeDelph - Denshaw Rd, Slackcote397220, 408850Old Map59-E1B2FriarmereOL3 5TL
BrooklynDelph - Hull Mill 399090, 408400Old Map59-H1-H2D3 OL3 5UR
Brookmans Mossley - Brookbottom396900, 402900Old Map88-D1N/A  
Brow Dobcross - Tame Water398900, 406217Old Map59-H6D6  
Brow or Brow HouseDiggle - Standedge Road400485, 409050Old Map60-D1D3 OL3 5NB
Brow Top Greenfield - Lane Head399351, 403443Old Map61-E6D9Friezland Lane 
Brown HillDobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399810, 406485Old Map60-B6D6 OL3 6BZ
Brown Hill Springhead - Stonebreaks396826, 404829Old Map74-D3A7  
Brown Hill (Lower)Dobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399680, 406330Old Map60-B6D6  
Brown Hill (Upper)Dobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399705, 406455Old Map60-B5E5Higher Brownhill HouseOL3 6BZ
Brown Hill Naze Denshaw - Culvert, Junction397230, 410520Old MapN/AB1Brown Hill LeesOL3 5SL
Brown Rough Delph - Castleshaw, Standedge400990.410255Old MapN/AF1-F2  
Brownhill Bar HouseDobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399680, 406220Old Map60-B6D6  
Brownhill Bridge Mill Dobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399476, 406404Old Map60-B6D5  
Brownhill Bridges Dobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399488, 406375Old Map60-A6-B6D5-D6  
Brownhill Lane Dobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399700, 406355Old Map60-B5-B6D5-E5 OL3 6BZ
Brownhill StationDobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399600, 406430Old Map60-B6D5Saddleworth Station 
BrunMossley - Micklehurst398904, 402142Old Map89-H2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
BrunDiggle - Diggle Edge401200, 409170Old MapN/AF2 OL3 5LS
Brun BarnDiggle - Standedge.401090, 409070Old MapN/AF3Burn BarnOL3 5LS
Brun CloughDiggle - Diggle Edge401100, 408810Old Map60-D0F3Burn CloughOL3 5LS
Brun Clough House Diggle - Standedge.401370, 409070Old MapN/AF3Burn CloughOL3 5LS
Brun MoorDiggle - Standedge401500, 409440Old MapN/AF2Burn Moor 
Brun or BournMossley - Micklehurst398904, 402142Old Map89-H2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Brunt Hill FarmMossley - Roughtown397455, 403020Old Map75-E1B9Burnt HillOL5 0RF
Buckley BuildingsMossley - Micklehurst398461, 401965Old Map89-G3N/AFriezland Eccl DistrictOL5 9LD
Buckley Buildings*Waterhead Mill395323, 405780Old Map74-A1N/ANr. Gardeners Arms 
Buckley Mill Uppermill - Village399773, 405899Old Map61-E1D6Post Code OL3 6AF in-activeOL3 6AF
Buggy BridgeDiggle - Harrop Court400955, 408545Old Map60-D1E3  
Bulls Head The. P.H.*Delph - King Street398570, 407830Old Map59-H3C4  
Bulls Head The. P.H.*Dobcross - Woods Lane399098, 406580Old Map60-A5D5  
BunkersGreenfield - Tunstead400380, 404650Old Map61-G3E7-E8  
Burn Diggle - Diggle Edge401200, 409170Old MapN/AF2BrunOL3 5LS
Burn Bank Lodge Greenfield - Royal George Mill398560, 404240Old Map75-H4C8 OL3 7LT
Burn Moor Diggle - Standedge.401500, 409440Old MapN/AF2Brun Moor 
Burnedge Bent Grasscroft - Burnedge398095, 405225Old Map75-G2C7 OL4 4EB
Burnedge FarmGrasscroft - Burnedge397890, 404985Old Map75-F3C7Wharmton HillOL4 4EB
Burnedge HouseGrasscroft - Burnedge398210, 405110Old Map75-F3C7  
Burnedge Lane Grasscroft - Burnedge398075, 405130Old Map75-F3-G2B7-C7 OL4 4EB
Bush SlackDelph - Castleshaw Moor399945, 411190Old MapN/AN/ABlea Green 
Butt Grotton - Under Lane396790, 403600Old Map74-D5A8Butt FarmOL4 5RN
Butt LaneMossley - Lower Quick Edge396800, 403550Old Map74-D5A8  
Butterhouse Dobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399975, 406560Old Map60-B5E5Butterworth or ButterhurstOL3 5JN
Butterhouse FarmDobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399970, 406570Old Map60-B5E5 OL3 5JN
Butts Lane Delph - Grains Road397960, 408055Old Map59-E3-F3B4 OL3 5RL
"C"^ top
Cabin Strinesdale - Roebuck Low395920, 407070Old Map58-B4A5  
Cabin Lane Strinesdale - Roebuck Low396040, 407177Old Map58-B4/C4A5 OL4
Calf HeyDenshaw - Denshaw Vale397250, 410290Old MapN/AB1  
Calf Hey BarnDenshaw - Oldham Road397290, 410310Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5SN
Calf Holes Delph - Village398475, 407845Old Map59-G3C4  
Calf LaneMossley - Roaches398250, 403645Old Map75-E5C8County Boundary 
Calf Lane Bridge Mossley - Midge Hall, Roaches398100, 403695Old Map75-G5C8County Boundary 
Candy CottageUppermill - Pobgreen400880, 406150Old Map60-D6F6 OL3 6LN
Capper Clough Uppermill - Church Bank400560, 406350Old Map60-D6E5-E6  
Capper LaneUppermill - Saddleworth Church400760, 406315Old Map60-D6E5-E6  
Carbow Diggle - Brun Moor401366, 409702Old MapN/AN/A  
Carpet Field Strinesdale - Roebuck Low396130, 407365Old Map58-C4A4  
CARR (Diggle)Diggle - Carr400273, 408601 Old Map60-C2E3Location @ DiggleOL3 5ND
CARR (Micklehurst)Mossley - Micklehurst398999, 401238Old Map89-H4N/ALocation @ Micklehurst 
Carr Barn Greenfield - Carr Barn399785, 404982Old Map61-F3D7  
Carr Brook or CarrbrookMossley - Micklehurst398905, 401040Old Map89-H4N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Carr Cote Mill Delph - Linfitts, Carrcote398175, 408190Old Map59-E2C4  
Carr FarmDiggle - Carr400270, 408600Old Map60-C2E3 OL3 5ND
Carr Farm CottageDiggle - Carr400290, 408460Old Map60-C2E3 OL3 5ND
Carr Head CottageDiggle - Carr Head400225, 408455Old Map60-C1E3Harrop EdgeOL3 5NB
Carr Head FarmDiggle - Carr Head400245, 408940Old Map60-C1E3 OL3 5NB
Carr Hill Mossley - Roughtown397420, 402730Old Map89-F1B9 OL5 0BL
Carr Hill MillMossley - Woodend397610, 402610Old Map89-F1B9WoodendOL5 9AU
Carr Hill RoadMossley - Roughtown397510, 402810Old Map89-E1-F1B9 OL5 0BL
Carr HouseDiggle - Standedge Road400220, 408665Old Map60-C1E3Upper CarrOL3 5NB
Carr Lane Greenfield - Carr Barn399715, 404800Old Map61-F2D7  
Carr Lane Diggle - Carr400355, 408370Old Map60-C2E3 OL3 5ND
Carrbrook MillMossley - Micklehurst398787, 401183Old Map89-H4N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Carrcote HouseDelph - Linfitts, Carrcote398192, 408161Old Map59-E2C3-C4  
CartrefDenshaw - Village397740, 410480Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5SB
Cartref CottageDenshaw - Village397750, 410490Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5SB
Castle Clough Mossley - Micklehurst398430, 401465Old Map89-H4N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Castle CottagesMossley - Micklehurst398625, 401502Old Map89-H4N/AFriezland Eccl DistrictSK15 3QE
Castle FarmMossley - Micklehurst398604, 401502Old Map89-H4N/AFriezland Eccl DistrictSK15 3QE
Castle Hill Delph - Castleshaw, Lower399810, 409685Old Map59-H0D2-E2 OL3 5LZ
Castle Hill Cote Delph - Castleshaw, Castle Hill399620, 409420Old Map59-H0D2-E2 OL3 5LZ
Castle MillMossley - Micklehurst398543, 401357Old Map89-G4-H4N/AFriezland Eccl District 
CASTLESHAWDelph - Castleshaw400050, 409880Old Map59-H1E2Location @ DelphOL3 5LZ
Castleshaw Camp Delph - Castleshaw, Castle Hill399850, 409645Old Map59-H1D3Waterworks Lane 
Castleshaw HouseDelph - Castleshaw400070, 409700Old Map59-H1D3 OL3 5LZ
Castleshaw Mill Delph - Castleshaw, Higher399790, 410000Old Map59-H1D3  
Castleshaw Moor Delph - Castleshaw Moor399455, 411265Old MapN/AE1-F1  
Castleshaw SchoolhouseDelph - Castleshaw400180, 409640Old Map59-H1D3 OL3 5LZ
CattleyardDelph - Village398560, 407940Old Map59-G3C4Nr. Tame Bridge 
Causeway Sett Delph - Castleshaw, Lower399290, 408680Old Map60-D1D3 OL3 5UU
Causeway Sett CottageDelph - Castleshaw, Lower399270, 408620Old Map60-D1D3 OL3 5UU
Chapel Hill*Delph - Millgate398615, 407725Old Map59-H3C4Approximation 
Charity FarmDelph - Castleshaw, Mill Croft398670, 409020Old Map59-H1D3 OL3 5UX
Charlotte Inn The, P.H.Grasscroft - High Grove398260, 404330Old Map75-G4C8Friezland 
Charlotte LaneGrasscroft - High Grove398170, 404340Old Map75-G4C8 OL4 4HW
Charlotte Mill Grasscroft - High Grove398269, 404301Old Map75-G4C8  
Charnel Clough Greenfield - Chew Valley402835, 402515Old MapN/AN/A  
Charnel Holes Greenfield - Chew Valley402758, 402871Old MapN/AN/A  
Charnel Holes Plantation Greenfield - Chew Valley402488, 402871Old MapN/AN/A  
CHERRY CLOUGHDenshaw - Cherry Clough396730, 411125Old MapN/AA1Location @ DenshawOL3 5UE
Cherry Clough FarmDenshaw - Cherry Clough396770, 411120Old MapN/AA1 OL3 5UE
Cherry Clough HouseDenshaw - Cherry Clough396770, 411320Old MapN/AA1 OL3 5UE
Cherry FarmDenshaw - Cherry Clough396546, 411080Old MapN/AN/A OL3 5UE
Cherry Lane Denshaw - Cherry Clough396620, 411275Old MapN/AN/A OL3 5UE
Cherry TopDenshaw - Cherry Clough396571, 411169Old MapN/AA1 OL3 5UE
Chester HouseDiggle - Low Green400410, 407870Old Map60-C3E4 OL3 5PJ
Chew BridgeGreenfield - Chew Valley401905, 403150Old MapN/AN/A  
Chew Clough,Greenfield - Chew Valley404200, 401860Old MapN/AF9Black Chew Head 
Chew CottageGreenfield - Ladhill399528, 404280Old MapN/AD8Chew CotOL3 7EW
Chew Green Greenfield - Chew Valley402355, 401790Old MapN/AN/AHoarstone Edge Moor 
Chew Hills Greenfield - Chew Valley402160, 402960Old MapN/AN/A  
Chew Hurdles Greenfield - Chew Valley402550, 401600Old MapN/AN/AHoarstone Edge Moor 
Chew Mount Greenfield - Chew Valley403620, 401962Old MapN/AN/A  
Chew Piece Plantation Greenfield - Alphin Hill401755, 402965Old MapN/AF9  
Chew Road Greenfield - Chew Valley401465, 403375Old MapN/AE8-F8  
CHEW VALLEYGreenfield - Chew Valley401900, 403140Old Map61-H5E8-F8Location @ Greenfield 
Chew WellsGreenfield - Chew Valley403730, 401910Old MapN/AN/A  
Christ Church Greenfield - Friezland398512, 404310Old Map75-H4C8Friezland ChurchOL3 7LE
Christ Church VicarageDenshaw - Village397610, 410500Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5SB
Church Bank Clough Uppermill - Church Bank400535, 406490Old Map60-C6-D6E5  
Church Bank Mill Uppermill - Church Bank400573, 406475Old Map60-D6E5  
Church FieldsDobcross - Village399190, 406580Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5AB
Church Inn The P.H.Uppermill - Saddleworth Church400750, 406350Old Map60-D6E6The New InnOL3 6LW
Church Lane Uppermill - Saddleworth Church400775, 406485Old Map60-D6E6  
Clarence Hotel The, P.H.Greenfield - Chew Valley Road400158, 403971Old Map61-G4-G5E8  
Clark Hey Denshaw - Crawshaw Hey398775, 410562Old MapN/AN/ANr. New Years Bridge 
Clark's Lane Uppermill - Running Hill Gate 401140, 406330Old Map60-D6F5  
Clark's or ClerksUppermill - Running Hill Gate 400862, 406410Old Map60-D6F5Clerks 
Clarks CottageUppermill - Running Hill Gate 400880, 406390Old Map60-D6E6"Clerks Cottage"OL3 6LW
Clarks Inn The, P.H.*Uppermill - Running Hill Gate 400853, 406405Old Map60-D6E5-F5Approximation 
Clay CottagesGreenfield - Shadows Lane398350, 403630Old Map75-G5C8-C9Clay Bank Terrace 
Clayton HouseSpringhead - Shelderslow396158, 404976Old Map74-C3A7 OL4 4NT
Claytons Springhead - Shelderslow396166, 404993Old Map74-C3A7 OL4 4NT
ClifftonScouthead - Brighton Road396320, 406260Old Map58-C5A5 OL4 3SE
Clifton HolmDelph - Linfitts, Stubbing398110, 408140Old Map59-G2C4Was 'Ryehole'OL3 5EZ
Clogger Knoll Uppermill - Village399600, 405643Old Map61-F1D6-E6  
Cloggers Arm The, P.H.Uppermill - Lee Street399755, 405620Old Map61-F1D6-E6 OL3 6AB
Cloudberry KnollGreenfield - Ashway Moor405530, 404360Old MapN/AN/ARemote Moorland 
CloughMossley - Micklehurst Brook398597, 402037Old Map89-H2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Clough Grasscroft - Clough 398140, 404610Old Map75-F3-G3C7  
Clough Bottom Uppermill - Wickens Clough400808, 406560Old Map60-D5E5-F5High Syle LaneOL3 6LP
Clough FarmDelph - Castleshaw, Mill Croft398670, 409010Old Map59-H1D3 OL3 5UX
Clough Head Lees - County End, Den395826, 405160Old MapN/AN/A  
Clough Head CottageDelph - Thurston Clough Head397158, 407230Old Map58-D4B5Twix Shiloh & Moscow 
Clough HouseGrasscroft - Clough398140, 404610Old Map75-G3C7  
Clough MillMossley - Micklehurst Brook398603, 402034Old Map89-H2N/APre: Roberts Mill 
Coal Clough Delph - Grains Road.398075, 407830Old Map59-G3C4  
Coal Hill Delph - Castleshaw, Standedge400904, 410129Old MapN/AE1-F1  
Coal Hill Slades Delph - Castleshaw, Standedge400740, 410353Old MapN/AE1-F1 "Pennine Way" 
Coal Yard*Delph - Village398500, 408000Old Map59-H3C4(Needs Confirming) 
Cobbler's Hill Delph - Delph Hill398610, 408080Old Map59-H2C4 OL3 5HT
Cobden CottageDiggle - Low Green400320, 407820Old Map60-C2-C3E4 OL3 5PJ
COCK CROFTSpringhead - Den Lane396060, 405190Old Map74-B2-C2N/ALocation @ Springhead 
Cog HoleGreenfield - Tunstead Mill400460, 404195Old Map61-G4E8Mill Croft 
Cold HouseStrinesdale - Roebuck Lane396140, 407370Old Map58-C4A5 OL4 3RA
CollsDelph - Grains Road.397750, 407750Old Map59-F3C4  
Colls Lane Delph - Grains Road397845, 407615Old Map59-F3C4  
Colt Hill Uppermill - Wade Hill398745, 405810Old Map75-H1C6  
Colt Hill Lane Uppermill - Wade Hill398898, 405620Old Map75-E1D6  
Commercial Inn, P.H. TheUppermill - Village399778, 405838Old Map61-F1E6  
Corbo or CarbowDiggle - Standedge401380, 409708Old MapN/AN/ACarbow 
CornerDelph - Grains Road397070, 408160Old Map58-D2C4Cunning CornerOL3 5RN
Cornfield Terrace Diggle - Weakey400082, 407550Old Map60-C3-C4E4  
CoteMossley - Micklehurst398408, 402857Old Map89-G1C9Friezland Eccl District 
Cote IntakeDiggle - Standedge401289, 408969Old MapN/AF2Cote 
Cote Lane Delph - Castleshaw, Lower399510, 409540Old MapN/AD2Castleshaw Cote 
Cote Meadow BarGreenfield - Well-i-Hole398650, 403785Old Map75-H5C8No Trace 
Cotemans FarmDelph - Grains Road397010, 408330Old Map59-E2A3CoatmansOL3 5RN
Cotemans Heights Delph - Grains Road, Ship Lane396855, 408225Old Map58-D2A3Coatmans HeightsOL3 5RN
Cottage FarmScouthead - Thorpe Lane396790, 406250Old Map58-D6A6-B6 OL4 3SA
Cottages The Scouthead - Thorpe Lane396800, 406250Old Map58-D6A6-B6 OL4 3SA
Cotton Tree Inn, The, P.H.Greenfield - Royal George398455, 403660Old MapC8C8Royal George Inn 
Cotton Tree The, P.H.Delph - Grains Bar, Mantley396542, 409087Old Map58-D0A3Nr. Mantley Yate 
COUNTY ENDLees - County End395665, 404560Old Map74-B4N/AMajor VillageOL4 4PW
County End Mills Lees - County End395631, 404486Old Map74-B4N/A  
Court Mill Diggle - Harrop Dale400820, 408390Old Map60-D2E3Harrop Court Mill 
Court ViewDiggle - Harrop Dale400880, 408540Old Map60-D1-D2E3-F3  
Cover Hill Grotton - Lower Quickedge396830, 404284Old Map74-D4B8 OL4 5RF
Cowards FarmGreenfield - Lane Head399215, 403545Old Map61-E5D9 OL3 7HA
CraigmoreDelph - Dale398970, 408060Old Map59-H2D4  
Crane Knoll Greenfield - Bill-o-Jack's402090, 405265Old MapN/AN/A  
Crawshaw BankLydgate397160, 404310Old Map75-E4B8Crowshaw Bank 
Crawshaw Hey Denshaw - Crawshaw Hey398840, 410815Old MapN/AC1-D1  
CribbDobcross - Cribb399130, 406750Old Map60-A5D5CribbOL3 5AT
Cribb FoldDobcross - Cribb399135, 406710Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5AT
Cribb KnowlDobcross - Cribb Lane399102, 406737Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5AT
Cribb Lane Dobcross - Cribb399175, 406830Old Map60-A5D5Cribb LaneOL3 5AF
CribbstonesNew Delph - Gatehead398510, 407010Old Map59-H4C4-D4 OL3 5BY
Crinkle CornerDelph - Oldham Road398050, 406980Old Map59-F5-G5C5 OL3 5RQ
Critchley Cottage Greenfield - Shaw Hall398333, 404580Old Map75-G3C7Nr. Farrars Arms 
Croft CottagesMossley - Micklehurst, Bottoms397692, 402009Old Map89-F2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Croft HouseDelph - Castleshaw, Cote399610, 409610Old MapN/AC2 OL3 5LZ
Croft MillMossley - Micklehurst, Bottoms397651, 402037Old Map89-F2N/ANow Townhouses 
Crompton Cottage Dobcross - Sandy Lane399165, 406830Old Map60-D5D5  
Crompton Knoll Dobcross - Sandy Lane399193, 406835Old Map60-D5D5Crompton Knowl 
Crooked Gate Denshaw - Dowry Green398000, 411400Old MapN/AN/A  
CrossUppermill - Knowl Top400405, 405445Old Map61-G2E6  
CrossDiggle - Lee Cross400630, 407520Old Map60-D3E4 OL3 5JX
CROSS BANKWaterhead - Cross Bank395620, 405530Old Map74-B2A7Lancashire & FurnessOL4 3LT
Cross Bank HouseWaterhead - Cross Bank395610, 405550Old Map74-B2A7Crossbank HouseOL4 3LT
Cross GatesSpringhead - Knowsley396436, 405418Old Map74-C1-D1A6-A7  
Cross Keys CottagesDelph - Thurston Clough398050, 406980Old Map59-F5-G5C5 OL3 5RQ
Cross Keys Inn, The P.H.Delph - Thurston Clough398025, 406995Old Map59-G4C5 OL3 5RQ
Cross Keys Inn, The P.H. Uppermill - Saddleworth Church400840, 406265Old Map60-D6F6 OL3 6LW
Cross Lane Uppermill - Knowl Top400535, 405630Old Map60-G2E6Higher Cross Lane 
Crow Stones Delph - Lockwood Hey398635, 409385Old MapN/AC2  
Crow Thorn Springhead - Stonebreaks396600, 405185Old Map74-D2A7  
Crow Thorn Lane Springhead - Stonebreaks396540, 405135Old Map74-D2A7  
Crown Inn. The P.H.*New Delph Bridge398700, 407500Old Map59-H3-H4C4Approximation 
Crown Point FarmLydgate - Quickedge397020, 403900Old Map75-E5B9 OL4 5TX
Crowshaw Bank Lydgate397160, 404310Old Map75-E4B8Crawshaw Bank 
CrowshawbentLydgate397220, 404280Old Map75-E4B8Crowshaw Bank 
Crowstone GateDelph - Lockwood Hey398565, 409425Old MapN/AC2  
Cudworth Clough Delph - Higher Castleshaw400075, 410780Old MapN/AE1Remote Moorland 
Cudworth Pasture Delph - Higher Castleshaw400006, 410618Old MapN/AD1-E1High Moorland 
Culvert Waterhead395340, 405900Old Map74-A1N/A  
Culvert Denshaw - Culvert, Junction397395, 410498Old MapN/AB1  
Culvert CastleWaterhead - Mill Bottom395290, 405950Old Map74-A1N/ABetween Hollow Rd 
Culvert CottageWaterhead - Mill Bottom395290, 405950Old Map74-A1N/Aand Barber Pile 
Cunning Corner Delph - Grains Road397070, 408160Old Map58-D2C4CornerOL3 5RN
"D"^ top
DACRESGreenfield - Dacres398872, 403691Old Map75-H5D8Location @ GreenfieldOL3 7HS
Dacres HallGreenfield - Dacres398875, 403810Old Map75-H5D8  
Daisy HillDelph - Knarr Barn Lane397850, 407165Old Map59-F4B5-C5Old Poor HouseOL4 5RF
Daisy Hill FarmScouthead - Doctor Lane Head396950, 406300Old Map58-D6B6 OL4 3SA
Daisy Hollow FarmScouthead - High Turf Lane396810, 406150Old Map58-D6B6 OL4 3SB
DALEDelph Hill - Dale398900, 408130Old Map59-H2D4Location @ DelphOL3 5HY
Dale Cottages Delph Hill - Dale398920, 408135Old Map59-H2D4  
Dale Lane Delph Hill - Dale398997, 408099Old Map59-H2D4 OL3 5HY
Dale ViewDobcross - Wall Hill397690, 406220Old Map59-F6C5Two CottagesOL3 5RD
Dam Head Diggle - Weakey400230, 407520Old Map60-C3E4 OL3 5JT
Dam Head Mill Uppermill - Village399848, 405756Old Map61-F1E6  
Dark Lane Mossley - Woodend397560, 402755Old Map89-F1B9  
Dark Lane Delph - Linfitts, Slack398260, 408390Old Map59-G1C3  
Dark Lane Uppermill - Moorgate, Den399469, 405609Old Map61-E1D6  
David's Smithy Diggle - Ambrose, Marslands399930, 407332Old Map60-B4E4David's, Davy, Davis. 
Dean Brow Greenfield - Ashway Moor402880, 404115Old MapN/AN/AChew Valley 
Dean Head Diggle - Standedge400890, 409481Old Map60-D0F2Deanhead, DaneheadOL3 5LU
Dean Head Clough Diggle - Dean Head401070, 409710Old Map60-D0F2  
Dean Head HillSaddleworth Moor406538, 406120Old MapN/AN/AUpper Thong Moor 
Dean Head Mill Diggle - Dean Head400828, 409305Old Map60-D1F2  
Dean Rocks Greenfield - Ashway Moor402700, 404010Old MapN/AN/AChew Valley 
Delf Slack Denshaw - Slackgate Lane397840, 409510Old MapN/AB2 OL3 5TZ
DELPH Saddleworth North Village398375, 408015Old Map59-H3C4Major Village 
Delph Barn Delph Hill - Dale398650, 408170Old Map59-H2C4  
Delph Farm*Delph - Delph Lane398520, 408100Old Map59-H2C4Nr. Eagle Mill 
Delph Hill Delph - Dale398820, 408045Old Map59-H2C4-D4  
Delph Lane Delph - Dale398920, 408310Old Map59-H2C4-D3 OL3 5HX
Delph Lodge New Delph - Midgrove398857, 407490Old Map59-H4C4-D4Opposite "Bell Inn"OL3 5EQ
Delph Lodge New Delph - Delph Station398610, 407425Old Map59-H4C4-D4Nr. Railway Station 
Delph Railway StationNew Delph Bridge398685, 407440Old Map59-H4C4" Delph Donkey" 
Delph Slack HouseDelph - Heights398270, 409415Old MapN/AC2Grange & Spring Head 
Delphe Greave Delph - Heights398482, 408613Old Map59-G1C3Delf GreaveOL3 5TY
Delphe Greave BarnDelph - Heights398500, 408630Old Map59-G1C3 OL3 5TY
Delphe Greave CottagesDelph - Heights 398470, 408610Old Map59-G1C3 OL3 5TY
Den Springhead - Cockcroft395820, 405086Old Map74-B2A7  
Den Hill Springhead - Cockcroft395953, 405035Old Map74-B2A7 OL4 4NR
Den Lane Springhead - Cockcroft395807, 405117Old Map74-B2A7 OL4 4NN
Den Lane Uppermill - Moorgate, Den399540, 405970Old Map60-A6-B6D6 OL3 6DD
DENSHAW Saddleworth North Village397740, 410700Old MapN/AB1Major Saddleworth VillageOL3 5S*
Denshaw BarDenshaw397645, 410454Old MapN/AB1Toll Bar House 
Denshaw ChurchDenshaw - Village397600, 410590Old MapN/AN/AChrist Church, DenshawOL3 5SB
Denshaw HouseDenshaw - Village397720, 410420Old MapN/AN/AMorgan Brierley's home 
Denshaw Mill Denshaw397742, 410307Old MapN/AC1Woollen Mill 
DENSHAW MOORDenshaw Moor399400, 412220Old MapN/AC1-D1Location @ Denshaw 
Denshaw Vale Denshaw - Vale397415, 410190Old MapN/AB1  
Denshaw Vale CottagesDenshaw - Oldham Road397460, 410360Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5SL
Denshaw Vale HouseDenshaw - Oldham Road397390, 410440Old Map N/AB1  
Denshaw Vale MillDenshaw -Vale397440, 410250Old MapN/AB1Junction Dyeworks 
Denshaw VicarageDenshaw - Village397703, 410520Old MapN/AN/A  
Derby Hill Delph - Linfitts, Carrcote398112, 408297Old Map59-G2C3  
Devonshire HouseDiggle - Low Green400410, 407870Old Map60-C2-C3E4 OL3 5PJ
Dick CloughGreenfield - Tunstead400680, 404460Old Map61-H3-H4E8  
Dick Hill Greenfield - Pots & Pans401455, 405213Old Map61-H2F7  
DIGGLE Saddleworth North-East Village400700, 407930Old Map60-C3E4Major Saddleworth VillageOL3 5J*
Diggle Bridge #1Diggle - Weakey, Ward Lane400278, 407554Old Map60-C3E4Ward Lane BridgeOL3 5LD
Diggle Bridge #2Diggle - Diglea400668, 407995Old Map60-D2E4Nr. Waterside/Kiln Green 
Diggle Edge (Lower)Diggle - Harrop Dale401400, 408590Old MapN/AF3Lower Diggle EdgeOL3 5LS
Diggle Edge (Upper)Diggle - Harrop Dale401350, 408730Old MapN/AF3Upper Diggle EdgeOL3 5LS
Diggle Hotel The, P.H. Diggle - Diglea 400845, 408080Old Map60-D2E4-F4 OL3 5JZ
Diggle House FarmDiggle - Diglea401690, 408230Old Map60-D2E4-F4 OL3 5LB
Diggle Lee Diggle - Diglea400940, 408050Old Map60-D2E4Diglea 
Diggle Mill Diggle - Diglea400742, 407845Old MapN/AF4Originally at Kiln GreenOL3 5LB
Diggle Mill CottagesDiggle - Diglea401720, 408000Old MapN/AE4 OL3 5LH
Diggle New Mill Diggle - Diglea401757, 408050Old MapN/AE4  
Diggle Railway StationDiggle - Diglea400730, 408030Old Map60-D2-D3E4 OL3 5JZ
Diggle Rake Greenfield - Upperwood Moor402750, 406310Old MapN/AN/ADiggle Rake Moor 
Diggle Rifle RangeDiggle - Diggle Edge402185, 408300Old MapN/AN/ARemote MoorlandOL3 5LB
Diggle SchoolDiggle - Sam Road400475, 408020Old Map60-C2E4 OL3 5PU
Diggle Top FarmDiggle - Diglea401810, 408250Old Map60-D2E4-F4 OL3 5LB
DigleaDiggle - Kiln Green400900, 408050Old Map60-D2F4Diggle LeeOL3 5LA
Dingle ViewWaterhead - Back-o'th-Low396030, 406140Old Map74-B1A6 OL4 3SG
Dirty Lane Scouthead - Doctor Lane Head396920, 406440Old Map58-D6B5-B6  
Dirty Lane Delph - Castleshaw, Harbour399770, 409760Old Map59-G1D2-E2 OL3 5HS
Dirty Lane Uppermill - Pobgreen400797, 406140Old Map60-D6F6  
Dish Stone Brow Greenfield - Chew Brook402755, 402600Old MapN/AN/AMoorland 
Dish Stone Moss Greenfield - Chew Brook Resrv.403400, 402270Old MapN/AN/AMoorland 
Dish Stone Rocks Greenfield - Chew Brook Resrv.403030, 401800Old MapN/AN/ADish Stone 
Dixons Waterhead395640, 405930Old MapN/AN/A OL4 3NG
DOBCROSS Central Saddleworth Village399380, 406575Old Map60-A5D5Major Saddleworth Village 
Dobcross Band ClubDobcross - Platt Lane399100, 406660Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5AD
Dobcross Church Dobcross - Woods Lane399130, 406530Old Map60-A5D5Holy Trinity ChurchOL3 5AL
Dobcross SchoolhouseDobcross - Cribb399110, 406720Old Map60-A5D5The Old SchoolOL3 5AD
Doctor House Scouthead - Doctor Lane 397260, 406255Old Map59-E6B6 OL4 3RY
Doctor House FarmScouthead - Doctor Lane 397240, 406190Old Map59-E6B6 OL4 3RY
Doctor House FoldScouthead - Doctor Lane 397240, 406240Old Map59-E6B6 OL4 3RY
Doctor Lane Scouthead - Doctor Lane Head397260, 406055Old Map59-E6B6 OL4 3RY
DOCTOR LANE HEAD Scouthead - Thorpe Lane397230, 406330Old Map59-E6B6Location @ ScoutheadOL4 3RX
Doctor Lane Head CottagesScouthead - Doctor Lane Head396790, 406250Old Map59-E6B6  
Doctor Lane Head FarmScouthead - Thorpe Lane397150, 406330Old Map59-E6B6 OL4 3RX
Doctor Lane Head SchoolScouthead - Doctor Lane Head397145, 405815Old Map59-E6B6Sunday School 
Doctors MillMossley - Micklehurst398158, 402015Old Map89-G3N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Dodle CroftDelph - Grains, Rams Cough396510, 408770Old Map58-D1A3Doodle Croft, Dodle FarmOL3 5RP
Dog and Partridge P.H.Springhead - Oldham Rd.396090, 404565Old Map75-E1A7  
Dole Field Uppermill - Golburn Clough400280, 405024Old Map61-G2D6-E6 OL3 6JH
Dole Nook (Silver Hill)Scouthead -Thurston Clough 397420, 406360Old Map59-F6B6New Inn & UpperhouseOL4 3RX
Doles PitGrasscroft - BurnedgeTops397627, 405450Old Map75-F2B7  
Doodle FarmDelph - Grains, Rams Cough396510, 408770Old Map58-D1A3Dodle CroftOL3 5RP
Dove Stone Clough Greenfield - Dovestones402950, 404140Old MapN/AN/A  
Dove Stone HouseGreenfield - Binn Green401940, 404510Old MapN/AF8 OL3 7NN
Dove Stone Moss Greenfield - Dovestone Moor403700, 403400Old MapN/AN/A  
Dove Stone ReservoirGreenfield - Chew Valley401700, 404000Old MapN/AF8-F9  
Dove Stone Wood Greenfield - Dovestones401677, 403560Old MapN/AN/A  
DOWRYDenshaw Moor - Dowry398320, 411480Old MapN/AN/ADorey, Dory, Dowery. 
Dowry Castle Delph - Castleshaw Moor399036, 411241Old MapN/AN/ADemolished 1897 
Dowry GreenDenshaw Moor - Dowry398056, 411565Old MapN/AN/A  
Dowry Road Denshaw Moor - Dowry398580, 411640Old MapN/AN/A  
Dowston CastleNew Delph - Stoneswood398590, 407400Old Map59-G4-H4C4  
Dry Bridge HouseDiggle - Diggle Edge401010, 409238Old MapN/AF2 OL3 5LS
Dry Clough Diggle - Broadhead Moor402620, 407710Old MapN/AN/A  
Dry Clough Greenfield - Laddow Moor404125, 401515Old MapN/AN/ABlindstone Moss 
Dry Clough Lane Uppermill - Warmton Hill399100, 405480Old Map61-E2D6  
Dry Croft Lane Delph - Castleshaw, Lower399910, 409620Old MapN/AD2  
DumfriesDenshaw - Dumfries397494, 410845Old MapN/AB1  
Dunge BoothDobcross - Ladcastle Lane399470, 406095Old Map60-A6D6Dundgebooth 
Dysart ArmsMicklehurst - Hole House398445, 403430Old Map75-G6C9Micklehurst, Cheshire 
"E"^ top
Eagle Mill Delph - Denshaw Road398504, 408103Old Map59-G2C4  
Earnshaw Head Grotton Head - Platting396990, 404930Old Map75-E3B7  
East ViewDelph - Grains Bar396430, 408945Old MapN/AA2Re: Straight Cut 
East ViewDobcross - Long Lane399370, 406960Old Map60-A5-B4D5 OL3 5QH
Ebenezer ChapelUppermill - Village399610, 405600Old Map61-F1D6  
Edge End Dobcross - Harrop Edge399439, 407100Old Map60-A4D5 OL3 5QJ
Edge End Greenfield - Yarns Hill401040, 404830Old Map61-H3E7  
Edge HouseLydgate - Quickedge Road397370, 404220Old Map75-E5B8-B9 OL4 5TX
Edge Rocks Delph - Standedge Moor401320, 410145Old MapN/AN/A  
Edgehill.Delph - Linfitts, Slack397980, 408760Old Map59-F1C3Pre: 'Lower Barn'OL3 5TY
EdgemoorGrasscroft398435, 404635Old Map75-G3C7  
"F"^ top
Fair Banks Diggle - Lee Side400816, 407470Old Map60-D4E4 OL3 5JX
Fair Spring Denshaw Moor - Dowry398715, 411530Old MapN/AN/A  
Fair Spring MoorDenshaw Moor - Dowry398920, 411740Old MapN/AN/A  
Fair Spring RoadDenshaw Moor - Dowry398885, 411950Old MapN/AN/A  
Fairbank CottageDelph - Bleak Hey Nook400430, 409470Old MapN/AE2 OL3 5LY
Fairy Holes Greenfield - Hawkyard401490, 404720Old Map60-H4F8General Location 
Fairy Holes Greenfield - Alderman Hill401570, 404655Old Map60-H4F7Actual Holes 
Far Brown Hill Naze Denshaw - Junction397250, 410530Old MapN/AB1Brown Hill LeesOL3 5SL
Far Deep Clough Greenfield - Upperwood Moor402450, 405710Old MapN/AN/AUpperwood Moor 
Far Diggle Edge FarmDiggle - Harrop Dale401350, 408730Old MapN/AF3Upper Diggle EdgeOL3 5LS
Far Rough Clough Greenfield - Upperwood Moor403255, 405870Old MapN/AN/AUpperwood Moor 
Far Stone BrowDelph - Castleshaw Moor399971, 410973Old MapN/AN/ABlea Green 
Far Stone RocksDelph - Castleshaw Moor399952, 411042Old MapN/AN/ABlea Green 
Far Wain Stones Greenfield - Upperwood Moor402780, 406170Old MapN/AN/ADiggle Rake Moor 
Far Warmsey Clough Greenfield - Upperwood Moor403500, 405450N/AN/AN/AOx Rake Brow 
Farm CottageLydgate - Quickedge Road397330, 404100Old Map75-E5B8-B9 OL4 5TX
Farmers Arms The, P.H.*Delph - New Tame, Friarmere397410, 409160Old Map59-E0B2-B3Approximate Location 
Farrars Arms Inn. The, P.H.Grasscroft - Shaw Hall398605, 404580Old Map75-G3-H3C7 OL4 4HL
Farther Heys Delph - Grains Road.397430, 407940Old Map59-E2A3-B3Hollin Heys 
Feather Bed Moss Greenfield - Dovestone Moor403750, 403450Old MapN/AN/ADovestone Moss 
Feather Bed Moss Greenfield - Holmfirth Road404040, 406660Old MapN/AN/AMoor Top at Blake Gate 
Fern CottageGrotton - Thornley Lane396370, 404060Old Map74-C4A8 OL4 5RP
Fern CroftDobcross - Long Lane399360, 406900Old Map60-A5-B4D5 OL3 5QH
Fern Lee FarmGreenfield - Intake Lane400128, 403474Old Map61-G5-G6E9Fern LeaOL3 7NA
Fernhill HouseGrasscroft - Shaw Hall398605, 404580Old Map75-G3C7Fern Hill 
Fernlee Vale Greenfield - Fern Lee Vale399825, 403950Old Map61-G5E8"Fern Lea" 
Fernthorpe HallUppermill - Pickhill400070, 406010Old Map61-F1E6  
Ferny Holes Greenfield - Ashway Moor403060, 404325Old MapN/AN/A  
Field HouseDobcross - Wall Hill397680, 406000Old Map59-F6B6Was Wall Hill BarnOL3 5RD
Field Top Uppermill - Running Hill400370, 406720Old MapN/AN/AFieldtop @ Moor LaneOL3 5JP
Fir Tree FarmMossley - Quickedge396840, 403165Old Map74-D6A9 OL5 0PL
Flash CottagesGrotton - Knowls Lane, Thornley396070, 403935Old Map74-C4A8Lancashire & FurnessOL4 5RR
Floating Light The, P.H.Diggle - Standedge Cut401462, 409340Old MapN/AF2 OL3 5LT
Flowery Cottages*Delph - Grains Road398492, 407823Old Map59-G3C4Approximate Location 
Foil Cote Strinesdale - Roebuck Low396300, 407165Old Map58-C4A5  
Fold CottagesDobcross - Woods Lane399080, 406600Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5AU
Folly Mill HouseDiggle - Thornes Clough400523, 408790Old MapN/AE3  
Folly  Diggle - Thornes Clough400526, 408811Old MapN/AE3  
Forty RowGreenfield - Bradburys Lane400920, 403450Old Map61-H6F9local name for Hey TopOL3 7NB
FoulrakesGreenfield - Kinders Lane399765, 404395Old Map61-F4D8  
Four Acre Lane Delph - High Moor397560, 407485Old Map59-E4A4-A5  
Four Lane Ends Springhead - Woodbrook396443, 405420Old Map74-D2A7  
Four OaksGreenfield - Royal George Mill398301, 404062Old Map75-G4C8FriezlandOL3 7LR
Four WindsDenshaw - Oldham Road397340, 410480Old MapN/AB1  
Fox Spring Greenfield - Ashway Moor403525, 405160Old MapN/AN/A  
Fox Stone Greenfield - Alphin Hill402575, 403662Old MapN/AN/A  
Foxstone Brow Delph - Castleshaw Moor399990, 411000Old MapN/AN/ABlea Green 
Foxstone Rocks Delph - Castleshaw Moor399950, 411040Old MapN/AN/ABlea Green 
Fozzards Mill Dobcross - Wall Hill398577, 406415Old Map59-H5C5-C6  
FRENCHESGreenfield - Frenches399185, 404610Old Map61-E3-E4D7Location @ Greenfield 
Frenches Greenfield - Frenches399181, 404600Old Map61-E3D7  
Frenches BarGreenfield - Frenches399102, 404737Old Map61-E3D7Toll Bar House 
Frenches Mill Greenfield - Frenches399450, 404570Old Map61-E3D7 OL3 7AE
Frenches WharfeGreenfield - Frenches399198, 404615Old Map61-E3D7  
FreshfieldsDelph - Hull Mill399080, 408410Old Map59-H2D3 OL3 5UR
Friar Naze End Denshaw - Lurden Moor398970, 412285Old MapN/AN/A  
FriarmereDelph - Castleshaw, Mill Croft398710, 409010Old Map59-H1C3-D3 OL3 5UX
FRIARMEREDelph - Castleshaw, 397400, 408980Old Map59-F1B3-C3Location @ DelphOL3 5UX
Friarmere HouseDenshaw - Rochdale Road396780, 411140Old MapN/AB1Now "White House"OL3 5UE
Friarmere LodgeDenshaw - Woodbrow397040, 410060Old MapN/AA2-B2  
Friarmere LodgeDelph - Carrcote, Lodge Lane398270, 408340Old Map59-G2C3-C4"Lodge" or "Friar Lodge"OL3 5HG
Friarmere Print WorksDenshaw - Woodbrow397040, 410080Old MapN/AA2  
Friarmere VicarageNew Delph - Midgrove398883, 407587Old Map59-H3D437 Huddersfield Rd.OL3 5EQ
Friar's WoodDenshaw - Woodbrow397150, 410200Old MapN/AN/AFriarswood 
FriarsmeadDenshaw - Oldham Road397120, 410130Old MapN/AB1  
Friendship Inn. The, P.H.Delph - King Street398557, 407857Old Map59-H3C4Closed 1850's 
Friendship Inn. The, P.H.Delph - Grains Road.397105, 408155Old Map59-E2B3-B4  
FRIEZLANDFriezland Village398600, 404300Old Map61-E4C8-D8Location @ Greenfield 
Friezland Church Greenfield - Friezland398512, 404310Old Map75-H4C8 OL3 7LE
Friezland GrangeGreenfield - Friezland398460, 404280Old Map75-G4C8Parsonage 
Friezland Hall FarmDelph - Broad Lane, Heights398500, 409450Old Map59-G0C2 OL3 5TX
Friezland LaneGreenfield - Bockin399440, 403895Old Map61-E5D8  
Friezland ParsonageGreenfield - Friezland398460, 404280Old Map75-G4C8The GrangeOL3 7LQ
Friezland Road Greenfield - Bockin399520, 404150Old Map61-F4D8Ladhill 
Friezland SchoolGreenfield - Friezland398615, 404356Old Map75-H4C8  
Friezland Station*Greenfield - Bockin399385, 404070Old Map61-E4D8Micklehurst / Diggle Line 
Fur Lane Greenfield - Boarshurst400137, 404766Old Map61-G3E7 OL3 7PA


^ top
Gardeners Arm The, P.H.Waterhead - Dunham Street395280, 405760Old Map74-A1N/A OL4 3NE
Garners Delph - Grains Road.397420, 407860Old Map59-E3C4 OL3 5RN
Garnett HouseDelph - Grains Road397260, 408210Old Map59-E3C4 OL3 5RN
Gate Head CottageNew Delph - Gatehead398700, 407190Old Map59-H4C5 OL3 5QE
Gate Head Mill New Delph - New Delph Road398590, 407170Old Map59-H4C5Gatehead MillOL3 5DB
Gatehead BarnNew Delph - Gatehead398710, 407170Old Map59-H4C5 OL3 5QE
Gatehead CroftNew Delph - Gatehead398780, 407420Old Map59-H4C5 OL3 5QB
Gatehead HouseNew Delph - Gatehead398830, 407440Old Map59-H4C5 OL3 5QE
Gayley HallStrinesdale - Top-o'th-Meadows395890, 406645Old Map58-B5A6Gailey HallOL4 3RB
Gellfield Lane Uppermill - Pobgreen400663, 406123Old Map60-D6E6 OL3 6LH
GibbsGreenfield - Royal George398724, 404177Old Map75-H4C8Re: MannsOL3 7LU
Gibbs MillGreenfield - Royal George398350, 404040Old Map75-G4-G5C8Royal George Mills 
GilbertsStandedge - Pule Hill402850, 410115Old MapN/AF2-F3Marsden Moor 
Gilders VillaGrotton - Under Lane396730, 403760Old Map74-D5B8 OL4 5RN
Giles Mill Uppermill - Wade Lock399680, 405530Old Map61-F1D6-E6Pre: Alexander Mill 
Globe FarmDelph - Standedge, Laceby401150, 409675Old Map61-F1D6-E6 OL3 5LU
Globe Inn, The, P.H.Delph - Standedge, Laceby400933, 409678Old MapN/AF2Laceby, StandedgeOL3 5LU
Globe Inn, The, P.H.*Uppermill - High Street399760, 405855Old Map61-F1D6Approximation 
Goblin HallGreenfield - Frenches399180, 404680Old Map61-E3D7  
Golburn CloughUppermill - Lower Knowl400110, 405010Old Map61-G2E7Many variationsOL3 6JH
Golburn Clough (Upper) Uppermill - Carrbarn400198, 405013Old Map61-G2E7  
Golden Fleece Inn, TheDenshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396891, 409695Old MapN/AA2-B2  
Gorsey Bank Mossley - Quickedge396835, 403330Old Map74-D6B9 OL5 0PL
Gragy Clough Greenfield - Upperwood Moor402570, 405460Old MapN/AN/AGreenfield Brook 
GRAINS BAR Delph - Grains Bar396280, 408595Old Map58-C1-D1A3Location @ DelphOL1 4SX
Grains Bar FarmDelph - Grains Bar396310, 408590Old Map58-C1A3 OL1 4SX
Grains Bar Pottery Delph - Grains Bar396265, 408630Old Map58-C1A3 OL1 4SX
Grains RoadDelph - Grains Road398140, 408300Old Map59-F2 B4 OL3 5RN
Granby ArmsThe, P.H.Uppermill - High Street399590, 405505Old Map61-F1D6Tho old 'British Queen'OL3 6HR
Granby Row Mossley - Brookbottom397510, 402820Old Map89-E1B9  
Grand Stand, The Scouthead - Starting Chair397271, 405909Old Map75-E1B6  
GrandstandDenshaw - Rochdale Road396720, 411190Old MapN/AB2 OL3 5UE
GRANGEDelph - Castleshaw, Grange398770, 409015Old Map59-H1C3Location @ CastleshawOL3 5UX
Grange FarmDelph - Castleshaw, Grange398710, 409009Old MapN/AC3"The Grange"OL3 5UX
Grange Hey Delph - Castleshaw Moor399075, 411210Old Map59-H1C3  
Grant HouseDelph - Denshaw Road398160, 408190Old Map59-G2C3 OL3 5EY
Grass Croft Grasscroft Village397635, 404610Old Map75-G3B8-C8  
GRASSCROFTSaddleworth South West Village397500, 404500Old Map75-G3B8-C8Minor Saddleworth VillageOL4
Grasscroft CloughGrasscroft -Clough398115, 404580Old Map75-G3C7  
Grasscroft Higher LodgeGrasscroft397945, 404570Old Map75-G3C7Twix Thorns & Nettlehole 
Grasscroft Lower LodgeGrasscroft397990, 404570Old Map75-G3C7Twix Thorns & Nettlehole 
Grasscroft SmithyGrasscroft - Clough398090, 404718Old Map75-G3C7  
Great Bank Greenfield - Chew Valley402100, 405895Old MapN/AN/A  
Great Dovestone Rocks Greenfield - Dovestones402485, 403870Old MapN/AN/A  
Great Gruff Greenfield - Ashway Moor403155, 401240Old MapN/AN/ABlindstones Moss 
Great Gruff Saddleworth Moor404130, 405905Old MapN/AN/ASail Bark Moss 
Great Gulf Denshaw - Ragstones399540, 411710Old MapN/AN/AMore Clough Moss 
Great Toms Inn. P.H.Greenfield - Hollins Green400597, 403992Old Map61-H4E8  
Great Western Inn. The, P.H.Standedge Cut - Redbrook402438, 409927Old MapN/AN/A  
Greave Greenfield - Alphin Hill399610, 403275Old Map61-F6D9Moorland Location 
Greaves Delph - Thurston Clough397840, 406725Old Map59-F5B5-C5Greaves FarmOL3 5RE
Greaves Cote Delph - Thurston Clough397780, 406850Old Map59-F5B5-C5GreavescoatOL3 5RE
Green AshDelph - New Tame, Friarmere397315, 409370Old MapN/AB2Query on this Post CodeOL3 5LF
Green Bank CottageDiggle - Kiln Green400650, 407820Old Map60-D3E4 OL3 5JY
Green Bank HouseDiggle - Kiln Green400600, 407810Old Map60-D3 E4 OL3 5JY
Green BridgeGreenfield - Chew Valley401005, 403815Old Map61-H5F8Nut Bottom 
Green Bridge Greenfield - Ladhill399530, 404300Old Map61-H5D8 OL3 7JR
Green Bridge Lane Greenfield - Ladhill399503, 404370Old Map61-E4/F4D8 OL3 7JR
Green Brow Denshaw - Lurden Moor399370, 412610Old MapN/AN/A  
Green Clough Greenfield - Alphin Hill401480, 402725Old MapN/AF9Wimberry Stones Brow 
Green Grain Greenfield - Chew Moor404280, 401550Old MapN/AN/ALaddow Moss 
Green LaneUppermill - Moorgate, Den399470, 405720Old Map61-F1D6Now Railway Track 
Green Lane Strinesdale - Roebuck Low396050, 406830Old Map58-B5-C5A5 OL4 3RB
Green Lane Uppermill - Knowl Top400455, 405425Old Map61-G2E6Cross Farm 
Green Lane Diggle - Harrop Green400575, 408130Old Map60-D2E4 OL3 5LW
Green Lane FarmStrinesdale - Roebuck Low396050, 406825Old Map58-C5A5 OL4 3RB
Green Lane Top FarmDenshaw - Old Tame, Scout396312, 409290Old MapN/AA2  
Green Leech Strinesdale - Harbour Hill396835, 407455Old Map58-D4A4Green Leach FarmOL3 5RE
Green TopMossley - Micklehurst398721, 402350Old Map89-H2N/ATop-o'th-Green 
GREENFIELDSaddleworth East Village399765, 404310Old Map61-F1-G1D8Major Saddleworth VillageOL3 7W*
Greenfield FarmGreenfield - Chew Valley Road401270, 403690Old Map61-H5F8 OL3 7NF
Greenfield Hall Greenfield - Upperwood402025, 405885Old MapN/AN/AStone Quarry 
Greenfield House Greenfield - Chew Valley401105, 403780Old MapN/AF8 OL3 7NF
Greenfield Mills Greenfield - Chew Valley400930, 403725Old Map61-H5F8 OL3 7NB
Greenfield Railway StationGreenfield - Frenches399170, 404690Old Map61-E3D7  
Greenfield Stable CottagesGreenfield - Chew Valley401100, 403750Old MapN/AF8Greenfield House Stables 
Greenfield Station HouseGreenfield - Frenches399190, 404670Old Map61-E3D7  
Greenfield Wesleyan ChapelGreenfield - Waterside400025, 403955Old Map61-G4-G5E8Now St.Mary's School 
Greenlea FarmDensaw - Ripponden Road397820, 410580Old MapN/AN/A OL3 5SH
GreenmansGreenfield - Friezland Lane399045, 403442Old Map61-E6D9  
Greenoaks FarmDelph - Sandbed, Dale399270, 408290Old Map60-A2D3Green Oak FarmOL3 5UY
GROTTONSaddleworth West Village396575, 404560Old Map74-D4A7-A8Minor Saddleworth VillageOL4 4JS
Grotton FarmGrotton - Upper396788, 404530Old Map74-D4A8 OL4 4JS
Grotton Hall Grotton Head - Platting Rd.397175, 404825Old Map75-E3B7 OL4 4JN
Grotton HeadGrotton Head - Platting Rd.397230, 404800Old Map75-E3B7 OL4 4JN
Grotton HollowGrotton - Lower396490, 404670Old Map74-D4A8 OL4 4JN
Grotton MeadowsGrotton - Lower396810, 404370Old Map74-D4A8 OL4 5RQ
Grove BankUppermill - Ballgreave399960, 405270Old Map61-F2D7-E7  
Grove Cottage Lydgate - Haddens397753, 403727Old Map75-F5B8  
Grove CottagesDiggle - Harrop Court400870, 408515Old Map60-D1E3-F3  
Grove FarmDiggle - Harrop Court400890, 408530Old Map60-D1E3-F3 OL3 5LN
Grove House New Delph - Midgrove398955, 407590Old Map59-H3D4  
Grove House Diggle - Harrop Court400945, 408576Old Map60-D1E3-F3 OL3 5LN
Grove SchoolLydgate - High Grove397750, 403730Old Map75-F5B8  
Grove TerraceNew Delph - Midgrove398935, 407562Old Map59-H4D4  
Grove ViewNew Delph - Midgrove398925, 407620Old Map59-H3C4-D4  
"H"^ top
HADDENS Mossley - Roughtown.397635, 403320Old Map75-F6B9Location @ MossleyOL5
Hall Bank HouseGreenfield - Shaw Hall Bank398860, 404440Old Map75-H4C8 OL3 7LD
Halls CottagesGreenfield - Frenches399432, 404979Old Map61-E3-F3D7Wellington Rd.OL3 7AJ
Hanging Gate, The P.H.Diggle - Weakey400096, 407595Old Map60-C3E4 OL3 5PQ
Hanson House Delph - Grains, Rams Clough 396850, 408760Old Map58-D1B3 OL3 5RN
Harbour Delph - Castleshaw, Lower399760, 409768Old MapN/AD2Castle Hill, Dirty LaneOL3 5HS
Harbour GreenDobcross - Tame Water398772, 406313Old Map59-H6C6-D6Tame Water Bridge 
HARBOUR HILLStrinesdale - Harbour Hill396470, 407570Old Map58-C3-D3A4Location @ DelphOL4
Hardmans Arms P.H., The Mossley - Roughtown397537, 403000Old Map89-F1B9  
Hare and Hounds P.H., The Uppermill - High Street399685, 405700Old Map61-F1D6 OL3 6AW
Hark to Bounty The, P.H.Dobcross - Woods Lane399060, 406540Old Map60-A5D5Closed 1910 
Hark Up To Nudger, The, P.H.Dobcross - Woods Lane399035, 406510Old Map60-A5D5Closed 1956 
Harrop Cote Diggle - Harrop Court Road401155, 408630Old Map60-D2E3-F3Harrop Cote FarmOL3 5LN
Harrop CourtDiggle - Harrop Court400920, 408420Old Map60-D2E3 OL3 5LL
Harrop Court MillDiggle - Harrop Court400820, 408390Old Map60-D2E3 OL3 5LL
HARROP DALEDiggle - Harrop Dale400930, 408490Old Map60-D1E3-F3Location @ Diggle 
HARROP EDGEDelph - Dobcross & Diggle399800, 408095Old Map60-B2D3-D4Location @ Dobcross 
Harrop Edge FarmDiggle - Harrop Edge399910, 407465Old Map60-B2D3-D4  
Harrop Edge Lane Delph - Harrop Edge Lane399710, 408530Old Map60-B2-B3D3-D4  
HARROP GREEN Diggle - Harrop Green400675, 408175Old Map60-C2-D2E4Location @ DiggleOL3 5LW
Harrop Green FarmDiggle - Harrop Green400560, 408210Old Map60-D2E4 OL3 5LW
HARROP RIDGEDiggle - Harrop Ridge400830, 408660Old Map60-D1F3Location @ Diggle 
Harropdale FarmDiggle - Standedge Road400020, 408030Old Map60-C2F3Nr: Sunfield BarOL3 5NB
Harry Gate Strinesdale - High Moor396320, 406440Old Map58-C5-C6A5Brighton RoadOL4 3SE
Haugh Gutter Denshaw Moor400250, 412280Old MapN/AN/A  
Haugh Gutter Moss Denshaw Moor399945, 411940Old MapN/AN/A  
Haw Clough Lane Greenfield - Tunstead400390, 404780Old Map61-G3E7   
Hawk Yard Lane Greenfield - Holmfirth Rd.400900, 404120Old Map61-H4F8Turner Hill 
HAWKYARD Greenfield - Holmfirth Rd.400850, 404300Old Map61-H4F8Location @ GreenfieldOL3 7NP
Hawkyard CottagesGreenfield - Hawkyard400840, 404320Old Map61-H4F8 OL3 7NP
Hawthorn Brow Greenfield - Holmfirth Rd.401780, 405330Old MapN/AN/A  
Hawthorn FarmMossley - Quickedge397110, 403040Old Map75-E6B9Hawthorn House 
Hawthorne CottageUppermill - Pobgreen400870, 406110Old Map60-D6F6 OL3 6LN
Hawthorpe HallUppermill - Pickhill400030, 406075Old Map61-F1E6 OL3 6DP
Hearthy Hill FarmDelph - Grains Bar, Oldham Rd.396400, 409385Old MapN/AA2-B2Heathy HillOL3 5RP
Heath HillDelph - Grains Bar, Oldham Rd.396400, 409385Old MapN/AA2-B2Heathy HillOL3 5RP
Heather Bank*Grasscroft398660, 404605Old Map75-F3-F4C7-C8  
Heather CottageDenshaw - Rochdale Road396910, 411180Old MapN/AB2 OL3 5UE
Heather RiseScouthead - Thurston Clough397280, 406360Old Map59-E6-F6B5-B6 OL4 3RX
Heathfields Uppermill - Saddleworth Fold400235, 405813Old Map61-G1-H1E6 OL3 6EX
Heathfields Dye House Uppermill - Shaws Lane400257, 405795Old Map61-G1-H1E6  
Heathfields Mill Uppermill - Heathfields400153, 405757Old Map61-G1E6  
Heathley HillDelph - Grains Bar, Oldham Rd.396400, 409400Old MapN/AA2-B2Heathy HillOL3 5RP
HEIGHTS Delph - Friarmere398070, 409225Old Map59-F1-G1C3Location @ DelphOL3 5TU
Heights ChapelDelph - Heights398215, 409065Old Map59-G1C3St. Thomas's Chapel 
Heights FarmScouthead - Thurston Clough397730, 406438Old Map59-F6B5 OL3 5RE
Heights FarmDelph - Heights Lane398143, 408963Old Map59-G1C3 OL3 5TU
Heights Field Dobcross - Wall Hill397845, 406290Old Map59-F6C5 OL3 5RD
Heights Inn, P.H.Delph - Heights398235, 409045Old Map59-G1C3Re: - Royal Oak InnOL3 5TX
Heights Lane CottageDelph - Heights398055, 409122Old Map59-G0-G1C2-C3 OL3 5TU
Herds Low Scouthead - Thorpe Lane396690, 406160Old Map58-D6A6-B6Herdslow FarmOL4 3SA
HeyMossley - Micklehurst398489, 403104Old Map89-G0-G1C9Friezland Eccl District 
Hey Bank Delph - Grains Road397255, 407974Old Map59-E3B4 OL3 5RN
Hey Bank CottageDelph - Grains Road397255, 407974Old Map59-E3B4 OL3 5RN
Hey Barn FarmDelph - Grains Road397260, 407970Old Map59-E2B4 OL3 5RN
Hey Bottom Mill Greenfield - Bockin399450, 404175Old Map61-E4D8Haybottom 
Hey CottageDenshaw - Ripponden Road397680, 411420Old MapN/AB2 OL3 5UN
Hey Farm (The Bungalow)Denshaw - Slackgate Lane397850, 409920Old MapN/AC2"The Bungalow"OL3 5TZ
Hey Flake Lane Delph - Lockwood Hey398380, 409300Old Map59 G0-H0C2-C3Leading To Grange 
Hey House FarmDenshaw - Rough Hey397689, 411368Old MapN/AB1High HouseOL3 5UN
Hey Lane Uppermill - Saddleworth Fold400520, 406050Old Map60-C6-D6E6  
Hey or Hey FarmDenshaw - Ox Hey397987, 409696Old MapN/AC2 OL3 5TZ
Hey TopDelph - Lockwood Hey398630, 409890Old MapN/AC2  
Hey Top Greenfield - Bradburys Lane400920, 403450Old Map61-H6F9Forty RowOL3 7NB
Hey Wood   Diggle - Warrock Hill400485, 408794Old MapN/AE2-F2  
Heys CottageDelph - Butts Lane397700, 407990Old Map59-F3-F4B4Heys OL3 5RL
Heys FarmDelph - Butts Lane397718, 407990Old Map59-F3-F4B4Heys OL3 5RL
Heys or Heys FarmDiggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400480, 407030Old Map60-C4E5HollingreaveOL3 5JW
High AshDiggle - Standedge Road400060, 408080Old Map60-C3E4Nr. SunfieldOL3 5NB
High Barn Delph - Grains Road.397170, 408110Old Map58-D1-D2B3  
High Field Mossley - Quick View397475, 403065Old Map75-E6-F6B9  
High Fold Dobcross - Wall Hill397950, 406280Old Map59-F6C6  
High Grove HouseGrasscroft - High Grove398190, 404445Old Map75-G4C8  
High Grove MillGrasscroft - High Grove398165, 404405Old Map75-G4C8Cotton Mill 
High HouseDenshaw - Rough Hey397689, 411368Old MapN/AB1Hey HouseOL3 5UN
High Lee Strinesdale - Harbour Hill396710, 407680Old Map58-D3A4 OL4 3RD
High Lee Lane Strinesdale - Harbour Hill396677, 407685Old Map58-D3A4 OL4 3RD
HIGH MOOR Scouthead - High Moor397050, 406780Old Map59-E5B5Location @ ScoutheadOL4 5R*
High Moor FarmScouthead - Thurston Clough397210, 406340Old Map59-E5B5 OL4 3RX
High Moor QuarryScouthead - High Moor396990, 406600Old Map59-E5B5 OL4 3SA
High Style Uppermill - Wickens Clough400695, 406595Old Map60-D5E5Saddleworth Church 
High Style Lane Uppermill - Running Hill400580, 406700Old Map60-D5E5 OL3 5JR
High Thurston Clough Delph - High Moor397780, 407100Old Map59-E4B5  
Higher ArthursGreenfield - Arthurs399715, 404550Old Map61-F3D7-E7Upper Arthurs 
Higher Barn FarmDelph - Linfitts, Dark Lane398070, 408825Old Map59-G1C3Higher Barn (Converted)OL3 5TY
Higher Bent Grasscroft - Burnedge398440, 405245Old Map75-H2C7-D7  
Higher Broadmeadow FarmDenshaw - Ox Hey397980, 410170Old MapN/AC1-C2 OL3 5UB
Higher Castleshaw FarmDelph - Castleshaw, Upper400190, 409470Old MapN/AD1-E1 OL3 5LZ
Higher CrossUppermill - Shaws Lane400410, 405450Old Map61-G2E6  
Higher Dowry Denshaw Moor - Dowry398604, 411555Old MapN/AN/A  
Higher Grange FarmDelph - Castleshaw, Mill Croft398610, 409020Old Map59-H1C3 OL3 5UX
Higher Hill TopDelph - Knott Hill397916, 407449Old Map59-F4B4Hill TopOL3 5RJ
Higher Hills FarmGrasscroft - Burnedge397740, 405080Old Map75-H2C7-D7 OL4 4DZ
Higher Hollins FarmGreenfield - Holmfirth Rd.400600, 403990Old Map61-H5E8Hollins or MarionsOL3 7NJ
Higher Hollins Plantation Greenfield - Dovestones402160, 403660Old MapN/AE8-F8  
Higher House Delph - Thurston Clough Lane396950, 406305Old Map59-F5B5 OL3 5RE
Higher House CottageDelph - Thurston Clough Lane397730, 406880Old Map59-F5B5 OL3 5RE
Higher KindersGreenfield - Kinders400000, 404600Old Map61-F3E7 OL3 7BH
Higher Knoll Diggle - Diggle Edge401834, 408693Old MapN/AF3  
Higher Mantley GateDelph - Grains Bar, Oldham Rd.396332, 409165Old MapN/AN/ACrompton MoorOL3 5RP
Higher Meadows FarmWaterhead - Top-o'th-Meadows396140, 406290Old Map58-B6-C6A6 OL4 3SF
Higher Oxhey FarmDenshaw - Ox Hey398440, 410150Old MapN/AC1 OL3 5UB
Higher Quick Edge FarmMossley - Quickedge396880, 403675Old Map74-D5B8 OL4 4JJ
Higher Quick FarmMossley - Quickedge397530, 403850Old Map75-F5B8 OL4 4JJ
Higher SlackDenshaw - Slackgate Lane397960, 409510Old MapN/AB2 OL3 5TZ
Higher Slack FarmDelph - Heights Lane397960, 409510Old MapN/AB2-C2 OL3 5TU
Higher StandedgeDiggle - Standedge401230, 410100Old MapN/AN/AHigher Stanedge 
Higher Thorpe FarmAusterlands - Thorpe Lane396380, 405960Old Map58-D6A6 OL4 3SD
Higher Turf LaneScouthead - High Turf Lane396610, 405830Old Map58-D6A6 OL4 4AR
Higher Wade HillUppermill - Wade Hill, Warmton398250, 405680Old Map75-G1C6Upper Wade HillOL3 5RU
Higher White HillDenshaw - Old Tame, Scout396350, 409725Old MapN/AN/A  
Higher Wildcat Lowe Greenfield - Upperwood Moor4037740, 406080Old MapN/AN/ASail Bark Moss 
Higher Yeoman Hey Greenfield - Upperwood401915, 404945Old MapN/AN/A  
Highfield HouseSpringhead - Cooper Street396190, 404730Old Map74-C2 A7 OL4 4QS
Highfield HouseDobcross - Wall Hill398540, 406550Old Map59-H5-H6C5-C6 OL3 5BH
Highland HouseDenshaw - Rochdale Road396910, 411180Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5UE
Hill Barn Diggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400811, 407110Old Map60-D4F5  
Hill Barn Lane Diggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400813, 407055Old Map60-D4E5-F5  
Hill CrestWaterhead - Hollins Road395650, 405930Old Map74-B1N/A"Back-o'th-Low"OL4 3SG
HILL ENDDelph - Hill End398880, 407770Old Map59-H3C4Location @ Delph 
Hill End Springhead - Woodbrook396548, 405240Old Map74-D2A7  
Hill End Delph - Hill End398820, 407785Old Map59-H3C4  
Hill End ChapelDelph - Cobblers Hill398565, 408049Old Map59-H2C4  
Hill End FarmDelph - Hill End398800, 407770Old Map59-H3C4 OL3 5JA
Hill End HouseDelph - Hill End398725, 407835Old Map59-H3C4  
Hill End RoadDelph - Delph Hill398655, 407905Old Map59-H2-H3C4 OL3 5JA
Hill HouseDelph - Hill End398700, 407860Old Map59-H3C4  
Hill Side Springhead - Woodbrook396380, 405437Old Map74-D2A7  
Hill Top CottagesDelph - Knott Hill397860, 407460Old Map59-F4B4Three CottagesOL3 5RJ
Hill Top FarmDelph - Knott Hill397916, 407449Old Map59-F4B4Higher Hill TopOL3 5RJ
Hill Top HouseDelph - Knott Hill397850, 407460Old Map59-F4B4 OL3 5RJ
Hill Top LaneDelph - Badger Edge397420, 407680Old Map59-E3B4  
Hill ViewDelph - St. Ann's Square398590, 407865Old Map59-H3C4 OL3 5JE
HillcrestDenshaw - Rochdale Road396760, 411150Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5UE
HillcrestScouthead - Thurston Clough397320, 406370Old Map59-E6-F5B5 OL4 3RX
HillcrestDiggle - Kiln Green400760, 407990Old Map60-D3 E4 OL3 5JY
Hillcrest CottageWaterhead - Hollins Road395640, 405920Old Map74-B1N/A"Back-o'th-Low"OL4 3SG
Hills, The Grasscroft - Burnedge397740, 405096Old Map75-F2C7The Hills 
HillsideDobcross - Nicker Brow399360, 406510Old Map60-A5-A6D5 OL3 5NN
Hillside BarnDobcross - Platt Lane398920, 406750Old Map59-H5C5Bar MeadowOL3 5QW
Hillside BarnDiggle - Standedge Road400040, 408090Old Map60-C2E3 OL3 5NB
Hillside BungalowUppermill - Wade Hill, Warmton398240, 405545Old Map75-G1C6  
Hillside BungalowDiggle - Standedge400990, 409920Old Map60-C1E3 OL3 5LU
Hillside CottageDiggle - Kiln Green400700, 407830Old Map60-D3E4 OL3 5JY
Hillside CottagesDobcross - Nicker Brow399370, 406510Old Map60-A5-A6D5 OL3 5NN
Hiltons Grotton - Lower Quick Edge396790, 403430Old Map74-D6A5-B8  
Hind Hill Delph - Castleshaw Moor399759, 411380Old MapN/AN/A  
Hindle TerraceDelph - Village398640, 407840Old Map59-H3C4 OL3 5JB
Hoar Clough Diggle - Broadhead Moor403300, 408125Old MapN/AN/ARemote Moorland 
Holden Smithy Diggle - Ambrose, Marslands399905, 407423Old Map60-B4E4Holding Smithy 
Hole House Mossley - Micklehurst398500, 403535Old Map75-H6C9Friezland Eccl DistrictOL5 9BF
Hollin Bank Delph - Grains Bar, Oldham Rd.396631, 409106Old Map58-D0A3 OL3 5RP
Hollin Bank SideDelph - Grains, Rams Clough 396595, 408980Old Map58-D0A3Rams CloughOL3 5RP
Hollin Brown Knoll Greenfield - Upperwood Moor403291, 406400Old MapN/AN/ADiggle Rake 
Hollin Hall Greenfield - Royal George398122, 404245Old Map75-G4C8Friezland OL3 7LA
Hollin HeysDelph - Butts Lane397437, 407950Old Map59-E3B4Farther Heys 
HOLLINGREAVEDiggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400280, 406750Old Map60-G4E5Location @ DiggleOL3 5JQ
Hollingreave FarmDiggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400240, 406760Old Map60-G4E5 OL3 5JQ
HollingroveDiggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400240, 406760Old Map60-G4E5HollingreaveOL3 5JQ
HollingworthLydgate - Quick397540, 403840Old Map75-E5-F5B8  
Hollins Greenfield - Holmfirth Rd400550, 404030Old Map61-H4E8Nr. Higher Hollins FarmOL3 7NJ
Hollins CottageGreenfield - Holmfirth Rd.400600, 404060Old Map61-H4E8 OL3 7NJ
Hollins Hill Greenfield - Bradburys Lane400980, 403370Old Map61-H6F9DovestonesOL3 7ND
Hollins Lane Greenfield - Tunstead400615, 404063Old Map61-H4E8 OL3 7NR
Hollins MillMossley - Micklehurst398009, 401954Old Map89-F3-G3N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Hollins or Old HollinsMossley - Micklehurst Road397915, 402120Old Map89-F2N/AFriezland Eccl DistrictOL5 9HZ
Hollow RoadWaterhead Mill395370, 405900Old Map74-A1N/ANr.Old Post Office 
Holly BankMossley - Under Lane396690, 403305Old Map74-D6A9Lancashire & FurnessOL5 0PL
Holly BankGreenfield - Road End399790, 404320Old Map61-F4E8 OL3 7BP
Holly BankDobcross - New Road399410, 406390Old Map60-A5-A6D5-D6Hollybank CottageOL3 7BP
Holly Bank FarmMossley - Under Lane396740, 403310Old Map74-D6A9Light BirchesOL5 0PL
Holly Bush The. P.H.*Diggle - Harrop Green400620, 408175Old Map60-C2-D2E4Approximate Location 
Holly CottageGreenfield - Hollins Lane400660, 404160Old Map61-G4E8 OL3 7NR
Holly Grove BarnDiggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400400, 407140Old Map60-C4-D4E5 OL3 5JW
Holly Grove CottageDiggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400420, 407120Old Map60-C4-D4E5HollingreaveOL3 5JQ
Holly Grove FarmDiggle - Holly Grove400440, 407220Old Map60-C4-D4E5HollingreaveOL3 5JW
Holly Grove HouseDiggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400440, 407380Old Map60-C4E5 OL3 5JW
Holly House Greenfield - Holmfirth Rd.400670, 404106Old Map61-G4E8Hollins LaneOL3 7NR
Holly Ridge CottageDiggle - Harrop Ridge Lane400800, 408660Old Map60-D1F3 OL3 5LR
Holly Ville Greenfield - Holmfirth Rd.400330, 404210Old Map61-G4E8 OL3 7DR
Holly Ville Coach HouseGreenfield - Holmfirth Rd.400240, 404170Old Map61-G4E8 OL3 7DR
Holly Ville LodgeGreenfield - Holmfirth Rd.400370, 404080Old Map61-G4E8 OL3 7DR
Holme BankDobcross - New Road399080, 406370Old Map60-A5-A6D5-D6 OL3 5AY
Holme Clough MossGreenfield - Ashway Moor406430, 404820Old MapN/AN/ARemote Moorland 
Holy Trinity ChurchDobcross - Woods Lane399130, 406530Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5AL
Honey Hill Lees - County End395633, 404378Old Map74-B4N/A OL4 5DP
Hood SquareGrotton - Lower396240, 404470Old Map74-C4A8Old Mill LaneOL4 5SL
HorestDenshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396618, 409106Old MapN/AB2(Hamlet)OL3 5SU
Horest FarmDenshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396950, 409520Old MapN/AB2 OL3 5SU
Horest MillDenshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396932, 409503Old MapN/AB2Cotton 
Horse and Jockey Inn, P.H.Delph - Bleak Hey Nook400580, 409375Old MapN/AE2 OL3 5LX
HorsforthGreenfield - Bockin399220, 403830Old Map61-E6D8Horsforth LaneOL3 7HL
HowardsMossley - Micklehurst398518, 402480Old Map89-H2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Howards FarmMossley - Micklehurst398516, 402530Old Map89-G1N/AFriezland Eccl DistrictOL5 9DQ
Howels Head Greenfield - Ashway Moor404970, 403900Old MapN/AN/A  
Howels Head Clough Greenfield - Ashway Moor404890, 404420Old MapN/AN/AMiddle Edge Moss 
Hull CottagesDelph - Hull Mill398840, 408480Old Map59-H2C3 OL3 5UR
Hull Mill Delph - Dale398797, 408474Old Map59-H2C3 OL3 5UR
Hull Wood Delph - Dale398668, 408618Old Map59-H2C3  
Hunters Hill Diggle - Carr Head, Standedge400130, 408925Old Map60-B1-C1E3Location 
Hurst Field Lees - County End395643, 404422Old Map74-B4N/AHirst Field 
HusteadsDobcross - Wall Hill398409, 406386Old Map59-G6C6 OL3 5RA
"I"^ top
Industrial Terrace*Delph - Grains Road398480, 407810Old Map59-H3C4Approximate Location 
InglenookGreenfield - Waterside400220, 403830Old Map61-G5E8  
IntakeMossley - Micklehurst398829, 402194Old Map89-H2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Intake Diggle - Dean Head401075, 409454Old Map60-D0F2  
Intake FarmScouthead - Thorpe Lane396630, 406210Old Map58-D6A6 OL4 3SA
Intake FarmUppermill - White Brook400615, 405742Old Map61-H1E6  
Intake Head Delph - Sandbed399116, 408382Old Map60-A2D4 OL3 5UT
Intake Lane Greenfield - Under Alphin Hill399945, 403404Old Map61-G6-H6E9Lane Head to Fern LeaOL3 7NA
Intake, CoteDiggle - Brun Clough401275, 408970Old MapN/AF3Intake Head FarmOL3 5LS
Intake, KinderGreenfield - Alphin Hill401420, 403350Old MapN/AF9Kinder IntakeOL3 7NE
Iris CottageDelph - St. Ann's Square398560, 407860Old Map50-H3C4 OL3 5JD
Isle of Skye Inn. The P.H.Austonley - Holmfirth Road 407690, 407238Old MapN/AN/AWessenden Head 
Ivy BankUppermill - Wickens400830, 406520Old Map60-D5F5Nr. Saddleworth Church 
Ivy CottageWaterhead - Hollins Road395020, 406180Old Map74-B1N/A OL4 3SG
Ivy CottageGreenfield - Kinders399850, 404510Old Map61-F3-F4E7 OL3 7BJ
"J"^ top
Jabez BathGreenfield - Chew Valley401470, 403825Old MapN/AF8Now Submerged 
Jap MillGrotton - Lower Quick Edge396779, 403904Old Map74-D5A8Lower Quick Edge Mill 
Jericho FarmStrinesdale - High Moor396910, 407450Old Map58-D4B4 OL4 3RE
Jolly Carter Inn. The, P.H.Delph - Grains Road398250, 407490Old Map59-E3B4Hey Bank 
Jonathon BrowWaterhead395400, 405870Old Map74-A1N/A  
Jonny Mill Delph - Castleshaw, Grange399170, 409200Old MapN/AC3  
JonovansScouthead - Thurston Clough397260, 406360Old Map59-E6-F5B5 OL4 3RX
Jubilee Terrace*Delph - Village398600, 408100Old Map59-G3-H3C4Approximate Location 
Junction HouseDenshaw - Junction397490, 410650Old MapN/AB1  
Junction Inn The. P.H.Denshaw - Junction397444, 410634Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5SE
Junction Print WorksDenshaw - Junction397440, 410250Old MapN/AB1Denshaw Dyeworks 
Junction SmithyDenshaw - Junction397424, 410570Old MapN/AB1  
Junction Toll HouseDenshaw - Junction397395, 410500Old MapN/ABToll Post 
"K"^ top
Keepers CottageDiggle - Diggle Edge401680, 409130Old MapN/AF3 OL3 5LS
Kiln ButtsDiggle - Harrop Green400650, 408160Old Map60-C2-D2E4 OL3 5LW
KILN GREEN Diggle - Diglea400715, 407940Old Map60-D3E4-F4Location @ DiggleOL3 5JY
Kiln Green ChurchDiggle - Kiln Green400710, 407930Old Map60-D3E4 OL3 5JY
Kinder Intake Greenfield - Dovestones401420, 403350Old MapN/AF9 OL3 7NE
Kinder Stones Greenfield - Pots & Pans401093, 405250Old MapN/AF7  
KINDERS Greenfield - Kinders399895, 404520Old Map61-F4E7Location @ GreenfieldOL3 7BJ
Kinders GateGreenfield - Kinders399910, 404560Old Map61-F4E7  
Kinders HouseGreenfield - Kinders399860, 404510Old Map61-F4E7 OL3 7BJ
Kinders LaneGreenfield - Kinders399915, 404580Old Map61-F4E7 OL3 7BJ
Kinders MillGreenfield - Kinders399880, 404450Old Map61-F3E7-E8  
King William IV, The Road End, Greenfield399770, 404300Old Map61-F4E8The 'King Bill' P.H.OL3 7DD
King's Head P.H., The Dobcross - Village Square399240, 406640Old Map60-A5D5Swan with Two Knecks 
KNARR Delph - Thurston Clough398165, 406995Old Map59-G4C5Location @ Delph 
Knarr BarnDelph - Rough Knarr397920, 407250Old Map59-F4C5Knar Barn FarmOL3 5RF
Knarr Barn Lane Delph - Thurston Clough397900, 407274Old Map59-F4C5 OL3 5RF
Knarr Clough Delph - Thurston Clough.398180, 407080Old Map59-G4C5  
Knarr Lane Delph - Thurston Clough398383, 406820Old Map59-G5C5 OL3 5RH
Knarr Mill Delph - Oldham Road, Knarr398050, 406890Old Map59-G5C5 OL3 5RQ
Knight Dye Works Springhead - Stonebreaks396654, 405071Old Map74-D2A7  
Knoll Delph - Bleak Hey Nook400790, 409580Old MapN/AF2Knowl FarmOL3 5LU
Knoll HouseDelph - Bleak Hey Nook400680, 409500Old MapN/AF2 OL3 5LU
KNOTT HILL Delph - Knott Hill398206, 407590Old Map59-G3C4Location @ DelphOL3 5RJ
Knott Hill CottageDelph - Knott Hill398460, 407510Old Map59-G3C4 OL3 5RJ
Knott Hill FarmDelph - Knott Hill398185, 407505Old Map59-G3-G4C4 OL3 5RJ
Knott Hill Lane Delph - Knott Hill398595, 407615Old Map59-G3C4Knotty LaneOL3 5RJ
Knotty LaneDelph - Knott Hill397115, 407437Old Map59-G3C4Knott HillOL3 5RJ
Knowl FarmUppermill - Knowl Top Lane400473, 405265Old Map61-G2E7Knowles Farm, Knoll FarmOL3 6LQ
Knowl TopGreenfield - Knowl Top Lane400538, 404989Old Map61-H3E7Knoll TopOL3 6LQ
Knowl Top Lane Uppermill - Pots & Pans400525, 405350Old Map61-H1-H2E6-E7Knoll Top LaneOL3 6LQ
KNOWLS LANEGrotton - Thornley395935, 404050Old Map74-B4-C4A8Location @ GrottonOL4 5RU
Knowls Lane FarmGrotton - Thornley395920, 404060Old Map74-B4-C4A8 OL4 5RU
KnowsleySpringhead - Shelderslow396247, 405322Old Map74-C2A7 OL4 4BJ
"L"^ top
La PergolaDenshaw - Rochdale Road396760, 411230Old MapN/AB1Cherry CloughOL3 5UE
LacebyDelph - Standedge400950, 409678Old MapN/AF2Re: Globe Farm OL3 5LU
Laceby HouseDelph - Standedge 400930, 409660Old MapN/AF2 OL3 5LU
LADCASTLEDobcross - Tame Water399460, 406195Old Map59-H6D6 Location @ DobcrossOL3 5QT
Ladcastle FarmUppermill - Moorgate399420, 405460Old Map61-E2D6-D7  
Ladcastle Lane Dobcross - Ladcastle399430, 406120Old Map60-A6D6-D7 OL3 5QT
Laddow Moss Greenfield - Chew Moor404840, 401630Old MapN/AN/A  
Ladhill Bridge Greenfield - Ladhill399570, 404220Old Map61-F4D8 OL3 7JW
Lamb Knoll Greenfield - Ox Rake Moor403565, 405240Old MapN/AN/AOx Rake Brow 
Lamb Lodge Uppermill - Pobgreen401060, 406160Old Map60-D6N/A OL3 6LN
Lamb Lodge FarmUppermill - Pobgreen401060, 406140Old Map60-D6N/A OL3 6LN
Lamb Mill or Lumb MillDelph - Hill End, New Delph398810, 407642Old Map59-H3C4-D4Woollen 
Laminot Standedge - Marsden Moor 400915, 412500Old MapN/AN/ARemote Moorland 
Lane Grotton - Thornley396760, 404080Old Map74-D4A8Under Lane 
Lane End Mossley - Brookbottom.396955, 402755Old Map88-D1B9  
Lane End HouseMossley - Brookbottom396970, 402660Old Map88-D1B9 OL5 0PG
Lane End HouseDobcross - Village Square399235, 406680Old Map60-A5D5Jnct. Platt & Sandy Lane 
Lane FarmGrotton - Thornley Lane396750, 404100Old Map74-D4A8 OL4 5RH
LANE HEADGreenfield - Lane Head399045, 403320Old Map75-H6D9Location @ GreenfieldOL3 7EZ
Lane Head FarmGreenfield - Lane Head398970, 403330Old Map75-H6D9 OL3 7EZ
LanesideDiggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400290, 406820Old Map60-C4-D4E5 OL3 5JQ
Lark Hill Dobcross - Lark Hill399455, 407490Old Map60-A4D4 OL3 5BF
Lark Hill Lane New Delph & Dobcross399507, 407430Old Map60-A3-B4D4 OL3 5QQ
Larkhill HouseDobcross - Lark Hill399430, 407480Old Map60-A3-A4D4 OL3 5BF
LarkwoodNew Delph - Lark Hill399050, 407670Old Map60-A3D4  
Laureates PlaceSpringhead - Stonebreaks396830, 405400Old Map74-D2B7 OL4 4DB
Lawton Fold Grotton - Lawton Fold Lane396796, 40503474-D2A7-B7A7-B7 OL4 4JR
Lawton NookMicklehurst - Carrbrook399092, 401205Old Map89-H4N/AWarm Hole 
Lawton SquareDelph - Village398550, 407920Old Map59-H3D5 OL3 5DT
Lawton's BuildingsMossley - Micklehurst398528, 402088Old Map89-G2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Lawton's MillMossley - Micklehurst398390, 402003Old Map89-G1-G2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Lee Clough Delph - Higher Castleshaw400140, 410080Old MapN/AE1-E2Coal Hill Slades 
Lee Cross Diggle - Lee Cross400630, 407520Old Map60-D3E4 OL3 5JX
Lee FieldsUppermill - Carr Lane, Rush Hill399890, 405590Old Map61-F1E6 OL3 6HF
LEE or LEE SIDEDiggle - Lee Cross400321, 407699Old Map60-D3E4Location @ DiggleOL3 5JX
Lee Side Diggle - Lee Side400640, 407670Old Map60-D3E4 OL3 5JX
Lees CottageLydgate - Quickedge Road397330, 404150Old Map75-E5B8 OL4 5TX
Lees'sUppermill - Moorgate, Den399420, 405490Old Map61-E1-F1D6Re: Wickens 
Ley ButtsGreenfield - Chew Valley Rd.400390, 403960Old Map61-G5E8Modern EraOL3 7NQ
Ley Lane Uppermill - Knowl Top Lane400440, 405350Old Map61-G2E7 OL3 6LQ
Liftrey DykeDelph - Castleshaw, Waters399585, 409130Old MapN/AE2Lyftrey Ditch 
LimboDiggle - Harrop Ridge401000, 408600Old Map60-D1E3Twix Court Mill & Cote 
Limbo Scouthead - Doctor Lane Head396920, 406530Old Map58-D5-D6B5Blunder Hall 
Limbo Mill Diggle - Harrop Ridge401000, 408600Old MapN/AF3Nr Harrop Cote 
Lime KilnDobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399405, 406290Old Map60-A6D6Lane Kiln 
LINFITTS SLACK Delph - Linfitts, Slack397665, 408695Old Map59-F2B3Location @ Delph 
Linfitts Slack Delph - Linfitts, Slack397650, 408700Old Map59-F1B3  
Little Birchen Clough Greenfield - Ashway Moss Moor403890, 404115Old MapN/AN/A  
Little Clough Greenfield - Ashway Moor404142, 405468Old MapN/AN/ASail Bark Moss 
Little Dovestone Rocks Greenfield - Dovestones402355, 403745Old MapN/AF9  
Little Flatt Greenfield - Ashway Moor403030, 404840Old MapN/AN/ASail Bark Moss 
Little Haigh FarmMossley - Quickedge397260, 403245Old Map75-E6B9Little Hague FarmOL5 0PT
Little Holme Clough Saddleworth Moor405625, 405215Old MapN/AN/AMiddle Edge Moor 
Little Knott HillDelph - Knott Hill398345, 407680Old Map59-G3C4  
Little Moor Diggle - Weakey399965, 407750Old Map60-C3E4 OL3 5RS
Little Moss Standedge - Marsden Moor 400205, 412100Old MapN/AN/A  
Little Moss Saddleworth Moor405260, 405725Old MapN/AN/ASail Bark Moss 
Little Spring Greenfield - Aldermans Hill401730, 404760Old MapN/AF8  
Live and Let Live The, P.H.Grasscroft - Clough398260, 404330Old Map75-G3C7-C8Re: Charlotte Inn 
Load CloughUppermill - Pobgreen401030, 406180Old Map60-D5-D6F6Lode CloughOL3 6LN
Load Hill Grotton Head - Stonebreaks397150, 405145Old Map75-E2B7 OL4 4JW
Load Hill Platting Grotton Head - Platting Road397267, 405348Old Map75-E2B7 OL4 4JW
LOCKWOOD HEYDelph - Lockwood Hey 398295, 409620Old MapN/AC2Location @ DenshawOL3 5TX
Lockwood Hey FarmDelph - Lockwood Hey398255, 409750Old MapN/AC2Barnots ??OL3 5TX
Lode CloughUppermill - Pobgreen401030, 406180Old Map60-D6F6Load CloughOL3 6LN
Lodge or Friar LodgeDelph - Carrcote, Lodge Lane398270, 408340Old Map59-G2C3-C4Friarmere LodgeOL3 5HG
Long Clough Greenfield - Dove Moor404730, 403980Old MapN/AN/ASlate Pit Moss 
Long House Dobcross - Harrop Edge399290, 407025Old Map60-A5D5Longhouse 
Long Lane Dobcross - Harrop Edge399440, 407507Old Map60-A5-B4E7-F7 OL3 5QH
Long Lane Greenfield - Yarns Hill400900, 404640Old Map61-H3-H4F7-F8  
Long Ridge MossGreenfield - Chew Moor404268, 402630Old MapN/AN/ABlack Chew Head 
Long Royd Mill Denshaw - Ox Hey398111, 410412Old MapN/AC1Long Road Mill 
LongcroftDiggle - Marslands399880, 407360Old Map60-B4E4 OL3 6LQ
Low Bank Delph - Castleshaw, Castle Hill399300, 409990Old MapN/AC3 OL3 5LZ
Low Brook BarnWaterhead - Back-o'th-Low396130, 406280Old Map58-C4A5 OL4 3SG
Low Brook Lane Strinesdale - Top-o'th-Meadows395825, 406255Old Map58-B6A6 OL4 3SF
Low Gate Denshaw - Broadhead398985, 410150Old MapN/AD1-D2  
Low Gate Lane Delph - Castleshaw, Broadhead399115, 410095Old MapN/AD1-D2  
Low Glen CottageDelph - Bleak Hey Nook400480, 409380Old MapN/AE2 OL3 5LY
Low Green Diggle - Warth Mill400310, 407890Old Map60-C3E4Nr. Warth Mill 
Low Rocks Greenfield - Hawkyard401100, 404290Old Map61-H4F8  
Low Slack Denshaw - Crawshaw Hey398586, 410454Old MapN/AN/ANr. New Years Bridge 
Lowbrook CottageWaterhead - Back-o'th-Low396000, 406170Old Map58-C4 A5 OL4 3SG
Lowbrook FarmWaterhead - Back-o'th-Low396010, 406170Old Map58-C4A5 OL4 3SG
Lowbrook HouseWaterhead - Back-o'th-Low396010, 406170Old Map58-C4A5 OL4 3SG
Lower Arthurs Greenfield - Arthurs399511, 404472Old Map61-F3D7-D8  
Lower Barn Delph - Linfitts, Slack397970, 408735Old Map59-F1C3Now 'Edgehill' 
Lower Brownhill Dobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399680, 406330Old Map60-B6D6  
Lower Carr Diggle - Carr400310, 408440Old Map60-C2E3 OL3 5ND
Lower Castle Shaw Delph - Castleshaw400034, 409696Old Map59-H1D2-D3  
Lower CottagesDobcross - Nicker Brow399350, 406510Old Map60-A5-A6D5 OL3 5NN
Lower Dale Delph - Dale398980, 408130Old Map59-H2D4  
Lower DowryDenshaw Moor - Dowry398396, 411364Old MapN/AN/A  
Lower Gatehead FarmNew Delph - Gatehead398720, 407170Old Map59-H4D4-D5 OL3 5QE
Lower Golburn CloughUppermill - Carr Lane400074, 405032Old Map61-E2E7 OL3 6JH
Lower Grove Lane Greenfield - Lower Grove398200, 404040Old Map75-G5C8Friezland 
Lower Grove Print Works Friezland - Lower Grove398052, 403972Old Map75-G5C8Lower Grove Mill 
Lower HeyMossley - Micklehurst398390, 403200Old Map75-G6C9Friezland Eccl DistrictOL5 9BT
Lower Hill Top Delph - Grains Road397845, 407700Old Map59-F3C4Farm & CottagesOL3 5RL
Lower Hills FarmGrasscroft - Burnedge397666, 405010Old Map75-F3C7 OL4 4DZ
Lower Hind Hill Delph - Castleshaw Moor399361, 411184Old MapN/AN/A  
Lower Hollins Plantation Greenfield - Dovestones401922, 403445Old MapN/AF8  
Lower Houses Scouthead - Doctor Lane Head396870, 406275Old Map58-D6A6-B6 OL4 3SA
Lower Knoll Diggle - Diggle Edge401625, 408884Old MapN/AF3  
Lower Lane HeadGreenfield - Lane Head399170, 403495Old Map61-E5D9  
Lower Lydgate FarmLydgate - Quick397315, 404080Old Map75-E4B8 OL4 5TX
Lower Quick Edge FarmGrotton - Lower Quick Edge396795, 403805Old Map74-D5A8-B8Under LaneOL4 5RL
Lower Quick Edge MillGrotton - Lower Quick Edge396790, 403800Old Map74-D5A8Jap Mill (Cotton) 
Lower SlackStrinesdale - Harbour Hill396260, 407600Old Map58-C3A4Lancashire & Furness 
Lower SlackDenshaw - Slackgate Lane397870, 409470Old MapN/AN/A OL3 5TZ
Lower Stand Edge Delph - Standedge401130, 409984Old MapN/AF2Lower Standedge 
Lower Stones New Delph - Stoneswood398350, 407060Old Map59-G5C5 OL3 5EA
Lower ThorpeScouthead - Thorpe Lane396310, 405760Old Map74-C1A6ThorpeOL4 3SD
Lower Tunstead Greenfield - Tunstead400470, 404460Old Map61-G4E8 OL3 7NT
Lower Tunstead FarmGreenfield - Tunstead400400, 404440Old Map61-G4E8 OL3 7NT
Lower Turf LaneScouthead - Woodbrook396570, 405590Old Map74-D1B6 OL4 4BG
Lower Wade Hill Dobcross - Warmton398145, 405710Old Map75-G1C6  
Lower White HillDenshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396310, 409700Old MapN/AA2  
Lower Wildcat Lowe Greenfield - Upperwood Moor403715, 405915Old MapN/AN/ASail Bark Moss 
Lucker Field Lane Delph - Castleshaw, Grange398600, 408810Old MapN/AD3  
Luke Lane Head Strinesdale - Roebuck Low396140, 407285Old Map58-C4A5High Moor'OL4 3RA
Lumb Hole Brook Denshaw - Cherry Clough397280, 410715Old MapN/AN/A  
Lumb MillNew Delph - Hill End398850, 407600Old Map59-H3C4  
LurdenDenshaw - Lurden Moor398600, 411980Old MapN/AN/A  
LYDGATESaddleworth West Village397555, 404230Old Map75-E4B8Minor Saddleworth VillageOL4 4JL
Lydgate Church Lydgate - Stockport Road397295, 404315Old Map75-E4B8St. Annes ChurchOL4 4JL
Lydgate FarmLydgate - Quickedge Road397370, 404325Old Map75-E4B8  
Lydgate FoldLydgate - Stockport Road397370, 404140Old Map75-E4B8Was 'Lydgate Mill'OL4 4JL
Lydgate Mill Lydgate - Stockport Road397370, 404140Old Map75-E4B8(Cotton) 
Lydgate Parsonage Lydgate - Stockport Road397525, 403997Old Map75-F4B8Lydgate VicarageOL4 4JJ
Lynthwaites HouseDelph - Linfitts, Denshaw Rd.397555, 408420Old Map59-F2B3Modern EraOL3 5TL
"M"^ top
MagheysDelph - Thurston Clough397955, 406760Old Map59-F5C5Meg HeysOL3 5RQ
Manns Greenfield - Royal George398724, 404177Old Map75-H4C8Mans / GibbsOL3 7LU
Manns Wharf Greenfield - Royal George398623, 404289Old Map75-H4C8Mans Wharf (Canal) 
Manor FarmGrotton - Knowls Lane, Thornley395590, 404040Old Map74-B4-C4A8 OL4 5RU
Manor HouseGrotton - Knowls Lane, Thornley395940, 404050Old Map74-B4-C4A8 OL4 5RU
Manor HouseLydgate - Quickedge Road397500, 403470Old Map75-E5B9 OL4 5TX
Manor HouseGrasscroft - Clough Lane397939, 404637Old Map75-E3C7 OL4 4EW
Manor HouseDobcross - Church Fields399170, 406560Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5AB
Manor HouseSpringhead - Stonebreaks396490, 405030Old Map74-C2 A7 OL4 4BY
Manor HouseSpringhead - Oldham Road396170, 404550Old Map74-C3A7Nr. Dog & Partridge InnOL4 4QJ
Manor House FarmDobcross - Wall Hill397950, 406300Old Map59-G6C5-C6 OL3 5RD
Manor House FarmDiggle - Dean Head401160, 409870Old MapN/AE2-F2 OL3 5LU
Mantley Delph - Grains Bar, Oldham Rd.396326, 409170Old Map58-C0A2-A3Nr. Heathey HillOL3 5RP
Mantley Gate Delph - Grains Bar, Oldham Rd.396200, 409230Old Map58-C0A2-A3Mantley YateOL3 5RP
March Shaw Denshaw - Rough Hey397791, 411665Old MapN/AA1  
MareleachDiggle - Standedge401185, 409705Old MapN/AF2  
Mark WoodDelph - Village398680, 407580Old Map59-H3C4 OL3 5EE
Marle HouseMossley - Micklehurst398305, 402083Old Map89-G2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Marled Earth FarmDelph - New Tame397720, 409405Old MapN/AB2FriarmereOL3 5TT
Marled Earth Nook Delph - Castleshaw, Cote399545, 409662Old MapN/AC2Cote Lane 
MarshDenshaw - Rochdale Road397013, 411365Old MapN/AN/A OL3 5UE
Marsh BottomDenshaw - Rochdale Road397005, 411060Old MapN/AN/A  
Marsh Bottom Mill Denshaw - Rochdale Road397175, 411000Old MapN/AN/A  
Marsh FarmDenshaw - Rochdale Road396990, 411366Old MapN/AN/ANr, Brimmy CroftOL3 5UE
Marsh Head Diggle - Diglea401130, 408110Old MapN/AF4 OL3 5LB
Marsh Head HouseDiggle - Marsh Head401150, 408090Old MapN/AF4 OL3 5LB
Marsh LeaDiggle - Diglea401000, 408080Old MapN/AF4 OL3 5LB
MARSLANDS Dobcross / Diggle399888, 407100Old Map60-D5E5Location @ Diggle 
MartinDenshaw - Old Tame, Scout396760, 410170Old MapN/AA2Martins Nest 
Martin CottagesDenshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396950, 409950Old MapN/AA2  
Martin MillDenshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396940, 409915Old MapN/AA2Friarmere 
Martin MountDenshaw - Old Tame, Scout396760, 410170Old MapN/AA2Martin 
Martins Nest P.H., The Denshaw - Old Tame, Scout396591, 409941Old MapN/AB2The Martin P.H. 
Mason Row Scouthead - Doctor Lane Head397315, 406365Old Map59-E6B6 OL4 3RX
Masons Gardens Uppermill - Village399670, 405800Old Map61-F1D6  
May CottageDelph - Linfitts397285, 408190Old Map59-F2B4Nr. Tamecroft & LinfittsOL3 5RN
May Letch Diggle - Standedge401185, 409705Old MapN/AF2Mareleach, May Leach 
May Letch Lane Diggle - Standedge Green 401184, 409858Old MapN/AF2Now Manor Lane 
Mayfield HouseSpringhead - Cooper Street396200, 405240Old Map74-C2A7 OL4 4RQ
Meadow FoldUppermill - Heathfields400245, 405562Old Map61-G1D6 OL3 6EZ
Meadow HeadDelph - Grains Road398033, 407985Old Map59-F2B4Nr. Hey's 
Mechanics Arms The P.H.Delph - Village398536, 408025Old Map59-H2-H3C4  
Mechanics Arms The P.H.Greenfield - Frenches Wharfe399193, 404615Old Map61-E3-F3D7Frenches (Canal Wharfe)  
Mechanics InstituteDelph - High Street398607, 407805Old Map59-H3D4On Millgate 
Meg HeysDobcross - Wall Hill397955, 406760Old Map59-F5C5Was 'New Barn'OL3 5RQ
Mere Clough Denshaw Moor - Dowry399900, 411800Old MapN/AN/A  
Mere Clough Moss Denshaw Moor - Dowry399650, 411830Old MapN/AN/A  
MICKLEHURSTMossley - Micklehurst398294, 401930Old MapN/AN/ALocation @ Mossley 
Middle Carr FarmDiggle - Carr400270, 408600Old Map60-C1E3 OL3 5ND
Middle Edge Moss Greenfield - Ashway Moor404800, 405000Old MapN/AN/ARemote Moorland 
Middle Holly GroveDiggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400370, 407020Old Map60-C4E5 OL3 5JW
Midge Hall Mossley - Roaches397715, 403480Old Map75-F6C8 OL5 0RT
Midge Hill Mossley - Roaches397736, 403612Old Map75-F5C8 OL5 0RT
Midge Row New Delph - Gatehead398972, 407548Old Map59-H3D4MidgroveOL3 5EJ
Midge Row Lane New Delph - Gatehead398896.407511Old Map59-H4D4Midgrove LaneOL3 5EJ
Midgrove or MidgreaveNew Delph - Gatehead398960, 407550Old Map59-H3-H4D4Re: Midge RowOL3 5EJ
Milken Green Lees - County End395615, 404411Old Map74-B4N/A OL4 5EE
Mill Barn Delph - Linfitts, Denshaw Rd.397490, 408350Old Map59-F2B4 OL3 5TL
Mill BottomWaterhead395400, 405830Old Map74-A1N/A  
Mill BridgeGreenfield - Chew Valley400925, 403820Old Map61-H5F8Greenfield Mill 
Mill Croft FarmDelph - Castleshaw, Grange398960, 408990Old Map59-H1C3 OL3 5UX
Mill GateDelph - Village398620, 407750Old Map59-H3C4 OL3 5JG
Mill Lane Mossley - Brookbottom397400, 402700Old Map89-E1N/A OL5 0BN
Mill Wood Delph - Linfitts, Denshaw Rd.397590, 408240Old Map59-E2C4 OL3 5TL
MillhouseUppermill - Running Hill Lane400760, 406970Old Map60-D5E5-F5 OL3 5JS
Millstone Edge Delph - Higher Castleshaw400950, 410800Old MapN/AF1  
Minsey CroftDobcross - Ladcastle Lane399470, 406200Old Map60-A6D6Nothing Remains 
Misery FarmGreenfield - Lane Head399340, 403320Old Map61-E6D9Mount Misery Farm (Ruin) 
MitchellDiggle - Harrop Green400568, 408120Old Map60-D2E4-E5Nr. Tunnel End 
Mitchell's Mill Diggle - Harrop Green400600, 408160Old Map60-D2E4  
Model FarmDenshaw - Denshaw Road397460, 409180Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5TS
MonasteryDelph - Castleshaw, Grange398730, 409000Old Map59-G0C3 OL3 5UX
Moor BrookUppermill - Running Hill Lane401100, 406890Old Map60-D5E5 OL3 5JS
Moor CottageDenshaw - Ripponden Road397710, 411950Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5UN
Moor Croft Delph - Castleshaw, Mill Croft398890, 409010Old MapN/AC2Moorcroft FarmOL3 5UX
Moor Croft Wood Delph - Castleshaw, Moor Croft399033, 409462Old MapN/AD2 OL3 5UX
Moor Croft Wood Mill Delph - Castleshaw, Moor Croft399116, 409396Old MapN/AD2  
Moor Green Dobcross - Tame Water398770, 406315Old Map59-H6C6-D6Streethouse LaneOL3 5QX
Moor Green CottagesDobcross - Tame Water398812, 406307Old Map59-H6C6-D6 OL3 5QX
Moor Green Dye Works Dobcross - Tame Water398800, 406300Old MapN/AD6  
Moor Lane Uppermill - High Stile400440, 406805Old Map60-C5E5 OL3 5JP
Moorcock Inn. The, P.H. Greenfield - Upperwood401990, 405320Old MapN/AN/ABill-o-Jack's Inn 
MoorcrestDiggle - Marslands399840, 407490Old Map60-B4E5 OL3 5QN
MoordaleDiggle - Marslands399910, 407195Old Map60-B4E4 OL3 5NT
MoorgateUppermill - Moorgate399142, 405621Old Map61-F1D6 OL3 6DE
MoorgreenDobcross - Brook Lane398722, 406520Old Map59-H6D6 OL3 5BX
MoorlandsScouthead - Thurston Clough397250, 406360Old Map59-E6-F5B5-C5 OL4 3RX
MoorlandsDelph - Bleak Hey Nook400450, 409450Old MapN/AE2 OL3 5LY
MoorleaDobcross - Long Lane399310, 407030Old Map60-A5-B4D5 OL3 5QH
MoorleaGreenfield - Boarshurst400250, 404580Old Map61-G3E7 OL3 7NZ
Moscow Strinesdale - Shiloh Lane396775, 407070Old Map58-D4B4  
Moss LeaDiggle - Harrop Green400500, 408120Old Map60-C2-D2E4 OL3 5LW
Moston CottageLydgate - Stockport Road397390, 404210Old Map75-E4B8 OL4 4JL
Mount Lane Dobcross - Husteads398485, 406180Old Map59-G6-H6C6 OL3 5QY
Mount MiseryGreenfield - Lane Head399340, 403320Old Map61-E6D9Mount Pleasant 
Mount PleasantMossley - Brookbottom397300, 402840Old Map89-E1B9Stockport Road 
Mount PleasantGreenfield - Lane Head399340, 403320 Old Map61-E6D9Mount Misery Farm 
Mount Sorrel Dobcross - Wade Hill Lane398450, 406182Old Map59-H6C6MountsordOL3 5RU
Mount Tabor Delph - Castleshaw, Standedge399859, 409059Old Map60-B1 E3Nr Spring House 
Mount ZionDelph - Grains Road398300, 407960Old Map59-G3C4Nr. Green Lane Tce 
Mountain Ash FarmUppermill - Warmton Bank398617, 405582Old Map75-H1D6Now Saddleworth Golf Club 
Mountain Ash Inn. The P.H.Uppermill - Warmton Bank398735, 405697Old Map75-H1D6Approximate Location 
Mouse Hall New Delph - Stoneswood398470, 407515Old Map59-E4C4  
Mow Walls Lane Dobcross - Ladcastle Lane399220, 406220Old Map60-A6D6Mow Halls LaneOL3 5QU
Mow Walls or Mow HallsDobcross - Ladcastle Lane399318, 406210Old Map60-A6D6Mow HallsOL3 5QU
Mullberry HouseDelph - New Delph Bridge398790, 407510Old Map59-H4D41 Huddersfield Rd.OL3 5ET
Mullock HillGreenfield - Noon Sun Hill399155, 403190Old Map61-E6D9Nothing Remains 
Mytholm GreenDobcross - Ladcastle Lane399477, 406241Old Map60-B6D6Mytholm 
Mytholme Mill Dobcross - Ladcastle Lane399483, 406291Old Map60-B6D6  
"N"^ top
Nab End Dobcross - Harrop Edge399621, 407121Old Map60-B4D5Re: Round Hill 
Nathan Brow Austerlands - Thorpe396385, 405915Old Map74-C1A6Old Nathans 
Navigation Inn, The, P.H.Dobcross - Wool Road399665, 406735Old Map60-B5D5 OL3 5NS
Naze End Greenfield - Ashway Hey402870, 404970Old MapN/AN/AAshway Rocks 
Near Deep Clough Greenfield - Upperwood Moor402350, 405720Old MapN/AN/ASaddleworth Moor 
Near HomeDiggle - Warth Mill400320, 407890Old Map60-C3E4Warth Mill CottagesOL3 5PJ
Near Home Inn. The P.H.Greenfield - Lad Hill Lane399843, 403967Old Map61-F4D8(Primrose Bank) 
Near Rough Clough Greenfield - Upperwood Moor402910, 405440Old MapN/AN/AOx Rake Brow 
Near Springs Diggle - Standedge401170, 409562Old MapN/AF2 OL3 5LU
Near Wain Stones Greenfield - Upperwood Moor402695, 406225Old MapN/AN/ADiggle Rake Moor 
Near Warmsey CloughGreenfield - Upperwood Moor402900, 405430Old MapN/AN/AOx Rake Brow 
Nebo Strinesdale - Whitegates396720, 406560Old Map58-D5B5 OL4 3RF
NettleholeGrasscroft - Clough398050, 404575Old Map75-F3-G3C7Nr. Lower Lodge. 
New Strinesdale - Roebuck Low396550, 407300Old Map58-D4A5New FarmOL4 3RD
New BarnDobcross - Wall Hill397955, 406760Old Map59-F5C5Now 'Meg heys'OL3 5RQ
New BarnDelph - Slackcote, Friarmere397135, 408957Old Map59-E1B3New Barn FarmOL3 5TN
New Barn Greenfield - Bradburys Lane401160, 403470Old Map61-H6F9 OL3 7ND
New Barn CottageDelph - Linfitts, Heights398240, 408650Old Map59-G1C3 OL3 5TY
New Barn FarmDelph - Linfitts, Heights398255, 408660Old Map59-G1C3 OL3 5TY
New Bridge Inn, TheMossley - Micklehurst, Bottoms397692, 401988Old Map89-F2N/AFriezland Eccl DistrictOL5 9HT
New Bridge Inn, TheMossley - Roaches Lock397970, 403140Old Map75-F6C9The Roaches Lock InnOL5 9BB
New Dale CottageDiggle - Standedge Road400050, 408070Old Map60-C1-C2E3Part Harrop Dale FarmOL3 5NB
New Dale FarmDiggle - Standedge Road400030, 408070Old Map60-C1-C2E3Was Harrop Dale FarmOL3 5NB
NEW DELPHDelph - New Delph398960, 407500Old Map59-H4D4Location @ Delph 
New Den Uppermill - Moorgate, Den399540, 405720Old Map61-F1D6DenOL3 6DD
New Earth CottagesMossley - Roughtown397525, 402790Old Map89-F1B9 OL5 0SL
New FarmStrinesdale - Roebuck Low396550, 407300Old Map58-C4A5NewOL4 3RD
New Field Austerlands - Thorpe396383, 405973Old Map74-C1A6Old Nathans 
New Hearth Lydgate & Grasscroft397658, 404245Old Map75-F4B8  
New HollinsMossley - Micklehurst Road397892, 401963Old Map89-F3N/AFriezland Eccl District 
New Houses Scouthead - Platting Road397280, 405720Old Map75-E1B6 OL4 4AF
New Houses MillScouthead - Platting Road397216, 405700Old Map75-E1B6Cotton Mill 
New Inn FarmScouthead - Doctor Lane Head397530, 406420Old Map59-F6B5The New InnOL4 3RX
New Inn, The, P.H.Scouthead - Doctor Lane Head397350, 406413Old Map59-F6B6 OL4 3RX
New Inn, The, P.H.Uppermill - Saddleworth Church400750, 406350Old Map60-D6E5Re: The Church InnOL3 6LW
New Inn, The, P.H.*Uppermill - Wade Lock399530, 405450Old Map61-F1-F2D6Approximate Location 
New Road Lees - County End395671, 404611Old Map74-A3-B3N/AOldham Road 
New Road BankWaterhead Mill395470, 405840Old Map74-A1N/ANew Royd Bank 
New Royd HeadsWaterhead Mill395586, 405975Old Map74-A1N/ANew Road Heads 
New Royd MillWaterhead Mill395470, 406004Old Map74-A1N/ACotton Mill 
NEW TAME Delph - New Tame, Friarmere397425, 409178Old MapN/AB3Location @ DenshawOL3 5TS
New Tame HouseDelph - New Tame, Friarmere397400, 409180Old MapN/AB3 OL3 5TT
New Year's Bridge House Denshaw - Ox Hey398452, 410604Old MapN/AC1  
New Year's Bridge Mill Denshaw - Ox Hey398390, 410496Old MapN/AC1  
New Year's BridgeDenshaw - Ox Hey398414, 410550Old MapN/AC1  
Nicker BrowDobcross - Sugar Lane399370, 406500Old Map60-A5-A6D5 OL3 5NN
Nook CottagesAusterlands - Thorpe Lane396070, 405660Old Map74-D1A6 OL4 3QN
Nook CottagesGreenfield - Fern Lee Vale400011, 403921Old Map61-G5E8 OL3 7EG
Nook FarmAusterlands - Thorpe Lane396088, 405656Old Map74-D1A6 OL4 3QN
Nook FarmDelph - Bleak Hey Nook400490, 409410Old MapN/AE2 OL3 5LY
Nook GreenDelph - Standedge400460, 409340Old MapN/AE2-E3 OL3 5LX
Nook Green FarmDelph - Standedge400430, 409330Old MapN/AE2-E3 OL3 5LX
Nook WoodGreenfield - Fern Lee Vale400105, 403820Old Map61-G5E8 OL3 7EG
Nooksteer Greenfield - Waterside400250, 403995Old Map61-G5E8Nooksteer House 
Nooksteer LodgeGreenfield - Waterside400253, 403995Old Map61-G4-G5E8Chew Valley Gate House 
Noon Sun FarmGreenfield - Lane Head398940, 403110Old Map75-H6D9FriezlandOL3 7EZ
Noon Sun HillGreenfield - Lane Head399045, 402750Old Map75-H6D9Moorland 
North BankSpringhead - Cooper Street396120, 404760Old Map74-C2A7 OL4 4QT
North Clough Diggle - Diggle Edge402920, 408320Old MapN/AN/A Rocher Brow 
North Clough Greenfield - Black Chew Grain404555, 402100Old MapN/AN/A  
North Grain Greenfield - Ashway Moor404840, 404480Old MapN/AN/AMiddle Edge Moss 
Northern Rotcher Delph - Castleshaw Moor400405, 411228Old MapN/AN/ABlea Green 
NorthgateDiggle - Harrop Green400600, 408210Old Map60-C2-D2 E4 OL3 5LW
Nudger GreenDobcross - Woods Lane.398990, 406520Old Map59-H5D5 OL3 5LW
Nudger Inn. The, P.H.Dobcross - Woods Lane.399035, 406510Old Map60-A5-A6D5Hark-up-to-Nudger 
Nut Bottom Greenfield - Chew Valley401160, 403800Old Map61-H5F8 OL3 7NF
"O"^ top
Oak Hole Quarry Greenfield - Upperwood401705, 404320Old MapN/AN/A  
Oak View Greenfield - Bockin399530, 404043Old Map61-F4D8  
Oak View Mill Greenfield - Bockin399495, 404010Old Map61-E5D8 OL3 7HG
Oakdale MillDobcross - New Delph Road398470, 407050Old Map59-H4-H5C5 OL3 5BY
Oakdene Farm Delph - Standedge400870, 409490Old MapN/AF2 OL3 5LU
Oaken Hill Delph - Castleshaw, Higher399954, 410109Old MapN/AE1  
Oaken Hill Lee Delph - Higher Castleshaw400295, 410360Old MapN/AE1  
Oaken Lee Clough Delph - Higher Castleshaw400145, 410460Old MapN/AE1  
OaklandsGreenfield - Shaw Hall398752, 404523Old Map75-H4C7-C8  
Old AuntiesDelph - Castleshaw, Castle Hill399610, 409610Old Map59-H1D3 OL3 5LZ
Old Barn. The,Greenfield - Tunstead400440, 404470Old Map61-H4E8 OL3 7NT
Old Bell Inn. The P.H.New Delph - Hill End398810, 407520Old Map59-H3C4Bell Inn at GateheadOL3 5EG
Old Castle, TheNew Delph - Stoneswood398590, 407400Old Map59-G4C4Rose Hill 
Old Field Delph - New Tame, Friarmere397390, 409265Old MapN/AB2Oldfield 
Old Hey Delph - Castleshaw, Mill Croft399488, 408978Old Map60-B1D3Millcroft LaneOL3 5UX
Old Hey FarmDelph - Castleshaw, Grange398890, 409010Old Map60-B1D3 OL3 5UX
Old Horse Head Pile Greenfield - Upperwood Moor403887, 405874Old MapN/AN/ASail Bark Moss 
Old Lane Springhead - Stonebreaks 396995, 405090Old Map74-D2B7Now Woodbrook Lane 
Old Lane Austerlands - Thorpes 396040, 405570Old Map74-D1A6 OL4 3QP
Old Lane Grotton Head / Grasscroft397550, 404770Old Map74-D1B7 OL4 4EX
Old Lane Uppermill - Pobgreen400940, 406100Old Map60-D6F6  
Old Lodge, The Greenfield - Dovestone Moss402695, 403170Old MapN/AN/AChew Moor 
Old Mill Springhead - Stonebreaks396750, 405270Old Map74-D2A7Woodbrook 
Old Mill Uppermill - Village399740, 405695Old Map61-F1E6Smithy Lane 
Old Mill HouseDiggle - Kiln Green400720, 407860Old Map60-D3E4Pre: Old Sol ???OL3 5JY
Old Nathan'sAusterlands - Thorpe Lane396385, 405920Old Map74-C1A6Nathans BrowOL4 3SD
Old Original Inn. The, P.H.Scouthead - Doctor Lane Head397230, 406340Old Map59-E6B6 OL4 3RX
Old Poor House Delph - Knarr, Thurston Clough397850, 407165Old Map59-F4C5Daisy HillOL3 5RF
Old SolDiggle - Kiln Green400720, 407880Old Map60-D3E4Nr. Greenbank & WatersideOL3 5JY
Old Station House (Delph)New Delph Bridge398680, 407440Old Map59-H4C4 OL3 5DE
OLD TAMEDenshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396970, 409555Old MapN/AA2Minor Village LocationOL3 5ST
Old Tame Denshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396886, 409637Old MapN/AA2 OL3 5ST
Old Tame Mill Denshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere397073, 409448Old MapN/AB2  
Old Thorn Lane Greenfield - Yarns Hill400605, 404755Old Map61-H3E7  
Oliver Lane Diggle - Weakey399975, 407750Old Map60-C3E4  
Oven Stones Greenfield - Pots & Pans401330, 405105Old MapN/AF7  
Owl BarnUppermill - Shaws400090, 405440Old Map61-G2E7 OL3 6JX
OX HEYDenshaw - Ox Hey398445, 410330Old MapN/AC1Location @ DenshawOL3 5UB
Ox Hey FarmDenshaw - Ox Hey398230, 410220Old MapN/AC1 OL3 5UB
Ox Hey Lane Denshaw - Ox Hey397895, 410245Old MapN/AC1  
Ox Hey Top Denshaw - Ox Hey398430, 410165Old MapN/AC21,210 m. 
Ox Rake Brow Greenfield - Upperwood Moor403220, 405420Old MapN/AN/A  
"P"^ top
Pack Horse Delf Delph - Castleshaw, Lower399800, 408840Old MapN/AD3  
Pack Horse FarmDelph - Castleshaw, Lower399600, 408820Old Map60-B1D3 OL3 5NA
Pack Horse Inn. The P.H.Delph - King Street398505, 407926Old Map59-G3-H3C4Closed 1914 
Pack Horse SlackDelph - Harrop Edge399690, 408770Old Map60-B1D3 OL3 5LX
Palin WoodDelph - Delph Lane, Dale398895, 408380Old Map59-H2C3Modern EraOL3 5UW
ParadiseDelph - Castleshaw, Grange398920, 408975Old Map59-H1D3Paradise FarmOL3 5UX
Park Cote Delph - Linfitts398125, 407910Old Map59-G3C4Coal Clough 
Park Field Dobcross - Lark Hill Road399155, 407231Old Map60-A4D4OL3 5QG
Parklands HouseGrasscroft -Parklands398280, 404770Old Map59-G3C7 OL4 4JT
Park SideGreenfield - Boarshurst400160, 404060Old Map61-G4E8Modern EraOL3 7DX
Parsonage, The Dobcross398648, 406299Old Map60-A5-A6D5  
Parsonage, The Uppermill - Knowl Top400590, 405834Old Map61-H1E6  
Pastures #1 Scouthead - Platting396900, 405800Old Map75-F1A6-B6Pastures House 
Pastures #2Scouthead - Platting396913, 405783Old Map74-D1B6The Pastures 
Pastures FarmWaterhead - Back-o'th-Low396100, 406130Old Map58-C6A6 OL4 3SG
Pastures Mill Scouthead - Platting396756, 405650Old Map74-D1B6Cotton 
Pear Tree Inn. The P.H.Uppermill - Warmton Bank399322, 405016Old Map61-E1-E2D6  
Peel Arms Inn. The, P.H.Springhead - Den Lane396030, 405190Old Map74-C2A7 OL4 4RE
Peggy Well House Denshaw - Lurden Moor398274, 412179Old MapN/AN/A  
Pennyworth Plantation Greenfield - Dovestones402200, 403960Old MapN/AN/A  
Peter Mill Waterhead Mill395540, 406212Old Map58-B6N/AWoollen Mill 
Peters FarmUppermill - Saddleworth Fold400830, 406185Old Map60-D6F6"Peters"OL3 6LL
PhilipsUppermill - Moorgate399142, 405621Old Map61-F1D6Re; MoorgateOL3 6DE
PickhillUppermill - Pickhill399860, 405930Old Map60-C6E6 OL3 6BN
Pike HouseGrasscroft397850, 404625Old Map59-F3B7  
Pilling Slack Uppermill - Pots & Pans401290, 405462Old Map61-H1F6  
PinfoldUppermill - Knowl Top400509, 405065Old Map61-G2E7 OL3 6LQ
Pingle MillDelph - Linfitts.397905, 408135Old Map59-F2C4Re: Pringle MillOL3 5EX
Plantation Cottage*Delph - Harrop Edge399925, 408460Old Map60-B1-B2D3-D4Nr. Sunfield Bar 
Platt HillDobcross - Lark Hill Road399080, 407340Old Map60-A4D5 OL3 5QH
Platt Lane Dobcross - Platt Hill398763, 406970Old Map59-H5D5 OL3 5AD
Platt Lane BarDobcross - Platt Hill398770, 406945Old Map59-H5D5Barcroft HouseOL3 5QD
Platting FarmScouthead - Platting Road397260, 405380Old Map75-E2B7 OL4 4JW
Pleasant CottageDiggle - Diglea401078, 407858Old MapN/AF4Diggle Brook 
Pleasant View HouseMicklehurst - Howards Lane398610, 402260Old Map89-H2N/A OL5 9DQ
Pob Green or PobgreenUppermill - Saddleworth Church400870, 406150Old Map60-D6F6Pobgreen OL3 6LN
Ponge HousesMossley - Micklehurst, Bottoms397795, 401985Old Map89-F2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Ponge MillMossley - Micklehurst, Bottoms397835, 401940Old Map89-F2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
POTS & PANSGreenfield - White Brook Head, 401005, 405265Old Map61-H2F7Location @ Greenfield 
Pots & Pans StoneGreenfield - Pots & Pans Moor401013, 405098Old Map61-H2F7High Moorland 
Pound StoneGrotton Head - Platting396881, 405120Old Map75-E2B7  
Poynstia HouseSpringhead - Cooper Street396140, 404840Old Map74-C2A7 OL4 4QT
Preston Arms. The, P.H.Diggle - Carr400200, 408480Old Map60-D2E3Preston House 
Preston HouseDiggle - Carr400200, 408480Old Map60-C2E3Preston Arms P.H.OL3 5NB
Primitive HillSpringhead - Woodbrook396545, 405585Old Map74-D1A6Nr. Knowsley 
Primrose Uppermill - Pobgreen401020, 406070Old Map61-H0-H1F6Primrose Hill Farm 
Primrose BankGreenfield - Ladhill399625, 404250Old Map61-F4D8  
Primrose CottageUppermill - Pobgreen401030, 406080Old Map61-H1F6Primrose Hill OL3 6LN
Primrose HillStrinesdale - Roebuck Lane396295, 407170Old Map58-C4A5  
Primrose Hill FarmUppermill - Pobgreen401020, 406070Old Map61-H1F6Primrose Hill OL3 6LN
Printers Arms The, P.H.Denshaw - Calf Hey397280, 410340Old MapN/AB220 Oldham RoadOL3 5SN
Prospect FarmGrotton - Cover Hill396870, 404340Old Map74-D4B8  
Prospect HouseSpringhead - Cooper Street396290, 405270Old Map74-C2A7Next to Stoneleigh  
ProspectonGreenfield - Boarshurst400290, 404670Old Map61-G3E7  
Providence ChapelSpringhead396336, 404565Old Map74-C3A7  
"Q"^ top
Queen Victoria Inn. The P.H.Diggle - Standedge Green 401160, 409500Old MapN/AF2Dry Bridge / Near Spring 
QUICKMossley & Lydgate397170, 403505Old Map75-F5B8Ancient Area LocationOL5
Quick EdgeMossley - Quickedge397130, 403270Old Map75-E6B8  
Quick Edge HouseGrotton - Lower Quick Edge396780, 403780Old Map74-D5B9Nr. Lower Quick Edge MillOL4 5RL
Quick FarmMossley - Strawberry Lane397135, 402990Old Map75-F5B8HaddensOL5 0RJ
Quick MillMossley - Midge Hill, Roaches397970, 403725Old Map75-F5C8Wright Mill at Midge HillOL5 9BN
Quick ViewMossley - Roughtown397575, 403055Old Map75-F6B9  
Quick WoodMossley - Roughtown397555, 402930Old Map89-E1B9 OL5 0SF
"R"^ top
Radcliffe MillGrotton - Grotton Lower396319, 404389Old Map74-C4A8Nr. Grotton Railway Station 
RagstonesDelph - Castleshaw Moor399215, 411841Old MapN/AD1  
Railway Hotel The. P.H.Greenfield - Frenches399225, 404666Old Map61-E3D7-D8 OL3 7JZ
RalphsDenshaw - Ralphs397777, 410595Old MapN/AB1  
Ram Inn. The, P.H.Lydgate - Stockport Road397379, 404275Old Map75-E4B8Now: 67 Stockport Rd.OL4 4JJ
Rams CloughDelph - Grains, Rams Clough 396705, 408875Old Map58-D1A3 OL3 5RP
Rams Clough FarmDelph - Grains, Rams Clough 396730, 408980Old Map58-D1A3 OL3 5RP
Rams Head Inn. The, P.H.Denshaw - Ripponden Road397760, 411920Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5UN
RangesDenshaw - Ranges Lane397520, 410485Old MapN/AN/A OL3 5SA
Rasping MillNew Delph - Hill End398920, 407690Old Map59-H3C4  
Raven StonesGreenfield - Ashway Moor403435, 404775Old MapN/AN/ARaven Stone Brow 
RavenstonesUppermill - Running Hill Lane401020, 406900Old Map60-D5E5 OL3 5JS
Ray StoneDiggle - Diggle Edge401344, 408813Old MapN/AF3  
Red HouseStrinesdale - Brighton396143, 406510Old Map58-C5-C6A5Twix Brighton/Gailey Hall 
Red Lane FarmDiggle - Carr Lane400270, 408610Old Map60-C2E3-E4 OL3 5ND
Red Lion Inn. The, P.H.Austerlands395951, 405500Old Map74-B2A5778 Huddersfield RoadOL4 4QB
RedbrookStandedge - Redbrook402533, 410202Old MapN/AN/A  
Rhodes HillLees - Knowls Lane395660, 404222Old Map74-B4N/ALancashire & FurnessOL4 5EA
Rhodes YardNew Delph - Hill End398832, 407545Old Map59-H3C4-D4Nr. Bell Inn, Hill End 
Richmond HouseMossley - Micklehurst398274, 401880Old Map89-G3N/AHuddersfield Road.OL5 9LF
RiddingGreenfield - Shadworth Lane398496, 403691Old Map75-H5-H6C8-C9Holehouse RiddingOL3 7HU
RiddingDelph - Castleshaw, Waters399401, 409929Old MapN/AD2-E2(Waters) 
Ridge FarmDiggle - Harrop Dale400780, 408660Old Map60-D1F3 OL3 5LR
Ridge LaneDiggle - Harrop Dale400720, 408495Old Map60-D1-D2E3-F3 OL3 5LR
Rimmon Pit CloughSaddleworth Moor404525, 405855Old MapN/AN/ASail Bark Moss 
Rising Sun, The. P.H.Mossley - Haddens397642, 403255Old Map75-F6B9Public HouseOL5 0RQ
Rising Sun, The. P.H.Diggle - Low Green400310, 407890Old Map60-C3E4Nr. Warth Mill 
Rising Sun. The, P.H.*Dobcross - Wool Road399684, 406760Old Map60-B5D5Approximate Location 
Riverside StablesDiggle - Kiln Green400690, 407870Old Map60-D3E4 OL3 5JY
ROACHESMossley - Roaches397990, 403220Old Map75-F6-G6C9Location @ MossleyOL5
Roaches BridgeMossley - Roaches397945, 403132Old Map75-F6C9River Tame Bridge 
Roaches Lock. The, P.H.Mossley - Roaches397970, 403140Old Map75-F6C9Pre: Bridge InnOL5 9BB
Road HeadsWaterhead Mill395585, 405970Old Map74-A1N/ANew Road Heads 
Roberts MillMossley - Micklehurst 398595, 402035Old Map89-H2N/AFriezland Church Area 
Robin HeyGreenfield - Chew Valley Rd.400830, 403880Old Map61-G5E8 OL3 7NQ
Robin Hood Inn. The P.H.*Delph - Bleak Hey Nook400710, 409520Old MapN/AE2Nr. Knoll 
Robinsons FoldSpringhead - Stonebreaks396533, 405055Old Map74-D2A7-B7 OL4 4BS
Rocher BrowUppermill - Pots & Pans Moor401613, 406056Old MapN/AF6  
Rock Bank HouseMossley - Micklehurst Road397840, 401980Old Map80-F2N/A OL5 9NN
Rock FarmDelph - Castleshaw, Standedge400990, 409630Old MapN/AE2-F2 OL3 5LU
Roebuck InnStrinesdale - Brighton Road396370, 406850Old Map58-C5A5 OL4 3RB
Roebuck Lane FarmStrinesdale - Roebuck Low396186, 407210Old Map58-C4A5 OL4 3RA
ROEBUCK LOWStrinesdale - Roebuck Low396480, 407563Old Map58-B4/C4A5Location @ StrinesdaleOL4 3RA
Roebuck Low Strinesdale - Harbour Hill396300, 407110Old Map58-C3A4-A5 OL4 3RA
Rooking Sike Plantation Greenfield - Hawkyard401407, 404130Old Map61-H4F8  
Rope and Anchor Inn. P.H.Greenfield - Binn Green401945, 404529Old MapN/AF8  
Rope and Anchor Inn. P.H.Diggle - Standedge Foot401059, 409948Old MapN/AF2  
Rose & Crown Inn. The P.H.Delph - Village398510, 407959Old Map59-H3D3Public House 
Rose CottageGrotton - Quick Edge Lane396780, 403800Old Map74-D5C8-C9 OL4 5RL
Rose Hill Delph - Millgate398632, 407460Old Map59-H3C4 OL3 5ED
Rose Inn. The P.H.Delph - Cobblers Hill398560, 408107Old Map59-H2C4  
RosehillMossley - Micklehurst 398352, 402017Old Map89-G2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Rough Bent NookDelph - Standedge400722, 409800Old MapN/AF2Bent Nook 
Rough Hey Denshaw - Rough Hey398210, 410975Old MapN/AC1  
Rough Hey CottageDenshaw - Rough Hey397580, 411560Old MapN/AB1-C1 OL3 5UN
Rough Hey FarmDenshaw - Rough Hey397630, 411520Old MapN/AB1-C1 OL3 5UN
Rough Hey Lane Denshaw - Rough Hey397855, 410675Old MapN/AC1  
Rough Hey SideDenshaw - Rough Hey397581, 411548Old MapN/AC1  
Rough Hey Top Denshaw - Rough Hey398023, 411045Old MapN/AC1  
Rough Knar Delph - Thurston Clough398150, 407140Old Map59-F4-G4C5Rough Knarr 
Rough Lane Uppermill - Running Hill401140, 407070Old MapN/AE5  
Rough Meadow HeadDelph - Linfitts398020, 407980Old Map59-F3C4Re: Meadow HeadOL3 5EX
Rough Town Bridge Mossley - Roughtown397730, 402830Old Map75-F6B9Roughtown 
Rough Town Mill Mossley - Roughtown397895, 402980Old Map89-F1B9Roughtown Mill 
Rough, The Greenfield - Ashway Gap402390, 404080Old MapN/AN/A  
ROUGHTOWNMossley - Roughtown397730, 402895Old Map75-F6-G6B9Location @ MossleyOL5 0BL
Round Hill Waterhead - Back-o'th-Low395895, 406130Old Map58-B6A6 OL4 3SG
Round Hill Dobcross - Lark Hill Road399267, 407102Old Map60-A4D5D5OL3 5QH
Round Hill Standedge - Rocher Moss402296, 409248Old MapN/AN/ASaddleworth Boundary 
Royal George CottagesGreenfield - Royal George Mill398360, 404100Old Map75-G4-G5C8 OL3 7LR
Royal George Inn, The, P.H.Greenfield - Holehouse398455, 403660Old Map75-G5C8Pre: The Cotton TreeOL3 7HX
Royal George Mills Greenfield - Royal George Mill398350, 404040Old Map75-G4-G5C8FriezlandOL3 7LR
Royal Oak Inn. The, P.HDelph - Heights398234, 409045Old MapN/AC3 OL3 5TX
Royal Tiger BeerhouseAusterlands396300, 405700Old Map74-C1 A6  
Royd Mill Waterhead Mill395465, 406040Old Map74-A1N/ANew Royd Mill 
Royle Clough Uppermill - Running Hill400920, 406532Old Map60-D5F5  
Rumbles LaneDelph - Hill End398960, 407700Old Map59-H3D4 OL3 5EL
RUNNING HILLUppermill - Saddleworth Church401110, 406890Old Map60-D5F4-F5Location @ UppermillOL3 5JS
Running Hill CottageUppermill - Running Hill Lane400930, 406880Old Map60-D5E5-F5 OL3 5JS
Running Hill FarmUppermill - Running Hill Lane400760, 406980Old Map60-D5E5-F5 OL3 5JS
Running Hill Gate Uppermill - Running Hill401200, 406795Old Map60-D6F5  
Running Hill Head FarmUppermill - Running Hill401050, 406930Old Map60-D5E5Running HillOL3 5JS
Running Hill HouseUppermill - Running Hill401010, 406920Old Map60-D5E5 OL3 5JS
Running Hill Lane Uppermill - Running Hill400940, 406905Old Map60-D5E5-F5 OL3 5JS
Running Hill PileUppermill - Running Hill Moor401740, 407330Old MapN/AN/A  
Rush HillUppermill - Carr Lane, Rush Hill399699, 405421Old Map61-F2D7-E7 OL3 6JB
Rush Slack Delph - Castleshaw Moor399930, 411180Old MapN/AN/A  
Rye Fields Uppermill - Butterhouses400065, 406505Old Map60-C5E5Ryefields FarmOL3 6BZ
Rye Fields DriveUppermill - Butterhouses399810, 406320Old Map60-C5E5 OL3 6BZ
Rye Hole Delph - Stubbing.398110, 408140Old Map59-G2C4Now 'Clifton Holme'OL3 5EZ
Rye Top Uppermill - Knowl Top400668, 405192Old Map61-H2E7 OL3 6LQ
Rye Top Lane Uppermill - Knowl Top400760, 405155Old Map61-H2E7  
Ryefield HouseUppermill - Butterhouses400080, 406510Old Map60-C5E5 OL3 6BY
"S"^ top
Saddleworth ChurchUppermill - Saddleworth Fold400750, 406400Old Map60-D6E5St. Chad's ChurchOL3 6LW
SADDLEWORTH FOLDUppermill - Saddleworth Fold400360, 406050Old Map60-C6-D6E6Location @ UppermillOL3 6EQ
Saddleworth Fold Uppermill - Saddleworth Fold400340, 406040Old Map60-C6E6 OL3 6EQ
Saddleworth Fold Lane Uppermill - Saddleworth Fold400280, 405920Old Map60-C6E6 OL3 6EQ
Saddleworth HotelDelph - Pack Horse Slack400000, 409060Old Map60-B1D3 OL3 5LX
SADDLEWORTH MOORGreenfield & Diggle403590, 405510Old MapN/AN/A"Lords Mere" 
Saddleworth Parish Church Uppermill - Saddleworth Fold400750, 406400Old Map60-D6E5St. Chad's ChurchOL3 6LW
Saddleworth Savings BankDobcross - Village Square399145, 406670Old Map60-A5D5  
Saddleworth StationDobcross / Uppermill, Brownhill399600, 406430Old Map60-B6D5 OL3 5NS
Saddleworth Station CottageDobcross - Standedge Road399610, 406430Old Map60-B6D5 OL3 5NR
Sail Bark Moss Greenfield - Upperwood Moor404050, 405660Old MapN/AN/A  
Sail Bark RocksGreenfield - Upperwood Moor403980, 405260Old MapN/AN/A  
SalterhebbleDelph - Hill End398645, 407888Old Map59-H2C4Opposite Hill End House 
Sam RoadDiggle - Low Green400520, 408000Old Map60-C2-D2E4Pre: Sam LaneOL3 5PU
Sand Bed Mossley - Brookbottom397150, 402760Old Map88-D1B9SandbedOL5 0PY
Sand Mill Scouthead - High Moor396480, 406750Old Map58-C5A5Sand Mill Quarries 
Sandbed CottageDelph - Sandbed Lane399100, 408250Old Map60-A2D3 OL3 5UZ
Sandbed FarmDelph - Hull Mill Lane399030, 408410Old Map60-A2D3 OL3 5UR
Sandbed Farm BarnDelph - Hull Mill Lane399030, 408410Old Map60-A2D3 OL3 5UR
Sandbed Lane Delph - Sandbed, Dale399110, 408220Old Map60-A2D3-D4 OL3 5UZ
SandicroftDelph - Sandbed Lane, Dale399090, 408220Old Map60-A2D3-D4 OL3 5UZ
Sandy LaneDobcross - Harrop Edge399310, 406690Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5AG
Sandy LaneDobcross - Harrop Edge399830, 407260Old Map60-B1D3 OL3 5QL
Sandy Way Head Dobcross - Harrop Edge399355, 406734Old Map60-A5D5  
Sarah Shaws HousesMossley - Micklehurst398620, 402276Old Map89-H2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Schofield BuildingsWaterhead395280, 405890Old Map74-A1N/ANr. Bridge End 
Scots House Saddleworth Moor405685, 405545Old MapN/AN/ARemote Moorland 
Scout Denshaw - Old Tame, Scout396815, 410050Old MapN/AA2-B2  
Scout Head Scouthead396760, 405815Old Map74-D1B6 OL4 4AA
Scout Head Mill Scouthead396760, 405850Old Map75-E1B6Cotton Mill 
Scout Knoll Quarry Greenfield - Upperwood401850, 404395Old MapN/AN/A  
SCOUTHEADSaddleworth West Village396760, 405830Old Map74-D1B6Minor Saddleworth VillageOL4 4AA
Scouthead HouseScouthead - Oldham Road397115, 405815Old Map74-D1B6Scouthead Church 
Sett Stones Delph - Thurston Clough397753, 406900Old Map59-F5C5 OL3 5RE
Settstones Lane Uppermill - Pobgreen400780, 406090Old Map60-D6E6-F6 OL3 6LL
Seven AcresDelph - Delph Lane398630, 408280Old Map59-H2C3 OL3 5HU
Shadows MountGreenfield - Friezland398725, 403300Old Map75-H6 Shadows Lane - Holehouse 
Shadworth LaneGreenfield - Royal George398720, 403300Old Map75-H6C9Shadows LaneOL5 9BF
Shady Grove*New Delph - Midgrove398888, 407577Old Map59-H3D4Approximate Location 
Sharon Grasscroft - Sharon397956, 404170Old Map75-F4C8  
Shaw Brook Uppermill - High Style400540, 406720Old Map60-D5E5Sherbrooke Hall FarmOL3 5JR
Shaw Field Delph - Hill End Road398670, 407910Old Map59-H3C4Shore FieldOL3 5JA
Shaw Gate Uppermill - Knowl Top401073, 405635Old Map61-H2E6 OL3 6LQ
SHAW HALLGreenfield - Shaw Hall398640, 404500Old Map75-H3C7Location @ GreenfieldOL3 7L*
Shaw Hall Greenfield - Shaw Hall398601, 404555Old Map75-H3C7  
Shaw Hall Bank Greenfield - Shaw Hall398934, 404564Old Map75-H4D7  
Shaw Hall Bar House Greenfield - Shaw Hall398842, 404548Old Map75-G4D8Toll Bar House 
Shaw Hall Barn Greenfield - Shaw Hall398892, 404486Old Map75-G4D8  
Shaw HouseUppermill - Shaws400090, 405460Old Map61-G2E7 OL3 6JX
Shaw Lee Diggle - Diggle Junction400555, 407727Old Map60-D3E4 OL3 5JY
Shaw Rocher Uppermill - Pots & Pans Moor4015909, 405670Old MapN/AF7  
Shaw Scar Delph - Village398550, 407000Old Map59-H3C4Shore Scar 
Shawfield HouseUppermill - Shaws400120, 405370Old Map61-G2E7 OL3 6JX
ShawsUppermill - Shaws400150, 405390Old Map61-G2E7Shaws HamletOL3 6JX
Shaws BuildingsMossley - Micklehurst398620, 402276Old Map89-H2N/AFriezland Church Area 
Shaws FoldSpringhead - Stonebreaks396550, 405040Old Map74-D2A7 OL4 4DA
Shaws Lane Uppermill - Shaws400260, 405440Old Map61-G1-G2E6  
Shears Inn The P.H.Mossley - Baguley Hill397275, 402720Old Map89-E1B9Carr Hill RoadOL5 0BL
Shelders Low Springhead - Shelderslow396140, 405102Old Map74-C3A7  
SHELDERSLOWSpringhead - Shelderslow396220, 405100Old Map74-C3A7Location @ SpringheadOL4 4QZ
Shelderslow Mill Springhead - Shelderslow396062, 405057Old Map74-C3A7  
SheldonScouthead - High Turf Lane396710, 405800Old Map74-D1A6 OL4 4AS
Shepherds Green Greenfield - Hawkyard400590, 404225Old Map61-H4E8 OL3 7NS
Shepherds HomeMossley - Micklehurst398408, 402085Old Map89-G2N/AFriezland Church Area 
Shepley Lane HeadGreenfield - Hawkyard401000, 403985Old Map61-H4F8  
Sherbrooke Hall FarmUppermill - High Style400540, 406720Old Map60-D5E5Shaw Brook FarmOL3 5JR
Shetters Mill Dobcross - Wall Hill398175, 406250Old Map59-G6C5  
Shiloh (Farm & Cottage)Strinesdale - Badger Edge397060, 407330Old Map59-E4B4Badger EdgeOL4 3RE
Shiloh Lane Strinesdale - High Moor396800, 407170Old Map59-E4A5-B5 OL4 3RE
Ship Delph - Grains Bar396560, 408400Old Map58-D2A3  
Ship LaneDelph - Grains Bar396525, 408365Old Map58-C2-D2A3 OL3
Shires CottageDiggle - Carr400020, 408050Old Map60-C1E3Modern Name - Old CottageOL3 5NB
Shore FieldDelph - Hill End Road398670, 407910Old Map59-H3C4Shaw FieldOL3 5JA
Shore ScarDelph - Village398550, 407000Old Map59-H3C4Shaw Scar 
Shore TopDelph - Village398680, 407850Old Map59-H3C4Shaw Top 
Shudehill*Delph - Millgate, Chapel Hill398693, 407580Old Map59-H3C4Approximate Location 
Side Bank HouseGreenfield - Hawkyard401190, 404010Old Map61-H4F8Holmfirth RoadOL3 7NL
Side Bank Plantation Greenfield - Hawkyard401197, 403936Old Map61-H4F8  
Silver HillScouthead - Thurston Clough397490, 406390Old Map59-F6B5New Inn & FarmOL4 3RX
Slack Cote Mill Delph - Slackcote397025, 409166Old Map59-E0B3Old TameOL3 5TP
Slack Field HouseDelph - Knott Hill398270, 407440Old Map59-G4C4 OL3 5RJ
Slack Gate Lane Denshaw - Lockwood Hey397812, 409932Old MapN/AB2  
Slack HallAusterlands - Thorpes 395890, 405590Old Map74-B1A6Slack Hall CottagesOL4 3QE
Slack Hall FarmAusterlands - Thorpes 396120, 405870Old Map74-B1A6 OL4 3QW
Slack Head Brow Greenfield - Dovestones400625, 402738Old MapN/AE9  
Slack Head Brow Plantation Greenfield - Dovestones400743, 402950Old MapN/AE9  
Slack Head FarmGreenfield - Intake Lane400665, 403270Old MapN/AE9Dovestones 
Slack Head Plantation Greenfield - Dovestones400996, 403088Old MapN/AN/A  
Slack Lane Delph - Linfitts, Slack397750, 408520Old Map59-E1-F1B3 OL3 5TJ
Slack Lane Delph - Harrop Edge400090, 408660Old Map60-C1-C2E3Hunters Hill Lane 
Slack Quarry Delph - Linfitts, Slack397526, 408762Old MapN/AB3  
SlackcoteDelph - Slackcote397020, 409090Old Map59-E0B5 OL3 5TW
Slackcote CottagesDelph - Slackcote Lane397060, 409110Old Map59-E0B5 OL3 5TP
Slackfield FarmDelph - Knott Hill398260, 407440Old Map59-G4C4 OL3 5RJ
Slackgate FarmDelph - Slackcote Lane397790, 409820Old MapN/AB2 OL3 5TP
Slackgate Farm CottageDenshaw - Slack Gate Lane397790, 409820Old MapN/AB2 OL3 5TZ
Slades Uppermill - Running Hill401395, 406278Old MapN/AF6  
Slades Barn Uppermill - Running Hill401521, 406423Old MapN/AF6  
Slades Lane Uppermill - Running Hill401325, 406305Old MapN/AF6  
Slades Pits Uppermill - Pots & Pans Moor401920, 406130Old MapN/AF6  
Slades RocksUppermill - Pots & Pans Moor401650, 406020Old MapN/AF6  
Slate Pit Moss Greenfield - Dove Moor404330, 403855Old MapN/AF6-F7  
SlaughterhouseWaterhead Mill395550, 405975Old Map74-A1N/ANr. New Road Heads 
Small Clough Greenfield - Chew Mount403790, 402310Old MapN/AN/ALong Ridge Moss 
SmallacreDelph - Heights Lane398140, 408980Old Map59-G0C2-C3 OL3 5TU
Smith Hill Austerlands - Birks395962, 405806Old Map74-B1A6  
Smithy Cottage Grasscroft - Clough398098, 404722Old Map75-G3C7  
Solomon WoodMossley - Woodend397815, 403115Old Map75-F6C9  
South BankSpringhead - Cooper Street396130, 404750Old Map74-C2A7 OL4 4QT
South Clough Greenfield - Chew Mount403890, 401700Old MapN/AN/ABlindstone Moss 
South Clough Uppermill - Running Hill Moor403860, 407020Old MapN/AN/AFeatherbed Moss 
South Clough Moss Greenfield - Feather Bed Moss403295, 406810Old MapN/AN/AHollin Brown Knoll 
South Side or South SydeGreenfield - Royal George Mill398325, 404008Old Map75-G4C8James H Whitehead's House. 
South TerraceGreenfield - Shaw Hall Bank398972, 404522Old Map75-H4C8-D8  
South ViewGrotton - Lawton Fold 396780, 405000Old Map74-D2 A7-B7 OL4 4JR
South ViewDenshaw - Range Lane397670, 410430Old MapN/AB1Nr. Denshaw BarOL3 5SA
South ViewDobcross - Long Lane399370, 406960Old Map60-A5-B4D5 OL3 5QH
SouthgateDobcross - Village399320, 406640Old Map60-A5D5Sandy Lane BottomOL3 5AJ
Spa Diggle - Standedge401608, 409107Old MapN/AF3  
Spa Clough Delph - Castleshaw Moor399830, 410820Old MapN/AC1Foxstone Brow 
Spindle Meadow HallDenshaw - Range Lane397710, 410360Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5SA
Spindle MillGrasscroft - High Grove398165, 404405Old Map79-G4C8High Grove MillOL3 5SA
Spinners Arms. The, P.HSpringhead - Woodbrook396550, 405360Old Map74-C2-D2A738 Woodbrook RoadOL4 4BS
Spring Bank Uppermill - Dam Head399912, 405781Old Map61-E1E6  
Spring Bank MillMossley - Micklehurst398054, 401862Old Map89-F3-G3N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Spring Bridge Delph - Denshaw Road398473, 408090Old Map59-G2C4  
Spring BrowDobcross - Warmton398820, 406215Old Map60-A6D6  
Spring CottageDiggle - Carr Lane400290, 408460Old Map60-C2E4Modern Name - Old CottageOL3 5ND
Spring Cottages Mossley - Baguley Hill397380, 402650Old Map89-E1B9Milton BrowOL5 0BP
Spring Gardens Uppermill - Moorgate399555, 405685Old Map61-F1D6  
Spring GroveGreenfield - Road End399895, 404215Old Map61-F4E8 OL3 7DD
Spring Head Uppermill - Pilling Slack400721, 405557Old Map61-H1E6-F6White Spring Brook 
Spring Head House Springhead396109, 404590Old Map74-C3A7  
Spring Head Mills Springhead396244, 404490Old Map74-C4A8Cotton Mill 
Spring Hey Delph - Lockwood Hey398350, 409450Old MapN/AC2  
Spring Hill Diggle - Weakey399981, 407572Old Map60-C3E4 OL3 5JT
Spring House Delph - Castleshaw, Standedge399938, 409030Old Map60-C1E3Spring House FarmOL3 5LX
Spring Meadow HouseSpringhead - Cooper Street396060, 404840Old Map74-D2A7 OL4 4QT
Spring Meadow HouseUppermill - Heathfields400220, 405630Old Map61-E1E6 OL3 6HL
Spring Meadows Dye Works Uppermill - Heathfields400229, 405646Old Map61-E1E6  
Spring MillMossley - Roaches398100, 403480Old Map75-G5C9Cotton 
Spring SideGreenfield - Chew Valley Rd.400640, 403900Old Map61-G5E8 OL3 7NQ
Springbank HouseDenshaw - Ripponden Road397660, 411460Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5UN
SpringfieldMossley - Micklehurst398028, 402038Old Map89-F2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Springfield FarmGrasscroft - Burnedge398280, 405160Old Map75-G2C7 OL4 4EB
Springfield FarmGreenfield - Friezland Lane399560, 403960Old Map61-F5E8Op: Oak View MillOL3 7EU
Springfield HouseDelph - Oldham Road398010, 406930Old Map59-G5C5 OL3 5RQ
SPRINGHEADSaddleworth West Village396290, 404560Old Map74-C3A7-A8Major Saddleworth VillageOL4 4PH
Springhead CottageDelph - Heights Lane398030, 409190Old Map59-G0A7 OL3 5TU
Springhill FarmDelph - Heights Lane398270, 409390Old MapN/AN/AFriarmereOL3 5TX
SpringmereDelph - Linfitts, Heights398410, 408300Old Map59-G2C3-C4 OL3 5TY
Springs Delph - Castleshaw, Higher399780, 410200Old MapN/AD1Upper Castleshaw 
Springwood House Delph - Lodge Lane, Hull Brook398455, 408150Old Map59-G2C4 OL3 5HJ
Squires MillMossley - Micklehurst398330, 401970Old Map89-G2-G3N/AFriezland Eccl DistrictOL5 9LJ
St. Agnes SchoolhouseGrotton - Knowls Lane, Thornley396010, 403960Old Map74-C5A8  
St. Annes ChurchLydgate - Stockport Road397295, 404315Old Map75-E4B8B8OL4 4JL
St. Anns SquareDelph - Village398600, 407870Old Map59-G3C4 OL3 5JD
St. Chad's HouseUppermill - Village399670, 405713Old Map61-E1D6  
St. Chad's Parish ChurchUppermill - Saddleworth Fold400750, 406400Old Map60-D6E5Saddleworth ChurchOL3 6LW
St. Chad's VicarageUppermill - Saddleworth Fold400590, 405845Old Map61-H1E6The Parsonage 
St. John the Baptist ChurchMossley - Roughtown397605, 402985Old Map89-F1B9 OL5 0BL
St. Mary's ChurchGreenfield - Park Lane400230, 404050Old Map61-G4E8 OL3 7DS
St. Marys GateUppermill - Village399677, 405693Old Map61-F1D6 OL3 6AT
St. Thomas's ChurchDelph - Heights398217, 409062Old MapN/AC3  
Stable BridgeGreenfield - Chew Valley401135, 403820Old Map61-H5F8Nut Bottom 
Stable Clough Diggle - Diggle Edge402350, 408470Old MapN/AN/A  
Stable Stones Greenfield - Chew Valley402055, 402264Old MapN/AN/A  
Stable Stones Brow Greenfield - Chew Valley402080, 402380Old MapN/AN/A  
Stables Yard*Greenfield - Chew Valley401155, 403793Old Map61-H5F8Greenfield Hse. New Barn 
Stag HallDelph - Bleak Hey Nook400670, 409505Old MapN/AF2Nr, Bent Nook & Knoll 
Stalybridge Gas CompanyMossley - Roaches398090, 403425Old Map75-G5C9Mossley Gas Works 
Stamford MillMossley - Woodend397910, 402790Old Map89-F1B9  
Stampers Inn. The P.H.*Greenfield - Bentfield399765, 404190Old Map61-F4D8-E8Approximate Location 
Standedge Foot Delph - Standedge Foot401059, 409948Old MapN/AF2Standedge Foot FarmOL3 5LU
STANDEDGE or STANEDGEDelph - Standedge401217, 410077Old MapN/AF2Location @ Delph & DiggleOL3 5LU
Standedge RoadDobcross - Standedge Road399780, 407070Old Map60-A4E5MarslandsOL3 5NR
Standing StonesGreenfield - Upperwood Moor403640, 405475Old MapN/AN/ASail Bark Moss 
Star Inn, The P.H.Scouthead - Oldham Road397310, 405835Old Map75-E1B6Pre: Rising Sun InnOL4 4AA
Star Inn, The P.H.*Grasscroft - Sharon397960, 404170Old Map75-G4C81871 Census 
Starting Chair, TheScouthead - Doctor Lane Head397307, 405884Old Map75-E1B6 OL4 4AD
Station CottagesDiggle - Kiln Green400720, 408000Old Map60-D2-D3F4 OL3 5JY
SteadwayGreenfield - Park Lane400220, 404440Old Map61-G4E8 OL3 7DY
Stile HouseDenshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere396885, 409630Old MapN/AA2-B2  
Stone Bottom Mill Dobcross - Wool Road399585, 406665Old Map60-A5-A6D5  
Stone Breaks Springhead - Stonebreaks396517, 405027Old Map74-C2A7 OL4 4BY
Stone Breaks Hill Springhead - Stonebreaks396320, 404805Old Map74-C3A7  
Stonebreaks HouseSpringhead - Stonebreaks396490, 405060Old Map74-C2A7 OL4 4BY
Stonebreaks FarmSpringhead - Stonebreaks396510, 405000Old Map74-C2A7 OL4 4BY
Stone Breaks Lane Springhead - Stonebreaks396485, 404905Old Map74-D2-C3A7 OL4 4BY
Stone Croft FarmDobcross - Wade Hill Lane398260, 405530Old Map75-G1C6 OL3 5RU
Stone Rake Springhead - Woodbrook396997, 405440Old Map75-E2A6-A7  
Stonebottom BrowDobcross - Sugar Lane399615, 406710Old Map60-B5D5Dobcross 
STONEBREAKSSpringhead - Stonebreaks396640, 405015Old Map74-D3A7Location @ SpringheadOL4 4BY
StoneleighDiggle - Marslands399780, 407080Old Map60-B4E4-E5 OL3 5QN
Stoneleigh HouseSpringhead - Cooper Street396290, 405270Old Map74-D2A7Next to Prospect HouseOL4 4QS
Stones WoodNew Delph - Stoneswood398480, 407480Old Map59-G4C4StoneswoodOL3 5DZ
Stones Wood Toll PostNew Delph - Stoneswood398318, 407082Old Map59-G4C4  
Stopes Grotton - Upper396670, 404640Old Map74-D3B7  
Store CottageDenshaw - Junction397475, 410550Old MapN/AB1  
Stores CottagesGrasscroft - Clough398180, 404505Old Map75-G3-G4C7  
Straight Cut Delph - Grains Bar396430, 408945Old MapN/AB2Straitcut - East ViewOL3
Strawberry Lane Mossley - Quickedge397560, 403380Old Map75-E5-F6B8-B9Haddens 
StreethousesDobcross - Husteads, Wall Hill398690, 406335Old Map59-H6C6 OL3 5QX
Strines FarmStrinesdale - Medlock Valley396120, 406650Old Map58-C5A4StrinesOL4 3RB
STRINESDALE Strinesdale - Medlock Valley395800, 406675Old Map58-B4A4Area Location OL4
StubbingDelph - Linfitts.398020, 408230Old Map59-F2-G2C4Stubbing HouseOL3 5EU
Sugar LaneDobcross - Village399510, 406675Old Map60-A5-B5D5 OL3 5NJ
Sugar Loaf Uppermill - Pots & Pans Moor401512, 405501Old Map61-H2F7Pilling Slack 
Summer Hill Delph - New Tame, Friarmere397610, 409550Old MapN/AB2 OL3 5TS
Summer Hill Greenfield - Hawkyard401075, 404555Old MapN/AF8  
Summer Hill Clough Delph - New Tame, Friarmere.397360, 409700Old MapN/AB2  
Summer Hill CottageDelph - Denshaw Road397480, 409470Old MapN/AB2 OL3 5TS
Summer Hill FarmDelph - New Tame, Friarmere.397480, 409470Old MapN/AB2  
Summer Shades Grasscroft - Burnedge398250, 404840Old Map75-F3C7  
Summer Shades Greenfield - Kinders399940, 404580Old Map61-F3-F4E7 OL3 7BJ
Sun Inn MewsDenshaw - Ripponden Road397650, 411350Old MapN/AC1 OL3 5UN
Sun Inn, The. P.H.Denshaw - Ripponden Road397650, 411350Old MapN/AC1  
Sunfield Diggle - Weakey400113, 408010Old Map60-C3E4 OL3 5PT
Sunfield BarDiggle - Upper Carr400133, 408245Old Map60-C3E4Toll Bar at Carr Head 
Sunfield Lane Diggle - Weakey400110, 408115Old Map60-C3E4 OL3 5PT
Sunny Brow Greenfield - Dovestone Moor402430, 403450Old MapN/AN/A  
Sunny LynnScouthead - Brighton Road396320, 406280Old Map58-C5A5 OL4 3SE
SunnymountDobcross - Nicker Brow399390, 406470Old Map60-A5-A6D5 OL3 5NN
Sunwin HouseGreenfield - Kinders399950, 404600Old Map61-F3-F4E7 OL3 7BJ
Swainscroft FarmDelph - Linfitts, Slack Lane397785, 408425Old Map59-F2B3 OL3 5TJ
Swainscroft MillDelph - Linfitts, Slack.397435, 408300Old Map59-F2B3  
Swan Inn. The, P.H.Delph - King Street398516, 407912Old Map59-G3-H3C4 OL3 5DL
Swan Inn. The, P.H.Dobcross - Square399240, 406635Old Map60-A5D5Re: Kings HeadOL3 5AA
Swan Inn. The, P.H.Dobcross - Woods Lane.399194, 406630Old Map60-A5-A6D5Closed 1859 
Sycamore CottagesDobcross - Woods Lane.399015, 406440Old Map60-A5-A6D5Nr.Wool Pack InnOL3 5BT
Sycamore LodgeGrotton - Cover Hill Road396790, 404180Old Map74-D4A8-B8 OL4 5RF
SykesDiggle / Dobcross, Holly Grove400250, 406720Old Map60-C3-C4E5 OL3 5JQ
"T"^ top
Tame Croft FarmDelph - Grains Road397160, 408300Old Map59-E2B3TamecroftOL3 5RN
Tame Lane Delph - New Tame, Friarmere397720, 409390Old Map59-E0B2 OL3 5TT
Tame Vale HouseDenshaw - Range Lane397650, 410380Old MapN/AB1  
Tame View New Delph - Stoneswood398373, 407413Old Map59-H4C4  
TAME WATER Dobcross - Tame Water398780, 406470Old Map59-H5D5Location @ DobcrossOL3 5BB
Tame Water BridgeDobcross - Tame Water398845, 406346Old Map59-H6D6  
Tame Water Cottage Dobcross - Tame Water398760, 406380Old Map59-H6D5  
Tame Water Mill Dobcross - Tame Water398690, 406620Old Map59-H5D5  
Tamebridge MillDobcross - Tame Water Bridge398845, 406330Old Map59-H6D6Woollen Mill 
Tang CastleGreenfield - Lane Head399390, 403673Old Map61-E5D9Tang 
TargetsMicklehurst - Moor Edge Lane398853, 402260Old Map89-H2N/ANr. Intake / Moor Edge Lane 
Temple Bar FarmDobcross - Wall Hill398230, 406550Old Map59-G5C5TemplebarOL3 5BH
Temple BuildingsWaterhead395437, 405900Old Map74-A1N/ANr. New Road Bank 
Temple Inn. The, P.H.Waterhead395431, 405872Old Map74-B1N/A OL4 3NY
Temple RowWaterhead Mill395440, 405875Old Map74-A1N/A  
The BarnDobcross - Lark Hill Road399430, 407480Old Map60-A3D4Lark Hill HouseOL3 5BF
The BarnUppermill - Knowl Top Lane400510, 405060Old Map61-G2E7Pinfold Farm BarnOL3 6LQ
The BarnDiggle - Standedge401040, 409930Old MapN/AN/A OL3 5LU
The BeechesDobcross - Wall Hill398000, 406460Old Map59-G6 C6 OL3 5BN
The BeechesDelph - Midgrove399040, 407680Old Map59-H3D430 Huddersfield Rd.OL3 5EG
The BunglowScouthead - Brighton Road396230, 406780Old Map58-C5A5Barstacks FarmOL4 3SE
The Coach HouseNew Delph - Gatehead398840, 407420Old Map59-H4C4 OL3 5QE
The CroftDelph - Castleshaw, Mill Croft399510, 408970Old Map59-H1C3-D3 OL3 5UX
The Dairy HouseNew Delph - Gatehead398700, 407190Old Map59-H4C4 OL3 5QE
The GablesDobcross - Long Lane399370, 406960Old Map60-A5-B4D5 OL3 5QH
The GrangeLydgate - Stockport Road397650, 404250Old Map75-E4 B8 OL4 4JJ
The GrangeDelph - Castleshaw, Mill Croft398650, 409010Old Map59-H1C3 OL3 5UX
The GroveDobcross - Streethouse398610, 406340Old Map59-H6C5-C6 OL3 5RR
The HillGrasscroft - Burnedge, Warmton397790, 405120Old Map75-F2C7Hill FarmOL4 4DZ
The HillsGrasscroft - Burnedge, Warmton397740, 405096Old Map75-F2C7Hills FarmOL4 4DZ
The MullionsDelph - Thurston Clough397810, 407070Old Map59-F4-F5B5-C5 OL3 5RE
The Nook Greenfield - Fern Lee Vale400011, 403921Old Map61-G5E8 OL3 7EG
The Old BarnGreenfield - Tunstead400440, 404470Old Map61-H4E8 OL3 7NT
The Old CastleNew Delph - Stoneswood398590, 407400Old Map59-H4C4-C5Dowston Castle 
The Old StablesDelph - Knott Hill398200, 407440Old Map59-G3-G4C4 OL3 5RJ
The OutpostDiggle - Diggle Edge401530, 408290Old MapN/AE4-F4 OL3 5LB
The ParkGrasscroft397960, 404500Old Map75-F3-F4B8  
The RidingsGreenfield - Hawkyard400760, 404120Old Map61-H4F8Hollins LaneOL3 7NR
The RoughGreenfield - Chew Valley402390, 404080Old MapN/AN/A  
The SquareDobcross Square399250, 406640Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5AA
The ThornsGrasscroft - Clough Lane 397940, 404582Old Map75-G3C7Francis F Whiteheads HouseOL4 4EW
The VicarageLydgate - Stockport Road397510, 404000Old Map75-E4B8 OL4 4JJ
The WynyatesDobcross - Standedge Road399780, 407070Old Map60-B4D5-E5MarslandsOL3 5NR
Thomas BarnDelph - Castleshaw, Mill Croft398760, 408970Old Map60-A1C3-D3 OL3 5UX
Thomases*Diggle - Upper Carr, Standedge400090, 408980Old Map60-C1E3Nr. Spring House 
Thornlea FarmGrotton - Thornley Lane396290, 404080Old Map74-C4A8 OL4 5RP
Thornlee FoldGrotton - Thornley396510, 403940Old Map74-C5A8Thornley Fold 
THORNLEE or THORNLEY Grotton (Location)396530, 403970Old Map74-C4A8Location @ GrottonOL4 5RH
Thornley Brook FarmGrotton - Thornley Lane396285, 404080Old Map74-C4A8Thornlea Brook FarmOL4 5RP
Thornley CottagesGrotton - Thornley396520, 404040Old Map74-C4A8Thornley FoldOL4 5RP
Thorns CloughDiggle - Carr400435, 408640Old Map60-D1E3Thornes CloughOL3 5NF
Thorns Clough LaneDiggle - Carr400350, 408333Old Map60-C1-D1E3 OL3 5NF
Thorns Clough Mill Diggle - Carr400375, 408205Old Map60-D1E4  
Thorns or ThornesDiggle - Carr400200, 408470Old Map60-D1E2-E3Preston Arms P.H. 
Thorns, TheGrasscroft 397940, 404582Old Map75-G3C7Mansion House 
THORPES Austerlands (Location)396310, 405760Old Map74-C1A6Now 'Lower Thorpe'OL4 3QW
Thorpes Bank Austerlands - Thorpe396425, 405720Old Map74-C1A6 OL4 3QN
Three AcresDobcross - Sugar Lane399300, 406570Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5NJ
Three Crowns P.H., The Austerlands396465, 405633Old Map74-D1A6  
Thurston CloughDelph - Thurston Clough398193, 406950Old Map59-F4-F5B5-C5 OL3 5RE
Thurston Clough Head Delph - Thurston Clough397160, 407225Old Map59-E4B5-C5High Moor 
Thurstones Lane   Diggle - Harrop Ridge400852, 408910Old Map60-D1E3Thurstons Lane 
Thurstones or ThurstonsDiggle - Harrop Ridge Lane400805, 408786  Old Map60-D1F3ThurstonsOL3 5LG
Thurstons FarmDiggle - Harrop Ridge Lane400790, 408740Old Map60-D1F3 OL3 5LR
Top-o'th-Quick Edge Mossley - Quickedge397110, 403250Old Map74-D5B8Quick Edge House 
Top-o'th-CroftGreenfield - Frenches399230, 404835Old Map61-E2D7  
Top-o'th-GreenMossley - Micklehurst398613, 402436Old Map89-H2-I2N/AFriezland Church Area 
Top-o'th-MeadowGrotton - Thornley396773, 403990Old Map74-D5A8  
TOP-O'TH-MEADOWS Waterhead - Top-o'th-Meadows396130, 406280Old Map58-B6-C6A6Location @ WaterheadOL4 3SF
Top-o'th-Meadows FarmWaterhead - Top-o'th-Meadows396110, 406280Old Map59-B6-C6A6 OL4 3SF
Top-o'th-WoodDelph - Castleshaw, Wood399122, 409883Old MapN/AD2Nr. Johnny Mill 
Totty SpringGreenfield - Chew Green Moor402362, 401785Old MapN/AN/AHigh Moorland 
Trade WindsDenshaw - Ripponden Road397710, 410870Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5UN
Tudor CottagesMossley - Micklehurst398367, 402059Old Map89-G2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Tumbling BankLees - County End395670, 404350Old Map74-B4N/ATumbling Bank Terrace 
Tunnel End Tavern. P.H.*Diggle - Diglea 400805, 408050Old Map60-D2E4Approximate Location 
Tunnel End*Diggle - Diglea 400785, 408130Old Map60-D2E4Approximate Location 
TUNSTEAD Greenfield - Tunstead400485, 404550Old Map61-G4E7Location @ GreenfieldOL3 7NT
Tunstead Clough Mill Greenfield - Tunstead400458, 404166Old Map61-G4E8  
Tunstead CottageGreenfield - Tunstead400500, 404420Old Map61-G4E8 OL3 7NT
Tunstead FarmGreenfield - Tunstead400438, 404444Old Map61-G3E7 OL3 7NT
Tunstead HouseGreenfield - Tunstead400480, 404430Old Map61-G3E8 OL3 7NT
Tunstead Lane Greenfield - Tunstead400609, 404336Old Map61-G3-H4E8  
Turf Lane Springhead - Woodbrook396525, 405580Old Map74-D1A6Lower Turf Lane 
Turner Hill Plantation Greenfield - Hawkyard400990, 404110Old Map61-40F8Side Bank, Hawkyard 
Turney BankDelph - Linfitts, Slack397340, 408780Old Map59-F2B3  
Two Acre FarmStrinesdale - High Moor396510, 407080Old Map58-C4A5 OL4 3RD
Two Acre Lane Strinesdale - High Moor396520, 407050Old Map58-D4A5 OL4 3RD
"U"^ top
Under LaneGrotton - Thornley396720, 403750Old Map74-D5A8-A9 OL4 5RN
Union MillMossley - Roaches398123, 403295Old Map75-G6C9Friezland Church Area 
Upper Arthurs Greenfield - Arthurs399715, 404550Old Map61-F3D7Higher Arthurs 
Upper Barn Diggle - Harrop Edge400013, 408008Old Map60-C2E4Standedge Road 
Upper Brownhill Dobcross / Uppermill - Brownhill 399705, 406455Old Map60-D5E5Higher Brownhill HouseOL3 6BZ
Upper CarrDiggle - Carr400220, 408665Old Map60-D1E3"Carr House"OL3 5NB
Upper Dale Delph - Dale398902, 408193Old Map59-H2D4  
Upper Gatehead FarmNew Delph - Gatehead398730, 407170Old Map59-H4C4 OL3 5QE
Upper Golburn Clough Uppermill - Carrbarn400198, 405013Old Map61-G2E7  
Upper Grange Delph - Castleshaw, Grange398810, 409202Old Map59-H0C3  
Upper HouseDobcross - Wall Hill397790, 406250Old Map59-H0C3 OL3 5RD
Upper House FarmDobcross - Wall Hill397780, 406243Old Map59-F6C5Upper HouseOL3 5RD
Upper Stones New Delph - Stoneswood398320, 407235Old Map59-G4C4  
Upper Wade Hill Dobcross - Warmton398250, 405680Old Map75-G1C6Higher Wade Hill FarmOL3 5RU
UPPERMILLMajor Saddleworth Village400020, 405680Old Map61-E1-F1E6Major Saddleworth Village  
Uppermill. Uppermill - Village Centre399760, 405790Old Map61-F1E6  
Upperwood Greenfield - Yeoman Hey402325, 405931Old MapN/AN/AUpper WoodOL3 7NW
Upperwood Edge Greenfield - Yeoman Hey401570, 404960Old MapN/AF7  
Upperwood House Greenfield - Yeoman Hey402340, 405945Old MapN/AN/A OL3 7NW
"V"^ top
Vale CottageDelph - Thurston Clough397970, 406990Old Map59-G5 C5 OL3 5RQ
Vale CottageDiggle - Standedge400828, 409305Old MapN/AB1Dean Head MillOL3 5LU
Vale Head Diggle - Standedge401141, 409669Old MapN/AB1  
Vale HouseDelph - Thurston Clough397960, 406980Old Map59-G5C5 OL3 5RQ
Vale HouseMossley - Micklehurst Road398237, 402083Old Map89-G2N/AFriezland Eccl District 
Vale MillMossley - Micklehurst 398398, 401993Old Map89-G2-G3N/AFriezland Eccl DistrictOL5 9LJ
Vale ViewMossley - Roaches398020, 403290Old Map75-E6C9Friezland Church Area 
Valenciennes Delph -Thurston Clough397750, 407170Old Map59-F4B5 OL3 5RE
Valiant Waterhead395727, 406019Old Map74-A1-B1N/A  
Valley CottagesMossley - Woodend397720, 402790Old Map89-F1C9  
Valley CottagesGreenfield - Waterside400006, 403913Old Map61-G5E8  
Valley Mills Mossley - Brookbottom396925, 402730Old Map88-D1N/A  
Vane HillStrinesdale - Brighton Road396320, 406260Old Map58-C5A5 OL4 3SE
VicarageDobcross - Woods Lane399090, 406490Old Map60-A5D5Dobcross VicarageOL3 5AN
Victoria CottageUppermill - Pickhill399877, 405910Old Map61-F1E6  
Victoria HouseMossley - Micklehurst, Bottoms397757, 401985Old Map89-F2N/AFriezland Eccl DistrictOL5 9NL
Victoria HouseDelph - Standedge Green 401160, 409500Old MapN/AF2Pre: Queen Victoria InnOL3 5LU
Victoria Inn, The Delph - Bleak Hey Nook400517, 409363Old MapN/AE2  
Victoria Inn, The Delph - Standedge Green 401160, 409500Old MapN/AF2Queen Victoria InnOL3 5LU
Victoria MillsUppermill - Wade Lock399560, 405505Old Map61-F1D6  
View BanksDelph - Bleak Hey Nook400440, 409460Old MapN/AE2 OL3 5LY
"W"^ top
Wade HillDobcross - Wade Hill, Warmton398195, 405655Old Map75-G1C6 OL3 5RU
Wade Hill Lane Dobcross - Wade Hill, Warmton398285, 405900Old Map75-G1C6 OL3 5RU
Wade LockUppermill - Wade Lock399531, 405462Old Map61-F2D6  
Waggon Inn. The, P.H.Uppermill - Wade Lock399630, 405570Old Map61-F1D6 OL3 6HR
Wagon & Horses InnDenshaw - Calf Hey397284, 410345Old MapN/AB2  
Walk MillDobcross - Tame Water Bridge398978, 406372Old Map59-H6D6Walker MilneOL3 5BU
Walker MilneDobcross - Tame Water Bridge398978, 406372Old Map59-H6D6Walk Mill 
WALKERS Springhead - Walkers396132, 404749Old Map74-B3-C3A7Location @ SpringheadOL4 4QU
Walkers LaneSpringhead - Walkers396060, 404645Old Map74-C3A7 OL4 4QA
Walkers Place Springhead - Walkers396090, 404856Old Map74-C3A7  
Wall Green CottagesDenshaw - Village397820, 410400Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5SB
Wall Green FarmDenshaw - Village397430, 410370Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5SB
Wall Green LaneDenshaw - Village397815, 411270Old MapN/AN/A  
WALL HILL Dobcross - Wall Hill398020, 406395Old Map59-G6C5-C6Location @ DobcrossOL3 5BN
Wall Hill Barn (Lower)Dobcross - Wall Hill397680, 406000Old Map59-F6B6Now "Field House"OL3 5RD
Wall Hill Barn (Upper)Dobcross - Wall Hill397625, 405830Old Map75-F1B6Now "White Gate"OL3 5RD
Wall Hill Bottom Dobcross - Wall Hill397950, 406100Old Map59-H6C5  
Wall Hill Clough Dobcross - Wall Hill398100, 406240Old Map59-G6C5-C6 OL3 5BN
Wall Hill Clough MillDobcross - Wall Hill398020, 406145Old Map59-G6C6Bleach Works 
Wall Hill CottagesDobcross - Wall Hill398010, 406440Old Map59-G6C6 OL3 5BN
Wall Hill RoadDobcross - Delph New Road398430, 406565Old Map59-G5-G6C5  
Ward Lane Diggle - Weakey400510, 407410Old Map60-C3-D4E4 OL3 5JT
Warlow BrookGreenfield - Lane Head399320, 403755Old Map61-E6D8-D9  
Warlow CloughGreenfield - Lane Head399281, 403546Old Map61-E5 & 6D8-D9  
Warlow PikeGreenfield - Noon Sun Hill399300, 402545Old Map89-H1D9Higher Warlow Clough 
Warm Hole Grotton - Thornley Lane396375, 404046Old Map74-C5A8  
Warm Hole Micklehurst - Carrbrook399092, 401205Old Map89-H4N/AFriezland Church Area 
Warmton Bank Uppermill - Warmton Hill399322, 405015Old Map61-E1D7  
Warmton CottagesDobcross - Mount Lane398660, 406240Old Map59-G6-H6C6 OL3 5QY
Warmton Hill TopGrasscroft - Warmton398860, 405040Old Map75-H2-H3C7-D7Wharmton Hill 
Warmton or WharmtonDobcross - Ladcastle Lane398659, 406232Old Map60-A6D6Wharmton  
Warmton School Dobcross - Tame Water398640, 406247Old Map59-H6D6  
Warmton TowerGreenfield - Shaw Hall399010, 404670Old Map75-H3D7Wharmton TowersOL4 4HL
Warrock Hill Diggle - Standedge400764, 409174Old Map60-D0E3  
Warrock Hill Bleach Works Diggle - Standedge400661, 409062 Old Map60-D0E3  
Warrock Hill Foot Diggle - Warrock Hill400600, 408930Old Map60-C1E3Nr. Hey Wood & Yew Tree 
Warrock Hill Foot Mill Diggle - Warrock Hill400559, 408923Old Map60-C1-D1E3Thorns Clough 
Warth CottagesDiggle - Low Green400320, 407890Old Map60-C3E4"Near Home"OL3 5PJ
Warth MillDiggle - Low Green400340, 407805Old Map60-D3E4Warfe Mill, OL3 5PJ
Water Cote Delph - Castleshaw, Waters399545, 409135Old Map59-H0D2  
Water Head MillWaterhead Mill365433, 405816Old Map74-A1-B1N/AMill Bottom 
WATERHEADWaterhead, Nr. Oldham395370, 405870Old Map74-A1-B1N/AMinor Saddleworth Village 
Waters Delph - Castleshaw, Waters399785, 409200Old Map59-H0D2  
Waters Clough Delph - Castleshaw, Waters399875, 409420Old MapN/AE2  
Waters GateDelph - Castleshaw, Waters399890, 409060Old MapN/AE2 OL3 5LX
Waters Mill Delph - Castleshaw, Waters399600, 409270Old MapN/AD2Woollen Mill 
Waterside Greenfield - Chew Valley400550, 403760Old Map61-G5E8 OL3 7DP
Waterside Diggle - Diglea 400885, 407900Old MapN/AE4-F4 OL3 5JY
Waterside CottagesGreenfield - Chew Valley400240, 403900Old Map61-G5E8 OL3 7DP
Waterside HouseGreenfield - Waterside400230, 403930Old Map61-G5E8  
Waterside LodgeGreenfield - Waterside400260, 404010Old Map61-G5E8 OL3 7DP
Waterside Mill Greenfield - Chew Valley400310, 403830Old Map61-G5E8Tanners MillOL3 7PF
WEAKEY Diggle - Weakey399995, 407600Old Map60-C3E4Location @ DiggleOL3 5JT
Weakey HouseDiggle - Weakey400440, 407430Old Map60-C3E4 OL3 5JT
Well BrowDelph - Millgate398600, 407820Old Map59-H3C4Off MillgateOL3 5JF
Well Field Scouthead - Star Inn397330, 405875Old Map59--F6B6  
Well Head Delph - Heights Lane398065, 409075Old Map59-G0C3Well Head FarmOL3 5TU
Well MeadowUppermill - Heathfields400070, 405910Old Map61-G1E6Modern EraOL3 6DT
WellcroftDelph - Bleak Hey Nook400480, 409420Old MapN/AE2 OL3 5LY
Wellfield HouseLees - Knowls Lane395545, 404470Old Map74-B4N/ALancashire & FurnessOL4 5DL
Well-i-Hole FarmGreenfield - Well-i-Hole398530, 403890Old Map75-H5C8 OL3 7HY
Wellington Inn, The, P.H.Greenfield - Arthurs399410, 404550Old Map61-E3-F3D7 OL3 7AF
Wellington MillGreenfield - Frenches399340, 404630Old Map61 E3D7 OL3 7AF
West BankGreenfield - Shaw Hall Bank398805, 404470Old Map75-H4C8FriezlandOL3 7LG
West CottagesGreenfield - Shaw Hall Bank398670, 404380Old Map75-H4C8FriezlandOL3 7LG
West Lodge Mossley - Roaches398320, 403660Old Map75-G5C8  
West MountGrasscroft - High Grove398230, 404500Old Map75-G4C8Approximate Location 
West ViewGrotton - Lawton Fold 396780, 405030Old Map74-D2 A7-B7 OL4 4JR
West ViewDiggle - Kiln Green400750, 407990Old Map60-D3F4 OL3 5JY
West View Dobcross - Long Lane399370, 406960Old Map60-A5-B4D5 OL3 5QH
West View CottagesDelph - Slackcote, Friarmere397410, 408850Old Map59-E1B3 OL3 5TR
West View CottagesGreenfield - Well-i-Hole398530, 403890Old Map75-H5C8 OL3 7HY
WestfieldGrasscroft - Clough398170, 404405Old Map75-G4C8Modern Era 
Wham CottagesDenshaw - Slack Gate Lane397804, 410140Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5TZ
Wham FarmDenshaw - Wham Lane397800, 410190Old MapN/AB1 OL3 5UA
Wham Inn, The. P.H.Denshaw - Slack Gate Lane397804, 410200Old MapN/AB2  
Whams Springhead - Austerlands395760, 405160Old Map74-A2-B2N/A OL4 4NJ
Whams FarmDiggle - Lee Side401007, 407567Old Map60-D3F4Nr. Fair Banks 
Whimberry Lee Lane Delph - Bleak Hey Nook400715, 409670Old MapN/AN/A  
Whin Gate Delph - Castleshaw400140, 409625Old MapN/AN/A  
White BrookUppermill - Ables, Knowl Top400423, 405726Old Map61-G1-H1F6  
White Brook Head Greenfield - Pots & Pans401270, 404800Old Map61-H3F6/F7  
White Brook Lane Greenfield - Edge End400900, 404850Old Map61-H3E7/F7  
White Brook SpringUppermill - Knowl Top Lane400800, 405566Old Map61-H1F6Shaw Gate 
White GateGreenfield - Alphin Hill399680, 402830Old Map61-E7-F7D9  
White Gate FarmDobcross - Wall Hill397625, 405830Old Map75-F1C5Was Wall Hill BarnOL3 5RD
White Hart P.H., TheLydgate - Stockport Road397355, 404361Old Map75-E4B8 OL4 4JJ
White HouseDenshaw - Junction397420, 410650Old MapN/AA2  
White Lee or White LeaGreenfield - Lane Head399551, 403478Old Map61-F6D9Friezland LaneOL3 7EY
White Lion Inn, P.H. TheDelph - Delph Lane, Dale398500, 408090Old Map59-G2C4 OL3 5HX
White Rake Spring Greenfield - Alphin Hill399895, 403020Old MapN/AN/A  
White Rose CottageDelph - Heights Lane398100, 409010Old Map59-G0C2-C3 OL3 5TU
White Spring Head FarmUppermill - Knowl Top Lane400720, 405560Old Map61-H2E6-E7Shaw GateOL3 6LQ
Whitegates CottageStrinesdale - High Moor396670, 406650Old Map58-C5-D5A5 OL4 3RF
WibseyDenshaw - Ripponden Road397520, 410700Old MapN/AN/A OL3 5SJ
Wicken Clough Moss Uppermill - Running Hill Moor402480, 407425Old MapN/AN/A  
Wicken Hole Greenfield - Ashway Moss403910, 404665Old MapN/AN/A  
Wickens Uppermill - Moorgate, Den399420, 405490Old Map61-E1-F1D6Pre: Lees's 
Wickens Clough Uppermill - Warmton Hill399170, 405435Old Map75-H2D7Colt Hill Lane 
Wickens Clough Uppermill - Running Hill400905, 406720Old Map60-D5F5High Syle Lane 
Wickens FarmUppermill - Running Hill Gate 400990, 406620Old Map60-D5F5 OL3 6LW
Wilderness Greenfield - Chew Moor402720, 401380Old MapN/AN/AMoorland - Chew Hurdles 
William the Fourth P.H., The Greenfield - Road End399780, 404290Old Map61-F4D8"King Bill" Public HouseOL3 7DD
Willow BankWaterhead Mill395460, 405690Old Map74-A1N/A OL4 3NE
Willow BankDelph - Linfitts, Slack Lane397825, 408460Old Map59-F2B3Modern EraOL3 5TJ
Wimberry Moss Greenfield - Alphin Hill401390, 402200Old MapN/AF9High Moorland 
Wimberry Stones Greenfield - Alphin Hill401645, 402450Old MapN/AF9  
Wimberry Stones BrowGreenfield - Alphin Hill401305, 402720Old MapN/AF9  
WindrushDiggle - Weakey400550, 407360Old Map60-C3E4 OL3 5JT
Windy Harbour Strinesdale - Roebuck Low396405, 407285Old Map58-C4A5 OL4 3RD
Woburn AbbeyDobcross - Mow Halls399440, 406190Old Map60-A6D6Modern EraOL3 6LS
Wood Delph - Castleshaw, Wood399225, 409880Old Map60-A0D2 OL3 5LZ
Wood Barn Delph - Castleshaw, Wood399175, 409760Old Map60-A0D2 OL3 5LZ
Wood Brook Lane Springhead - Stonebreaks396440, 405420Old Map74-D2B7Woodbrook LaneOL4 4BS
Wood Brook Mill Springhead - Stonebreaks396721, 405358Old Map74-D2A7-B7Cotton Mill 
Wood Brook Old MillSpringhead - Stonebreaks396753, 405270Old Map74-D2B7Woollen Mill 
Wood Brow Mill Denshaw - Old Tame, Friarmere397255, 409845Old Map59-E0B2Wood Brow 
WOOD END Mossley - Woodend397745, 402730Old Map89-F1B9Location @ MossleyOL5 9AY
Wood End Cottage Lees - County End395790, 404370Old Map74-B4N/A  
Wood End Cottage Mossley - Woodend397790, 402780Old Map89-F1C9 OL5 9AY
Wood End House Lees - County End395768, 404432Old Map74-B4N/A  
Wood End Manor HouseMossley - Woodend397720, 402730Old Map89-F1C9"Woodend Tavern"OL5 9AY
Wood End MillLees - County End395730, 404340Old Map74-B4N/A OL4 5EE
Wood End MillsMossley - Woodend397790, 402610Old Map89-F1C9 OL5 9RR
Wood Mill Delph - Castleshaw, Wood399400, 409720Old Map60-A0D2  
Wood Top Delph - Castleshaw, Wood399122, 409883Old MapN/AD2Top-o'th-Wood 
WOODBROOK Springhead - Stonebreaks396652, 405325Old Map74-D2A7Location @ SpringheadOL4 4BS
Woodbrook FarmSpringhead - Woodbrook396790, 405390Old Map74-D2B7 OL4 4DB
Woodbrow FarmDenshaw - Oldham Road397060, 410120Old MapN/AB2 OL3 5SB
Woodhouse KnowlDelph - Village398540, 407800Old Map59-H3C4 OL3 5DX
Woodhouse Mill Delph - Village398300, 407960Old Map59-H2C4Woollen mill 
WoodlandsDobcross - Sugar Lane399290, 406530Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5NL
Woodman Inn. The, P.H.*Delph - Village398532, 407871Old Map59-G3-H3C4Closed 1852 
Woodmans Lees - County End395985, 404855Old Map74-B3A7  
Woodmans Delph - Knott Hill398096, 407649Old Map59-G3C4  
Woods HouseDobcross - Sugar Lane399262, 406582Old Map60-A5D5  
Woods LaneDobcross - Woods Lane.399060, 406520Old Map60-A5D5 OL3 5AN
Wool Pack. The P.H.Dobcross - Delph New Road399015, 406440Old Map60-A6D5 OL3 5AY
Wool Road Dobcross - Wool Road399545, 406505Old Map60-B5-B6D5 OL3 5NS
Wool Road BridgeDobcross - Wool Road399630, 406620Old Map60-B5D5  
Wool Road FarmDobcross - Wool Road399770, 406820Old Map60-B5D5 OL3 5NS
Wool Road Toll HouseDobcross - Wool Road399710, 406800Old Map60-B5D5Toll Post 
Woolley's HillGreenfield - Lane Head399329, 403500Old Map61-E5D9WoolleysOL3 7EY
Work House or PoorhouseUppermill - Running Hill400728, 406947Old Map60-D5E5Now 'Running Hill Farm'OL3 5JS
Wright MillMossley - Roaches, Calf Lane397970, 403725Old Map75-F5C8Quick Mill at Midge HillOL5 9BN
Wrigley Mill Diggle - Weakey400416, 407398Old Map60-C4E4Site of Dobcross Looms 
Wrigley Mill ChapelDiggle - Weakey400170, 407695Old Map60-C3E4Methodist ChapelOL3 5PJ
Wrigley StreetScouthead - High Turf Lane396685, 405874Old Map74-D1A6  
Wroe's BuildingsWaterhead Mill395370, 405900Old Map74-A1N/ANr. Old Post Office 
"Y"^ top
Yarns Hill Greenfield - Tunstead400720, 404720Old Map61-H3E7  
Yeoman Hey Greenfield - Chew Valley402090, 404920Old MapN/AN/AUpperwood 
Yew Tree CottagesDiggle - Carr400420, 408590Old Map60-C1E3 OL3 5LP
Yew Tree FarmDiggle - Carr400490, 408540Old Map60-C1E3Yew Tree'OL3 5LP

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