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Lawton Family Genealogy

My name is "John Trevor Lawton" and I live in Perth, Western Australia. For quite a number of years now I have been collecting and collating information and digging up stories about my family history. I have accumulated quite a bit of genealogical information on the "Lawton" families of Mossley, Lancashire, Saddleworth, Yorkshire, Stalybridge, Cheshire and in the North West of England, which may be of interest to fellow genealogy researchers. You may also be interested to read my background from early life in Mossley, England to my present home in Perth, Western Australia.

Lawton Ancestry

My ancestors on my fathers side of the family all seem to have originated from the villages and hamlets of Saddleworth in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The surname "Lawton" being very common in and around that area. "Schofield", "Buckley", along with "Brierley", are other surnames that pop-up frequently in the family ancestry and local history. Whereas my mother's ancestral family line on her 'Mothers' side of the family, "Jinks" and "Broad" all seem to hail from the Sandbach area of Cheshire, whilst her Father's "Nicholls" side of the family originate from Coventry. So if you have a little time to spare PLEASE take a look!

Lawton Family Photographs

I have a collection of Lawton Family Photographs plus archive photographs of historic landmarks and building from Saddleworth, Mossley, Heartshead and Yorkshire. I'm constantly adding new photographs to my gallery, some of which are available as high resolution TIF files. If you require any of these photographs please e-mail me and I will endeavour to e-mail you the photographs you require.

Lawton Genealogy

You are more than welcome to browse through my homepage (which is updated regularly) to see if anything interests you. Or check out my 'Lawton Family Surnames', or even my historical 'Links' and 'Genealogical Data' which you may find useful. You may also, if you so wish provide any of your own information or leads which you think may help me fill in any gaps in my 'Lawton Family Tree'. There is a number of web links to other Lawton Genealogy websites which you may find useful. If you enjoy your visit and find it informative then please sign my 'Guestbook' before leaving, or view my guestbook, and feel free to make any useful comments that may help me improve my site.


John Trevor Lawton


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